Judy’s Story written by journalist Jo Hegarty

The positive approach and knowledge healed Judy

Judy MillsWhile the diagnosis of a tumor is devastating for anyone, having it return after you’ve beaten it once is another thing all together. For Judy Mills, in her mid sixties this moment in February 1999 was the start of a life-changing journey.

“As I heard the specialist say the words, ‘You have the start of cancer in your body’, my mind raced. I tried to stand up to leave the room but my legs wouldn’t move,” says Judy.

“I knew then and there I had to truly heal my mind, body and soul in order to beat this thing once and for all.”

Twelve years prior to that moment, Judy was living a life pretty typical of an Australian woman in her late thirties. She was a wife and mother to two beautiful girls, working too much in her own business, managing staff, hitting the gym, constantly juggling her commitments.

“I was really being a ‘normal’ person but, looking back, I can see I was living a pretty fast life, trying to be superwoman and not getting much balance. Although I knew in principle how to tap into a more balanced state, it wasn’t a big priority. I didn’t have an in-depth understanding of the ramifications of stress at that point.”

When Judy began struggling for breath during her regular workouts, she dismissed it as exhaustion. She kept up the fast-paced existence, assuming things would get better, that her circumstance would change and she would simply step into a better life. But it soon reached the point where Judy understood that something was terribly wrong. An investigation revealed a tumor in her lung and ribs.

As someone with a scientific, practical and analytical mind, Judy trusted the medical profession to solve the problem; and it did. An extensive operation that removed two ribs and a “good bit of lung” was successful in ridding Judy from this large tumor.

“I always had a positive attitude,” says Judy. “I worked on that side of my body with my mind and didn’t let the fear get a hold of me.” Fast forward to 1999 and Judy found herself again facing her fears. The foe she thought she had despatched with was back. How could this have happened?

From cancer with love

“I decided that this time, I was going to take control of my health. I began researching the causes and solutions of cancer, so I could defeat it once and for all. The first step was letting go of unwanted emotional thoughts and conditioning. I knew I had to go deep into my soul, into the emotional side of my body. Our minds create so much dis-ease in our bodies.

“I went on a strict regime of cleansing, including dealing with childhood issues, and developed an understanding about what happens to our bodies at a cellular level. I felt so light and truly believed I could beat cancer again; I could feel every cell healing.”

Judy’s healing path led her to one of Australia’s top biochemists -later going onto work with this wonderful team. She was on such a journey discovering the extent of the damage caused by toxic ingredients in our environments and everyday products.

“It was unnerving, to say the least,” Judy says. “And what was worse; it seemed no one knew about it!”

Understanding and overcoming cancer

“Having armed myself with knowledge, I went on to speak openly in small and large forums about the amount of toxins (many of them acknowledged as potential carcinogens) allowed to be contained in the products we use on our bodies daily.”

“Manufacturers use these nasty chemicals in skin care products because they are cheap. These may give the appearance of good results at first but the long-term use of man-made chemicals like sulphates and parabens not only destroys our complexion, but potentially sets us up for much more serious long-term effects.

“Our bodies can’t deal with these chemicals so it stores them (most commonly in fat cells) often leading to weight gain and other long term health issues.”

This began her quest to discover toxin-free beauty products which Judy to develop her own range of skin care products and nutraceuticals, called CELL Infuse.

Judy’s mantra is that your chronological age has nothing to do with the actual “age” of your body. “That’s what really matters to me. We can be 80 years old but if we have a biological age of 45 inside, we’re going to be fitter and healthier, and free from disease. Of course, the same is true in the reverse.”

CELL Infuse skin care and CELL Infuse Super Greens powder supplement are designed to nourish and feed every cell in your body and are the result of painstaking research and testing in conjunction with Australia’s leading biochemists.

“I believe you can keep your skin looking youthful without chemicals like Botox, expensive surgical procedures or fillers,” says Judy. “Nature always has and still provides the answers.”CELL Infuse Super Greens tastings

As for Judy, it’s coming up to 20 years since her world was flipped around. “I’m enjoying this continued healing journey, I’m thriving and still run three or four times a week and exercise on alternate days. Today I am biologically years younger than my age and I like who I have become, with a passion and love to see others embrace change and ultimately shine from the inside out.

“I feel my journey has been like climbing Mount Everest and I give thanks for every step I’ve taken,” says Judy.

Discover Judy’s wonderful range of skin care at www.lifecellaustralia.com.au.