Moringa – The Miracle Tree

Bring Out Your Radiance from Within

As many of you know your inner health and outer beauty are tightly connected. What happens with one is directly affecting the other. This week I would like to share the amazing benefits of a particular nutrient, Moringa. I have been amazed with the evidence that is available today to demonstrate the power of healing it can give the body in so many varied ways.

Moringa is a genus tree…. The leaves of the species called moringa oleifera, have become recognized in recent years as being highly beneficial to human health.

moringa treeMoringa leaves can be known to be an anti-aging powerhouse because they contain several thousand times more of the powerful anti-aging nutrient zeatin than any other known plant. A study published in Rejuvenation Research shows the undeniable youth-preserving effects of zeatin because it can have the ability to induce cell division and growth, and delay cell aging.

With the zeatin contained in moringa, new skin cells grow at a faster rate than our old skin cells die. This can have a marked reduction of wrinkles on the face and other parts of the body, and more youthful skin appearance.

Moringa leaves also have 90 essential nutrients and 2 compounds that evidence suggests may prevent cancer and may reduce tumors (or retarding their growth). This has earned moringa the reputation of being a cancer preventative plant. India’s natural Ayurvedic medicine uses moringa leaves to prevent and treat over 300 diseases.

A Bureau of Plant Industry report states that, gram per gram, moringa leaves contain: Twice the protein content of 8 ounces of milk (and 4 times the calcium); the Vitamin C equivalent of 7 oranges; the potassium content of 3 bananas; 3 times the iron of spinach; and 4 times the Vitamin A of carrots.

moringa oleifera benefits


moringa superfood benefits


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