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Miracle Oil From The Deep Sea

Deep Sea Miracle Oil Squalene

Today I want to share with you the amazing beauty benefits of a gift from the sharks.

Hundreds of years ago, the Japanese believed shark livers had miraculous powers.
Fishermen from the Izu Peninsula in Japan hunted for deep-sea sharks swimming 3,000 feet below the ocean surface.

They were after the oil in the sharks’ livers. They called it “Samedawa” meaning cure-all.
The Japanese thought this rare oil provided strength, energy, virility and overall good health.

It wasn’t just superstition. Oil from deep-sea sharks contains a unique unsaturated fat.
It’s called “squalene” because these sharks belong to the genus squalus.

Today studies prove squalene is indeed a miracle oil from the sea.

Squalene Oil

Squalene Quenches Your Skin’s Thirst

Squalene makes up a major part of the natural oils in your skin.
The highest levels are in areas with the most sebaceous glands.
That means the T-zone of your face – your forehead, nose and chin.
Your sebaceous glands secrete squalene. Here’s why you need it…

First, squalene is a natural moisturizer. It lubricates your skin’s surface, healing chapped or cracked skin and eczema.
It also helps revitalize damaged hair, dry scalp and brittle nails.

Next, it forms a protective barrier to your skin’s surface. That locks in moisture and prevents your skin from losing water.

Finally, squalene has powerful antioxidants. They accumulate in your skin protecting it from the sun’s UV radiation.
They also absorb free radicals and deactivate them. That helps prevent skin damage like age spots, fine lines and
wrinkles that give away your age.

Squalene Benefits

What can you do?

You produce lots of squalene when you’re young. But your levels start to decline around your mid 20s.
Not long after that you may notice dry skin, the first sign of aging.

How to Use Squalene To Reverse Signs of Aging

Shark liver oil is far and away the richest source of squalene. But we can also get it from food.
Good sources include olives, olive oil, palm oil, rice bran, and wheat germ.

But we don’t eat enough squalene-rich foods.
People on Mediterranean diets take in about 200-400 mg per day.
But in the some countries, we only get about 30 mg a day. That’s not enough.

Squalene Shark Liver Oil

Shark liver oil and squalene are now available in supplements.
Taking 500 mg per day is known to be safe and can assist in normalizing cholesterol levels,
along with giving all the above benefits I outlined above.

You’ll see it in sunscreens, hair products, face cleansers and anti-aging products.

But beware. Most products don’t add enough squalene.
To get the benefits, it should be among the first three ingredients listed.
So do become a smart buyer. Check your labels?

Have a great week!



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