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Let me introduce to you 2 effective lipids-oil

Let me introduce to you 2 effective lipids-oil (which form layers around and in between skin cells, creating a barrier to help keeps moisture in)

Sacha Inchi plant.

After researching this big bushy plant with large star-shaped fruit and learning about its incredible health and skin benefits, I knew I had to put it into CELL INFUSE STEMULATE .

We bring it into Australia from the UK.   Because this oil is something special!

One thing that makes it so special is it’s super high concentration of linoleic acid — 85%. Compare that to coconut at 10%.

This fatty acid is exceptional if you suffer from mild to moderate acne.

A group of acne sufferers who applied linoleic acid to their skin saw a 25% reduction in the size of their outbreaks in just four weeks. Linoleic acid also helps to reduce redness, even out skin tone and fade scars.

As an added bonus… this high amount of essential fatty acid allows the oil to penetrate deep into your skin. This helps you moisturize without the greasy feel of other oils.

Another unique aspect of Sacha Inchi oil is it’s rich antioxidant power qualities.

Antioxidants, specifically vitamins A and E, neutralize the cell-damaging effects of free radicals. This protects your face from sun damage while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

People often say to me on using STEMULATE at night..I wake up in the morning and my skin feels moist, smooth and well nourished. Thank-you Inchi Oil.

Carrot Infused Oil

Carrot Infused Oil is perfect when blended into natural skin care as its known for it’s anti-aging properties.

Here are a few benefits of Carrot Infused oil:

  • Antioxidant rich– repairs damage done to your tissues.
  • Vit C rich – boosts collagen J
  • Tones the skin
  • Cytophylactic– the stimulation of new cells and tissues
  • Depurative– by removing toxins the Carrot Infused Seed Oil can purify your circulatory system, digestive, and excretory systems.
  • Antiseptic–can cure infections.
  • Disinfectant– very effective in curing sores, gangrene, psoriasis, ulcers, and rashes.

Both of these lipids are in our CELL INFUSE STEMULATE.