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Happy New Year! Your Internal Body Cleanse for 2019

your internal body cleanse

For 2019…

Are you someone who loves to have a personal vision board along with a family one? Or are you some one that has a blank piece of paper with 2019 and fills it in?

Vision board

vision boardNow is my time to get my vision board done in readiness, so I can put it into my office and view many times a day. It often encourages me on those more challenging days and as I go through the months I can observe how much is achieved that I can cross off as the year goes by. At the start of a new year, I look at having a health check often a V.L.A. (Vitality Longevity Analysis). This testing provides a body composition analysis of muscle, fat and water content. It is an excellent tool for monitoring how you are going overall.

Internal Body Cleanse

I always do an internal body cleanse. Whilst I juice or make a smoothie every morning, at the start of a new year I do a parasite cleanse using a Parex supplement or similar. I also highly recommend a pre/probiotic called Ultimate Biotic, it has 228 servings and is by far the best probiotic I have used. A concentrated gut flora. Quite amazing!

The Green Smoothie

the green smoothieThen I look at alkalizing my system armed with Organic kale and spinach I three quarters fill my smoothie maker jar with greens, then comes half banana, pineapple and mango along with whole flaxseeds and chia making sure I have plenty of Omega 3, what a great fat burner they are!!. I then half fill the container with Beerwah Spring water. I also love to add some kefir.

This smoothie is a just wonderful for correcting our metabolism, alkalizing and bringing the body back into ph balance, along with giving energy. Many days I leave some aside for mid afternoon to give me another energy lift.

Check out this video with helpful tips on how to make the best green smoothie…

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