Is your Skin at Risk from Digital Pollution?


Around 16 years ago my husband and I worked with a Doctor from Germany for a number of years on how we could protect our bodies from radiation, as I was personally was so very sensitive to any radiation. Then, we later joined forces with appropriate people many doctors here in Australia on this matter to do talks and bring awareness to people.

Have a read and form your thoughts and appreciate why products like our Collagen Elixir is so very active with concentrated native extracts, Daytime full of Algaes (Sea minerals, Blue green algaes Sea-code) along many antioxidants to soak up free radicals, and STEMULATE with Stem-cells, Peptides to rejuvenate and regenerate.

Along with Regenisis Vitamin Serum with Vitamins A, B3, B5, 3x Types of C, E & D. I am constantly upgrading and increasing the amounts of the ingredients along with additional new ones.

I WOULD ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE THIS INFORMATION seriously and pass onto a friend.

digital pollutionResearchers have been focused on one negative by-product in particular: new technology pollution (digital pollution). Constant exposure to digital pollution might have a direct and visible impact on your skin. As technology evolves, so does OUR research behind skincare, and what is the best ingredients to combat this concern.
It might come as a shock that the air inside your home is often five to ten times more polluted than the air outside! Indoor pollution comes from paint, cleaning products, aerosols, and cooking fumes among others, and is equally harmful to the skin.

Digital pollution, the newest type of pollution that our skin is exposed to, produced by tablets, smartphones, computers, and televisions. Their screens emit blue light, a very high energy wavelength that acts as pollution on your skin.

CELL INFUSE Organic BB Protective CreamTogether these pollutants can lead to dehydration, loss of radiance, sensitivity, and aging.

We have the answer today at CELL Infuse Australia

To firstly soak up the free radical damage, put back the radiance, stop a lot of sensitivity and the most important to assist in STOPPING the aging process topically.

I wouldn’t go a day myself without our Organic BB Cream with dense Zinc in it.

A good SPF cream will also be an answer but most have chemicals, and they can be more harmful again.

Many days I will just use the BB Cream as a foundation as well as a little blush.

I know that this gives the best protection I can offer for my skin immunity protection at this point in time.

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Determining Your Future Face!!

Knowing not only when, but how our skin is going to age is the key to preventing fine lineswrinkles and sagging.

We all have that crystal ball at our disposal; all you have to do is look at your family tree.

Look to your parents to see your aging pattern.

There is a genetic component to aging, and most people resemble a parent. For the most part, the daughter’s age like their mothers and sons age like their fathers. Everyone has the weakest link in their genetic chain; for each person, there are certain features that will age more than others. This family aging trait is your predictable pattern of aging.

Once you’ve identified those features, you can apply that insight to your own skin. I would advise you to divide their face into three zones: the forehead, eye area and lower face. Each of these zones has its own predictable course.

As you begin to lose collagen, it manifests as different issues—fine lines, creases, wrinkles, sagging—depending on where your face is most vulnerable.

With that in mind, let’s plan your zone-by-zone defence.


The top zone of your face includes your forehead and brows. On your forehead, you’ll see horizontal lines running all the way across, while the brows show the “11’s”—vertical lines between the brows.


This zone includes the wrinkles around the outer corners of your eyes—known as crow’s feet—and the laxity of the skin underneath the eyes and eyelids.

Lower Face

The bottom zone encompasses your mouth, jaw and chin. Aging in the mouth area includes lip lines, nasal labial folds and marionette lines (the lines that extend from your lower lip down to your chin. The big issues with the jaw and chin are sagging and jowls.

The majority of wrinkles are caused by general wear and tear—like raising your brow or squinting. Sagging and drooping are due to collagen loss. The progression of these problems follows a predictable, standard pattern. Take forehead wrinkles, for instance. In your 20’s, your forehead is smooth. In your 30’s, you’ll notice that when you raise your brow, fine lines will appear across your forehead, but they disappear when you release your brow. As you age, those lines appear permanently and become deeper. It’s the same for squint lines, which go from temporary to permanent.

How quickly and severely your wrinkles and sagging appear goes back to predictability. Based on your genetics, you’ll have more vulnerability in your weakest zone, which will make you more susceptible to excess wear and tear in that area.

Depending on which zone your problem area will fall in, your approach will be different.

To promote collagen production and keep your skin firmer longer, look for potent, active ingredients like Native Extracts, (often 60 times stronger than say Vitamin C) Stem cells and Peptides.  These will minimize the aged areas, it will take much longer for those wrinkles and creases to manifest.

Predictability teaches us that the best anti-aging strategy is anticipating your aging pattern, identifying your specific skin weaknesses, and intervening before it’s too late.

While you may not have any control over your genetics, you do have the power to slow down the aging process by attacking problems before they become permanent.

Our Age-Defy Pack

Our Age Defy Pack contains two favourite products:

  • CELL Infuse Daytime – Defense and Repair
  • CELL Infuse Organic Collagen Elixir

These products will help you fill out those lined, troubled areas on your face.  They are Anti-Aging and Collagen Enhancing, which will help brighten and moisturise your skin.



Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster energy drinks…

Let’s look at today what is taking place with advertising.

Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster energy drinks…

The Big Retail push to sell you these drinks comes with false promises AND health risks.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that caffeinated energy drinks alter the heart’s electrical activity and raised blood pressure.

The World Health Organization says they may pose danger to public health.

For instance, they promise to give you the energy you need to get through the day by providing super megadoses of B vitamins.

Unfortunately, it’s just not true.
The quick pick-me-up in the beverages typically comes from their fake caffeine content and high levels of sugar. It’s true that B vitamins are essential to your body’s energy metabolism. And vitamin B12 in particular is crucial for energy.

When you take in high-quality B12, you unlock the energy contained in the foods you eat and turn it into glucose you can burn. But fortified junk food is no way to get your vitamins. In a minute, I’m going to show you a better way…

Energy Drinks
Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster energy drinks
But let’s take a look at how important vitamin B12 really is — especially as you age.

First, your body’s ability to absorb vitamin B diminishes as you get older. So, you may need vitamin B supplements, even shots, if you are deficient.

A straightforward blood test can determine your vitamin B levels.

And as you age, your digestive tract no longer produces a protein called gastric “intrinsic factor.” This protein binds to vitamin B12 so that your body can absorb it.

If you are deficient in vitamin B12, you may experience:

  1. Memory loss, impaired thinking and general cognitive difficulties.
  2. Fatigue and weakness.
  3. Trouble walking and balance problems.
  4. Numbness or tingling in your hands, legs or feet.
  5. Vision problems
  6. When you don’t get enough B12, your body can’t get energy out of your food.
  7. It also can’t form healthy red blood cells. And the result is low energy, weakness and fatigue.

My love is for you to learn the truth.

Even though we produce skincare, our diet has a direct impact on our overall health.

I do hope you find this information of value.  I look forward to hearing your feedback in the comment section below.


Your Neck and Chest – Three Forgotten Culprits

Reverse the damage with skincare

As Spring is here, and girls as we are starting to get into some of those gorgeous strapless tops. You may be noticing that your neck has sagged and chests have wrinkled…

Some of it is age. Some of it is UV exposure or smoking. You may be already using sunblock and you don’t smoke? But you say!! Is there anything more you can do to keep your neck and chest as youthful and taut as possible? Well, my answer is yes, there’s more you can do! Because you can also avoid the:

3 forgotten culprits that age your neck and chest. So what are they?

1. Sports bras
They can push your breasts together, which squeezes the surrounding skin. As your skin is squeezed, the skin on your chest folds and wrinkles. And when skin is repeatedly folded and wrinkled, collagen breaks down and wrinkles can become permanent. It’s similar to the way frowning turns into permanent frown lines. Choose to only wear when required.

2. Your Phone
You have heard me talking about digital pollution previously. Most of us spend a good part of the day on a smartphone. We’re either talking on it, with the phone cradled between the head and shoulder… Or we’re looking downward at the screen. In both positions, the skin on the neck folds and wrinkles. Be mindful not to do this again…

best sleeping position for neck and chest

3. Your Sleep Position
You may have heard that sleeping on your side – which presses your face and neck against the pillow – can contribute to facial wrinkles. Yes I personally have used a silk pillow case and have seen some benefit. Sleeping on your side encourages the skin on your chest to compress, which can cause wrinkles between and just above your breasts. The solution? I say sleep on your back it takes a little getting used off, but you can do it. It took me weeks but now It is great.

What else can I do if there is already damaged?

Topical Vitamin C Serum. Our Regenisis with three types of Vitamin C along with A, B3, B5, D and E. Studies show that vitamin C can actually reverse some of the damage caused by UV rays and other environmental factors. How? By eliminating those free radicals that speed up the aging process. So if you already using our Regenisis serum on your face, all you have to do is make sure you’re applying it to your neck and chest, too!

Our NEW Reverse The Damage Value Pack is now available at the discounted price of $95. It contains the Regenisis Vitamin Serum and the Refining Essence, both products perfect for repairing and protecting your face, neck and chest. Click here to order now.


Reverse The Damage - skincare pack

Is your sleeping position causing wrinkles?

Is your sleeping position causing wrinkles?

I have been someone who always seemed to sleep on my right side, until the last few weeks, when I noticed I was getting crease/wrinkle mark on that side, so I thought it was time to treat that area more with massaging. I used a straight Kakadu Plum Concentrated Extract. I Then I applied a vitamin serum and again massaged and finally a rich night cream. As I worked morning and night doing this I noticed a great improvement. Hoorah!!

Satin pillow cases, specially shaped pillows, can also assist. Here’s a practical bottom line approach that won’t drive you crazy!

sleeping position causing wrinklesFirst, accept the fact that most people find it very difficult to change decades of sleep habits, so please don’t beat yourself up over this.

No one….truly…ever died of a sleep wrinkle! most disappear in time. But I did spend more time massaging the skin, as our skin loves massage.

The most effective thing is to try to change your position and your pillow.

Sleep position:

1. You can try to sleep on your back, but many people just can’t. And sleeping on the back can contribute to snoring!

2. If you are a stomach sleeper, you may be able to change to your side, which would be better.

3. Side sleepers may really benefit from experimenting with different pillow sizes and shapes. And “bolstering” with pillows around the body (like many of us did when pregnant) may be helpful, but it’s also not very friendly to sleeping partners!

Pillow cases:

These really don’t make much difference unless you are waking up with wrinkles in the middle of your cheeks. If you are, try a different pillow or case. Forehead sleep lines are usually related to pressure or adrenal stress not the pillowcase itself wrinkling.



Magnesium Benefits for Skin and Body

Recently I had a wonderful nanny weekend with our three youngest grandchildren. Every night was story time and then I was to give them some magnesium in water I loved this idea our daughter had introduced – a nightly ritual in their home.

Most nights I personally roll on magnesium on the backs of my knees and the base of my spine it will not only help your health but give you a good night’s sleep.

Magnesium has so many wonderful benefits. This is something my husband and I have done for years, we also take it orally as well as rolling it onto the skin directly, and I would encourage everyone to start their own nightly Magnesium ritual. For best oral results I recommend sourcing powdered magnesium for quicker digestion and better utilisation throughout your body.

Something else I truly love to do is add Magnesium to my bath water. Commonly called Epsom Salt, Magnesium Sulfate gives you a combination of Magnesium and Sulfate. These two minerals work together in a process called reverse osmosis to remove toxins from the body and build key protein molecules in your tissues and joints.

The skin is a highly porous membrane, and an Epsom Salt bath gives you a double health benefit – first drawing out the toxins, and then helping the skin absorb the Magnesium and Sulfate. Sulfates are necessary for healthy skin, brain, joints and nerve tissue and help activate the pancreas by triggering the release of digestive enzymes. Plus, there are mood-elevating benefits of an Epsom Salt bath. Bathing in Epsom salt is known to be an excellent de-stressing tool, it works to level out excess adrenalin and helps to produce calming serotonin.

How To Take an Epsom Salt Bath.

Experts advise that you need about 40 minutes to get the true benefits from an Epsom Salt bath. Run a warm bath, and try to use water that is filtered (non-filtered water is full of fluoride, dioxins, and heavy metals that can counteract the detoxifying benefits of Epsom Salt).

The first 20 minutes are for pulling out the toxins, and the second 20 minutes are to let the Magnesium and Sulfate soak into your skin. Light some candles going and make the most of this time for you. Enjoy!!
Over the next few months I will be including magnesium in DAYTIME and STEMULATE.
But at present enjoy having it in our Fortifying Neck Emulsion!!

Try it for yourself – the benefits are wonderful!


Want to know the secret to staying young inside (and out)?

the secret to staying young inside and out

If you’re a long-time follower and read our blogs of CELL INFUSE Australia, then you may already know the answer to the question: What is the secret to slowing aging?

It’s a topic I am extremely passionate about and something I hope to explain to as many people as I possibly can!

The answer is this: the secret to staying young on the inside – and out – is your telomeres. These are the protective caps at the end of each strand of your DNA. When you are young, your telomeres are long. But every time a cell divides the telomeres get shorter. Over time, your telomeres get so short they can’t protect your DNA as well. When a cell divides, new are defective. You begin to develop the signs and diseases of old age.

Aging is not inevitable – here’s how are we at CELL INFUSE are slowing it down, with ingredients I include in your CELL INFUSE products.

When formulating the skin care products I consider the following:

• Powerful Antioxidants. Preventing oxidation encourages healthy telomeres.
• Hydrating botanicals and Native Extracts.
• Peptides. Assisting and rebuilding the collagen.
• Plant stem cells.

Also other factors to consider:

• Sun protection.
• Walk more.
• Reduce stress.
• Eat a balanced diet.

I also learned that there are several things we can do in our lifestyles to improve the health and youthfulness of our telomeres.

1. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables.
set more fruits and vegetablesDiets lower in refined carbohydrates and higher in fresh fruits and vegetables are linked to longer telomeres. Also, eating magnesium-rich foods, such as leafy greens, preserves and repairs DNA. Boost your magnesium levels by eating more kale, spinach, Swiss chard and seaweed. Other good choices include quinoa, lentils, almonds, sesame seeds, avocado, spirulina, and dark chocolate.

2. Exercise.
exercise for stayingyoungStudies show people who do little or no exercise have the highest risk of short telomeres. Vigorous exercise can lead to longer telomeres, but you don’t have to be an endurance athlete to stretch your telomeres! Short bursts of medium to high intensity exercise can give you anti-aging benefits. I personally include 5 times a week 15 to 18-minute incline in my walk to expand the lungs and strengthen the body. I suggest you build up to this – and don’t use your age as an excuse not to try.

3. Reduce Your Stress.
reduce stressI suggest some meditation, prayer or listening to relaxing music. These are the best ways to reduce stress, and can also turn on telomerase activity, the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres and helps rebuild a younger body. Watch this space for a product I will launch next year an identical enzyme to turn on the telomerase in a skin care product.

4. Raise Your HDL Levels.
telomeres and HDL levelsOne of the best ways to maintain your telomeres is to raise your HDL (“good”) cholesterol as high as you can, as studies show that people with the highest HDL have the longest telomeres. You might want to consider taking a vitamin E complex called tocotrienols. Studies show that these give your HDL a huge boost. Look for a tocotrienol supplement with as much gamma and delta tocotrienols as you can.

Supplements to support long telomeres

• Folate or folic acid is one of the B vitamins. Men with the highest folic acid levels have longer telomeres than those with low folate, according to research.
• Zinc, Magnesium Vitamin C,D, K & E are all beneficial to anti-ageing.
Collagen is a group of proteins that together form the building blocks for your skin (and connective tissue). Collagen gives volume, flexibility and strength to your skin and is what makes it look healthy and young.

Mother Nature’s Perfume

Who doesn’t love a beautiful perfume!!

I go back many years ago, when I learnt that perfumes had nasty chemical ingredients in them so my current perfumes at the time went out, and I went on a search to find what was safe and I looked at what our grandma’s used. I discovered that perfumes originally were made from natural things like flower extracts and herbs.

perfume with natural ingredients

At the same time I did an aromatherapy course and learnt the power of what pure unadulterated oils could do for our health and well being.

I also learnt that the fragrance industry may be begin with bouquets of flower abstracts but it’s the addition of toxic chemicals that made it a lot cheaper & this moves it away from the real thing.

How sad I was when I learnt what really was going on. Perfume manufacturers don’t want their competition or even you to know what’s in their products. So they came up with a clever way to keep their ingredients a secret.

You see the TGA requires most industries to clearly list their ingredients on their product labels. This offers protection for you and I. But the perfume industry petitioned some time ago to let them keep this information hidden from consumers by saying they were trade secrets.

So came chemicals like acetone. This is a nasty, as it’s the same toxic component that’s in paint thinner… something you’d never put on your skin! Along with many other chemicals that cause skin irritants, shortness of breath, linked with a certain cancers, endocrine disruptors, nervous disorders and many other major concerns were added to these potions.

essential oils for perfumeI started making my own nearly twenty years ago and as I said above I looked to Mother Nature & I would love you to enjoy a sample today, along with one of my formulations for you to make for yourself.

I love to spritz my clothes even now rather than my skin but with a natural one either is fine.

You can make your own sweet-smelling signature scent with essential oils. This will be natural and safe to wear… and they smell amazing.

On your next day off, try blending this & have fun experimenting.

  1. In a large container melt 2 tsp. grated beeswax. Add 2 tsp. jojoba oil and mix. Or for a liquid fragrance you can use a Geranium hydrosol as the base, which I have opted for in the sample so it’s easy to roll on.
  2. Then add 2 tsp. of jojoba oil and mix.
  3. In another small container, mix approximately 20 drops of sweet orange essential oil, 15 drops of ylang-ylang and 10 drops lavender 8 drops of Patchouli
  4. Remove from heat, quickly add essential oil mix and pour into clean container, (for the beeswax base a small lip balm container), or with the base as geranium hydrosol a brown bottle as the essential oils retains it’s value.

Enjoy wearing and note the comments you will receive!!!



Free Natural Anti-Aging Techniques

I’d like to share today about real natural anti-aging – and how great it can be for your health and wellbeing. First though, let’s start with a little problem we have as a culture. We spend so much time living in our heads – analyzing, planning, predicting – that we don’t pay enough attention to intuition, even though it’s so important for being healthy and happy.

Free Natural Anti-Aging TechniquesOur language still remembers the importance of intuition.
We have those great phrases:

“I’ve got butterflies in my stomach…”
“I’ve got a gut feeling…”
“My stomach is in knots just thinking about this…”
“Follow your gut…”

Interestingly, science validates some of what our ancestors were talking about. We now know that the stomach is filled with neurons that help determine our mental state (this known as the enteric nervous system.

In many ancient medical traditions (such as Ayurveda), caring for the gut health and ensuring good digestion is at the heart of good health.

So let’s bring back the gut back to our everyday focus. We know it doesn’t start and stop with a product you apply to your skin. We need to use our intuition to remove out those high stress, toxic influences in our life that age us and attack our health.

Intuition, more than reason is what lets us know we’re in the wrong career, relationship or lifestyle or around acquaintances that bring us down. Unfortunately, she whispers, so we have to bring silent, reflective time into our lives to hear her. And we’ll hear her in the guts.

Hearing that voice is the easiest part though. Taking action takes courage and energy. However, with better health and happiness as your reward, it’s worth the effort.

If you don’t already, try taking 10 minutes every day to still your mind and bring intuition back into your life.

  1. The first step is awareness. Sit quietly, relax your breathing and look over the different areas of your life that need attention.
  2. The second step is intention.  Decide on the changes you’d like to make and declare them so they’re clear in your mind.
  3. The third step is taking action to integrate the changes into your everyday life. In other words, create your reality, rather than just let it happen to you.

This can be done immediately and routinely. Begin today!! Let me know personally how you go?

tell us what you think

Making yourself younger from the inside out

health tip for staying younger naturallyHow this year is flying and here we are in September, what a beautiful time of the year. I just love this time, brisk nights but warm days. We have this most amazing heritage tree near our home, it’s a deciduous fig so we have leaves falling absolutely everywhere.

Then there’s the joy of seeing the new leaves opening up, one really knows it’s spring. Here in Queensland we don’t have all the beautiful annuals we had in the South Australia but we have beauty all a round in other ways.

It also is a time of the year where many people may have put on a few extra kilos over winter, and here is my latest exercise I do nearly every day, to firm and tone but also to expand my lungs.

Why do I want to expand my lungs? I know as we age it decreases in size.  The more we expand the lungs and increase our oxygen the more youthful we become. A great way to anti-age internally, and it will show externally.

So here it is…

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Extend your arms out in front of you, parallel to the ground with your hands open and palms facing down.
  • Inhale and pull your hands straight back toward you as if you’re rowing.
  • As you pull back, turn your wrists up and make a fist.
  • At the end of the inhalation, your elbows should be behind you with both hands in a fist, palm side up.
  • From this position, exhale, bend your knees and squat.
  • Let your arms fall to your sides and touch the ground with the tips of your fingers.
  • Continue exhaling and let your arms swing up as you stand back up to the starting position.

You may notice in two to three weeks how much deeper you are breathing, but observe your tone on your arms, legs and overall body. You will love the results!  Let’s share the results?

Yours in good health,
Judy and Team