Your Body Purification Regime

Body Purification

In today’s world, your body is constantly exposed to toxins and pollutants, and chemicals that mimic your hormones. They can leave you feeling bloated, tired and achy. Combine these everyday exposures with the allergens and mold spores in the air, and you may notice your symptoms ramping up.

This can affect how your organs (liver, kidneys and colon) function and how your body looks… think dry skin, dull hair and brittle nails.

That’s why I suggest you do a thorough “spring cleaning” of your body.

Taking Care Of Your Body

I call it the Body Purification Regimen.

Just follow these three purifying steps and your skin will look more radiant, your hair will shine, you’ll feel less bloated, your nails will be stronger, and you’ll start feeling sharper, more alert and more focused than you have all year:

1. Eat clean. The first step is to avoid the toxins and chemicals in your food and water as much as possible. The best way to do this is to avoid processed foods and choose grass-fed beef and free-range poultry instead. This way you’ll know what you’re putting in your body, and you won’t risk consuming the estrogen-mimickers and antibiotics that are found in standard grain-fed meat at your grocery store. Also, be sure to drink only filtered water and buy organic fruits and vegetables to keep chemicals and pesticides out of your system.

2. Sweat it out. If you have access to a sauna, use it. Sweating not only keeps your body temperature in check, it also rejuvenates your largest organ – your skin. It eliminates waste, pollutants and toxins from your body. Plus, periodic purges through perspiration prevent the accumulation of these toxins in the first place and can also remove toxic chemicals and metals faster than any other method of natural body cleansing. If you don’t have access to a sauna, try a workout that really gets your heart pumping and your body sweating.

3. Clean out your kidneys and liver. Certain herbs can help get rid of toxins from your Dandelionbloodstream, restore your liver function and help flush out your kidneys. Two of the most effective herbs,dandelion and milk thistle. You can find them at your local health-food store.

• Dandelion stimulates bile and acts as a diuretic to help your body get rid of excess water and control bloating. I suggest 4-10 grams of the dried leaf or 4 to 10 milliliters (1:1) of fluid extract.

• Milk thistle contains a liver-cleansing ingredient called silymarin. Take 200 mg in a capsule form twice a day.
Try to find the dried extract with a minimum of 80% silymarin for the best results.

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