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CELL INFUSE Oxygen (supports proper function of every body system)


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CELL INFUSE Oxygen provides an easy solution for improved health and rapid repair to our skin and body. Oxygen is a most vital element to the human body!!! A natural skin care solution available in spray or drop applicator to assist with tissue reconstruction and reinforce natural skin healing.  It’s 100% safe, natural & non-toxic.


Men love this product!!! – but ladies it works for you too!

Oxygen is essential for overall health. It’s the vital element to the human body for rapid repair to the skin or enhancement internally. CELL INFUSE Oxygen helps to increase & maintain good oxygen levels & support the proper function of every system in your body.

Here’s a recent heart surgery patients testimony: One realization I had was that my energy was directly linked to the amount of oxygen in my blood. Increased oxygen equated to more energy. I feel 10 years younger.

Melissa – Ormiston Qld writes: While setting up a home gym I suffered a self-inflicted injury. I bounced a 6kg medicine ball down not expecting it to lift. Well it did, hitting me in the jaw forcing my upper teeth through my inside lower lip resulting with blood everywhere, 4 teeth impressions and a bruise 2 inches across my lip. Knowing that the inside of the mouth is difficult to heal, I thought my CELL INFUSE Oxygen Spray may do the trick. Well after 24-36 hours the holes left by my teeth had healed over and the swelling started to reduce.

I love using the spray as a booster taken orally and as a spritzer on my face, but this was an amazing result. I will now make sure I always have bottle in my fridge in case of all sorts of emergencies.


Learn more of the benefits of oxygen for your skin & body in our blog post:

Contains Di-Atomic molecules in mineralized activated water and hand harvested unrefined sea salt.

Mix 1 to 3 ml once a day in a glass of water, smoothie or juice. Also great as a topical application spray onto cuts, grazes, infections & bites.


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