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Why Does This Make You Feel So Good?

Red Wine Happiness

Have you ever asked yourself why a glass of wine makes you feel so good right away?

Alcohol doesn’t work that fast, so there must be something else going on besides what normal physiology can explain…

No one can say for sure, but part of the reason might be polyphenols, the key antioxidants in grapes themselves.
So it’s not too surprising that you can eat a grape or drink some wine and it makes you feel good almost immediately.

Funny thing about grapes, though… they’re somehow alluring and tasty, and people like them… but I bet you don’t like the seeds. And that’s too bad.

I know those hard, chewy seeds may not appeal to you, so you spit them out. Or you probably buy the seedless variety.
But when you do that, you’re losing the important polyphenols contained in the grape seeds.

Collagen Structure

They’re a sort of “super-hero” for your body’s cells called oligomeric proanthrocyanidins (OPCs).

And they are especially beneficial to your collagen. It’s your body’s most abundant protein and the basis for your skin, bones, teeth, blood vessels, eyes, heart… essentially all the parts of your body.

How stable these collagen structures are depends on the crosslinks which exist between the polypeptide chains.

Imagine collagen as a ladder. If some of the rungs are missing, the stability of the entire structure is compromised.
The OPCs contained in grape seeds make sure the rungs are tight.

This might not sound like much, but collagen growth and sustainability are vital keys to keeping you
looking and feeling young
. Without collagen, you would literally fall apart.

Extensive research suggests that grape seed extract is beneficial in many areas of health because of its antioxidant effect to bond with collagen, promoting youthful skin, cell health, elasticity, and flexibility.


Grape seed extract also helps you maintain normal blood pressure, and even maintain a healthy inflammation response.

Grapes are also just healthy in general. I’m sure you’ve heard about the benefits of another component of grapes, Resveratrol.

Many scientific studies show their benefits, including the famous Copenhagen Heart Study. It looked at the health of non-drinkers and daily wine drinkers over a 12 year period. Red-wine drinkers had reduced their health risks by 50%.

The downside is that to get the most out of all the benefits that grapes and grape seeds can give you, you’d have to eat them constantly. It would take many bottles of wine a day and pounds of grapes…

Fortunately, there’s a way to get all the benefits of grapes without going to extremes.

Life Cell Collagen Booster

A good amount of Resveratrol to start with is around 100 mg per day. But, make sure the extract you choose has at least a 90% procyanidolic value, which means it will be at least 90% polyphenols.

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