Your Neck and Chest – Three Forgotten Culprits

Reverse the damage with skincare

As Spring is here, and girls as we are starting to get into some of those gorgeous strapless tops. You may be noticing that your neck has sagged and chests have wrinkled…

Some of it is age. Some of it is UV exposure or smoking. You may be already using sunblock and you don’t smoke? But you say!! Is there anything more you can do to keep your neck and chest as youthful and taut as possible? Well, my answer is yes, there’s more you can do! Because you can also avoid the:

3 forgotten culprits that age your neck and chest. So what are they?

1. Sports bras
They can push your breasts together, which squeezes the surrounding skin. As your skin is squeezed, the skin on your chest folds and wrinkles. And when skin is repeatedly folded and wrinkled, collagen breaks down and wrinkles can become permanent. It’s similar to the way frowning turns into permanent frown lines. Choose to only wear when required.

2. Your Phone
You have heard me talking about digital pollution previously. Most of us spend a good part of the day on a smartphone. We’re either talking on it, with the phone cradled between the head and shoulder… Or we’re looking downward at the screen. In both positions, the skin on the neck folds and wrinkles. Be mindful not to do this again…

best sleeping position for neck and chest

3. Your Sleep Position
You may have heard that sleeping on your side – which presses your face and neck against the pillow – can contribute to facial wrinkles. Yes I personally have used a silk pillow case and have seen some benefit. Sleeping on your side encourages the skin on your chest to compress, which can cause wrinkles between and just above your breasts. The solution? I say sleep on your back it takes a little getting used off, but you can do it. It took me weeks but now It is great.

What else can I do if there is already damaged?

Topical Vitamin C Serum. Our Regenisis with three types of Vitamin C along with A, B3, B5, D and E. Studies show that vitamin C can actually reverse some of the damage caused by UV rays and other environmental factors. How? By eliminating those free radicals that speed up the aging process. So if you already using our Regenisis serum on your face, all you have to do is make sure you’re applying it to your neck and chest, too!

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