CELL Infuse DELUXE Starter Pack


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CELL INFUSE STEMULATE, our No 1 intensive anti-aging cream, is formulated to enhance cell growth thanks to the careful extraction of plant stem-cells from the rare Uttwiler Spätlauber apple.

Benefitting from the natural and organic skincare ingredients in STEMULATE you will restore youthful elasticity to your skin, visibly reduce the signs of aging, (fine lines and wrinkles) and have your skin looking & feeling velvety soft.

Applied at night on to clean skin, STEMULATE offers the best Natural Night Cream solution with amazing results.

CELL INFUSE DAYTIME – Defense and Repair is our great anti-aging Day Cream . Using a potent, powerful blend of natural algaes and antioxidants, CELL INFUSE DAYTIME gives you the very best in organic skincare.

Blended specifically to help you fill out those lined, troubled areas on your face, this beautifully smooth organic skin cream contains skin fortifying and smoothing nutrients to greatly assist in the replacement of collagen and moisture. You will soon notice a fresher, plumper, more youthful you!

Applied in the morning on to clean skin.

CELL INFUSE Organic Collagen Elixir is the latest product in our natural and organic skincare range.

This natural skincare product is Anti-Aging, Collagen Enhancing, Brightening and Moisturizing for your skin. Assisting in firming, brightening and plumping, without surgery or Botox!

Capturing the most innovative skin care science today, this fully organic skincare formula makes it easy to look younger with this topical solution.

Use this anti-aging collagen booster before your stemulate and daytime cream.

Our New Advanced Formulation of CELL INFUSE Glow mask is rich in montmotillonite clay known for it’s inherent anti aging & healing properties. The beauty of this clay is in its ability to draw oils and toxins from the skin. Blended into this formulation is the amazing herb of the rainforest Cat’s claw and research shows that it has potent skin beautifying powers which makes your skin appear younger magically.

Simply smooth this luxurious organic/natural mask and you will feel it going to work firming and lifting as it exfoliates and moisturizes. Another amazing fact is that the Mask continues to work long after you’ve washed it off.

Use this amazing exfoliating mask twice a week to get the best results from your CELL Infuse anti-aging skincare.
After cleansing your skin, apply this exfoliating mask and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then wash off, followed by your CELL Infuse skincare elixirs, serums and creams.


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