Evolution of CELL INFUSE

Soon to be launched STEMULATE brings together Science, Nature and Organics.

Evolution of CELL INFUSE Anti-Aging SolutionsThe journey that has led to where we are today, launching of the CELL INFUSE signature products Velvety Soft Organic PRIMER and next week, our number one product, STEMULATE, began years ago after long research for natural and organic products.

I’d been searching skin care for our climate as I had come to understand the damage to my skin caused by Australia’s particularly harsh and demanding climatic conditions was prompting me to develop a product containing life-replenishing properties.

Initially I began formulating a complex of rosehip, jojoba, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, along with vitamins A, C, D and E. All the way I ensured the benefits of each new additive was scientifically validated. Without fail I sourced ingredients that were organic and from nature, believing this was where I would find the best anti-aging properties.

That became my process again and again – drawing on science to validate an ingredient’s true worth, always sourcing things organic and natural. It never failed me. I resolved never to become complacent and settle for current benchmark products on the market. I studied new research from around the world, particularly from United States universities. The findings excited me and kept me going.

Velvety Soft Organic PrimerI took my formulations to a manufacturing house and progressed to making products with more extracts and herbs… aloe vera, olive leaf extract, white tea, licorice root extract, spirulina many more, along with numerous vitamins and lipids.

I was continually urged to build the products down to a price, which I knew would compromise the results my clients were seeking. Confronted with this dilemma, I maintained a belief in using only the best natural and organic ingredients, and today client feedback confirms my convictions more than ever…

A skin care revolution is taking place and increasingly our customers are seeking kinder, gentler, non-toxic solutions for themselves and the planet. I am now thankful I realised this early and threw myself into introducing ingredients identified in research findings in university studies, particularly from Yale.

cell-infuse-stemulate-anti-aging-creamConsumers are looking for skin care that delivers; with STEMULATE we will launch on the 30th November I have brought Nature, the Organic and Science together.

In the lead up to our signature product launch, I have been extensively using Australian native extracts for the past nine months. The scientific innovation of cellular extraction is being used in the process of extracting the goodness from these products, such as Kakadu plum, Davidson plum, Finger Lime Caviar and Snowflower, all used in our products today.

I am satisfied to observe that the six-year journey resulting in our Signature products has led to CELL INFUSE introducing ground-breaking firsts to the Australian anti-aging market.

Among these have been focuses on acknowledging the importance of using the right product ingredients to support our telomeres. Natural treatments that work on our telomeres enable old cells to replenish themselves and grow younger again. They are being hailed as the biggest breakthrough in anti-aging history.

CELL INFUSE also made an Australian first by introducing an organic BB Protective Cream.

Today using bioactive extracts, flower essences and the latest lipids.

Now comes the greatest excitement ever in the history of CELL INFUSE – the launching of our number one signature product, STEMULATE. Containing more than 50 life-enhancing ingredients, not the least being the rare Uttwiler Spätlauber apple variety of stem cells.

The journey I set out on six years ago results in the launch of the anti-aging cream I once dreamt of.

STEMULATE is clearly our Signature Product. The quest continues. What will CELL INFUSE come up with next?

Here’s to more beautiful skin, Judy x