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CELL INFUSE DAYTIME… Defense and Repair

CELL INFUSE Daytime defense and repair

I am so excited to introduce the CELL INFUSE Daytime cream as an Organic Lift. Why you might Ask?? Let me share how you can do just that.

The way you and I think about aging can and is changing with new developments with what we are introducing into formulations today with skin care.

Daytime Cream with LiposomesI formulated this day cream with Algae’s and Exquisite Flower extract along with Lipids, namely Hemp and Sandalwood seed.

Algaes build and enhance the synthesis of dermal proteins, such as collagen, which can visibly reducing visible aging signs.

Exquisite Flower Extracts – Frangipani, Hibiscus, Snowflower are packed with rejuvenating, repairing, soothing and smoothing properties.

As we age we loose the collagen, hence the roundness of the face, the jawline changes and we start to get a sagging look. Some of this can be bone density along with collagen.

liposomes for healthy skin cellsFirstly and foremost … I have been sharing with you Liposomes structure and how they can penetrate the skin cells to bring moisture inside the cell.  It goes without saying when you have fluid inside skin cells this prevents your skin from drying out.  It’s for this reason that I have used Liposomes in DAYTIME.

This is the key to plump, young-looking skin. But to keep that fluid inside the cell, you need a strong fatty membrane to hold everything together.

Now .. for the second part.

This is where Linoleic acid, comes in, an omega-3 & 6 fat – building blocks for healthy membranes. And they keep skin HYDRATED, PLUMP AND YOUTHFUL LOOKING.

Now these two Omegas are very dense in proportions but also very light in our CELL INFUSE DAYTIME.

Hemp oil for skin care

Hemp and Sandalwood Seed Oil are new ingredients to the skin care market and us. But to keep that fluid inside the cell, you need a strong fatty membrane to hold everything together.

Never to be overlooked, eating healthy fats helps to reduce wrinkles. These have been proven to protect skin from sun damage that leads to premature aging.

Let’s look at some foods to assist Omega 6. Sunflower seeds, pine nuts, pecans & brazil nuts along with Swiss cheeses. Omega 3 found to include grass-fed beef and dairy, pastured eggs, olive oil, walnuts, avocados and coconut oil.

skin protection from sunlight ingredients

Exciting breakthroughs in cell research have opened doors and we at CELL INFUSE Australia continue to embrace and enhance all our products, but this cream is like a beautiful mousse going right into your skin and into the cells. Bringing volume to your face, some would say like having injectable fillers.

I encourage you to be among the first to enjoy this beautiful empowering product – you’ll feel and look more youthful, hydrated and plumped.

Available now for the special introductory price of $70. Click here to order now.


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