Have you used LifeCell Cream?

Did you buy LifeCell Cream from LifeCell Australia?

          As a user of this longtime product and a valued customer we wish to tell you two things:

  Firstly, that the LifeCell Cream is no longer available from us and Secondly, why that is so.

Many of you will know that I have been developing the CELL Infuse range of skin care for a number of years, and you will also understand importantly WHY I have been developing it. WHY I have chosen to pursue natural organic ingredients that are compatible with our human chemistry.

You will also understand that nothing stands still. Over the last 5 years in particular skin care has seen amazing developments in new research, new science and technology and exciting new ingredients.

10 years ago, when the LifeCell Cream was developed it was a great product. It has been loved by many of you for many years. But it is now an aged formulation and increasingly the LifeCell brand have continued to introduce ingredients that are not compatible with our standards.

In late 2016 we released the first of our signature products, CELL INFUSE STEMULATE and we have just released another, CELL INFUSE DAYTIME. Products that truly reflect the latest in skin care treatment. Plumping, collagen and moisture enhancing and volumising your skin.

Consequently, there is no longer a place for the LifeCell brand in our range. In some ways this was a difficult decision, but in many ways however it was very easy. I am unable to represent values that no longer sit with my heart when better alternatives are available. The development of the CELL Infuse range to it’s present level reflects the level of commitment we have to bring you the safest, most advanced and effective product range available.

As a valued customer who has used the LifeCell Cream, I encourage you to consider the amazing alternative that we present to you.

I am humbled by the comments that I am receiving daily from women (and men) who have made the change and cannot believe the results they are getting.

Judy: CELL Infuse Australia


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