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CELL INFUSE DAYTIME Defense and Repair Cream is formulated specifically to help you fill out those lined, troubled, areas on your face. With skin fortifying and smoothing nutrients to greatly assist in the replacement of collagen and moisture. Gives your skin exceptional antioxidant protection to fight off the free radicals that your skin constantly battles. Strengthens your skins’s protein mix to make skins sub-structure strong, greatly assisting collagen. Speeds skin cell renewal for a fresher, plumper more youthful you.

CELL INFUSE Regenisis Vitamin Serum contains Kakadu Plum Extract, which, along with other organic ingredients, allows the deep penetration that can deeply moisturize down into the dermis to fight against anti aging.  It offers natural skin care solutions with a combination of Vitamins A, B3&5, C & E with Pure Organic extracts that will work synergistically to promote cell turnover, soothe the skin, repair and rejuvenate to bring about a visible difference.

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Vitamin C and Gotu Kola are two powerful, wrinkle-defying champions. Vitamin C is an essential part of the collagen-building process. It stimulates collagen synthesis in fibroblasts – the process by which damaged collagen is replaced with new, healthy collagen.

Exciting new research indicates that extended application of vitamin C caused an eight-fold increase in collagen synthesis. An increase in healthy collagen means firmer, smoother skin for you. Vitamin C also shuts down the enzymes that cause collagen to deteriorate.

Gotu Kola is a mighty plant that re-enforces the benefits of vitamin C. This plant’s powerful compounds aid in fibroblast production and improve the strength of newly formed skin. Extracts that combine these two wrinkle-defying champions significantly improve skin firmness, elasticity and hydration. You will find dense amounts of Vitamin C and Gotu Kola in CELL INFUSE DAYTIME Cream and Regenisis Vitamin Serum.


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