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Natural Skin Health and Transdermal Toxicity

natural skin health and transdermal toxicity

Understand What You Are Putting On Your Skin!  8 Important Facts You Need To Know

1. Skin tissue is composed of stratified epithelial cells, very similar to the human digestive tract.

2. Skin cells require nourishment with nutrients that are vital to the cells, either as fuel or as structural material.

3. Skin cells require the drainage/removal of waste products produced by cellular metabolism or internal/external toxicity from food, water, air, or skin/scalp contact.

4. The absolute best way to achieve natural good healthy skin is to provide a good nerve supply, lymphatic drainage, and a good clean nutrient rich and healthy blood supply, while avoiding toxic chemical exposure.

5. The human skin is absorbent, just like the digestive tract, and therefore substances placed onto the human skin penetrate into the underlying tissues and enter the blood system, where they circulate through vital organs. Herbalists have used this to advantage in the form of foot and hand baths for many years. Modern medicine has also acknowledged the validity of this process in the use of the trans-dermal patch for things such as nicotine patches.

layers of the skin

6. Substances placed on the skin can be grouped into three broad categories:
(i) inert: not absorbable through the skin, not useful to human cells, non-toxic
(ii) nutritive: useful to human cells for either nourishment or fuel
(iii) toxic: not useful to human cells for either nourishment or fuel, and requiring either detoxification, or toxin-binding and static cellular storage to prevent them from circulating and causing ongoing damage. The result of this static storage is localized intercellular toxicity, potentially predisposing to cellular changes like carcinogenesis and teratrogenesis. Toxins that undergo this type of storage are cumulative and build up over the years.

7. Millions of years of human cell evolution, exposure and natural selection, has produced cells with a certain set of biological processes and capacities. Hence, exposure to certain groups of natural chemicals for many generations of humans and human cells has resulted in an excellent capacity to deal competently with these natural chemicals. However, the comparatively new wave of toxic chemicals in recent millennia/centuries, very recently often derived from material leftover from the petrochemical industry (imagine the waste disposal fees they can save paying when they can sell it as a product ingredient instead of paying for sealed landfill space!), are foreign to human cells. Enzyme pathways, and detoxification mechanisms do not exist for many or perhaps any of these, and it has been reported that toxicity effects from simultaneous multiple toxin exposure seem to be greater and more complex than the sum of many single toxin exposures owing to interactive and other effects.

LifeCell skin cream

8. A careful selection of the chemicals contained in the many many products that come in daily contact with our skin is vital to long term wellness and natural skin health. For many women (and increasing numbers of men) the selection of skin and hair care products that we place on our bodies on a daily basis can have a significant influence on these critical toxicity levels. Consideration of these above issues was one of the primary reasons for my choice of Lifecell as the product for me.

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