CELL INFUSE New Advanced Formulation Glow Mask (w Cat’s Claw; continues working once washed off)


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Our CELL INFUSE Glow Mask is blended with Organic & Natural Minerals to form a creamy, luxurious mask to purify, exfoliate & add moisture to your skin.  Carefully selected anti aging ingredients to offer the very best in natural skin care solutions.  Maximise the rejuvenation of your skin & support telomere renewal to bring back youthfulness. Continues to work long after you’ve washed it off.


By popular demand, a larger size!!

Our New Advanced Formulation of CELL INFUSE  Glow mask is rich in montmotillonite clay known for it’s inherent anti aging & healing properties. The beauty of this clay is in its ability to draw oils and toxins from the skin. Blended into this formulation is the amazing herb of the rainforest Cat’s claw and research shows that it has potent skin beautifying powers which makes your skin appear younger magically.

Simply smooth this luxurious organic/natural mask and you will feel it going to work firming and lifting as it exfoliates and moisturizes. Learn more about the benefits of the wonderful ingredients & telomeres in my blogs: https://www.cellinfuse.com.au/bright-flawless-skin/  https://www.cellinfuse.com.au/telomeres-skin-solution/ 

Aloe juice, Coconut oil & Olive oil waxes, Kakadu plum, Sunflower oil, Rose water, Zinc, Almond oil, Prickly pear oil, Montmorillian  clay, Cats claw, Zeolite, Pomegranate, Serecite mica, Rosehip granules, Elderberry, Natacide, Glucono lactone, Natapres, Grape seed powder, Murray river Salt, Hyaluronic acid, Rosemary, Vit E,  Essential oils are rosewood & lavender


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Apply onto face and neck for 5-10 mins then rinse off well with water. For best results use twice weekly.



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