3 Types of Stretching for Anti-Aging

Springtime renewalWe have had the most beautiful start to spring with our weather in Queensland, and it certainly gets us all thinking about preparing our bodies for summer, especially if we have added a kilo or two over winter. Thinking that could be quite a few of us, so here are three types of stretching, that are known to assist in weight loss and anti-aging benefits.

Flexibility, Mobility & Tissue Release are three types of ‘stretching’, and it’s worth knowing that each one has a distinct effect on body tissue. Master Trainer Tim Brown says…

leg stretchFirst, there is ‘flexibility,’ or your ability to stretch and hold a position (Passive stretch.) Second, there’s ‘mobility,’ or your ability to actively lengthen and shorten a muscle (Active stretch.) Third is ‘tissue release,’ which is finding an area of a muscle that is either scarred down, knotted up, or otherwise restricted, and releasing that specific area of the muscle. As you can see, each one is different; also, each has a different purpose.

A breakdown of each from Master-Trainer Tim Brown…

flexibilityFlexibility is great if one side of your body (i.e. pecs) pectorals are too short and the other side of your body (i.e. lats) latissimus dorsi are over-stretched, or too long.

Mobility is great if you’re having difficulty strengthening a particular range of motion, or stretching for cardiovascular activities or resistance training workouts as warm-up.

Tissue Release is great if your muscles lengthen up to a point, but never seem to improve from there – also great if you have postural imbalances, joint pain, or feel “twisted” when you stand on one or both legs.

stretching-for-anti-agingWhen you address all these areas of anti-aging, your workouts will hit a new dimension of potential results. You’ll be shifting focus to body preservation and advancement, instead of weight loss – and the good news is weight loss will become the symptom of better health adds Tim.

Likewise, by reducing your focus from a million variables to just these areas, you’ll be simplifying the communication strategy you have with your body for improved health. Your body will understand what you’re trying to do, and it will answer back with results, provided you give your body time to respond.

And that’s where the last and arguably the most important variable comes into play, make sure you are not exercising too much. For your body, all of this is still brand new. It only takes 5 minutes, every other day, with the right type of exercise to ‘cue’ your body in the right direction. Isn’t the body amazing!!

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Live the most of your day outside, and active. That’s the best medicine!!! Let five minute workouts, and a ridiculously low time commitment, help serve your long-term commitment to look and feel years younger.

It all starts with you!

Have a beautiful week!
Judy & Team