Your Neck and Chest – Three Forgotten Culprits

Reverse the damage with skincare

As Spring is here, and girls as we are starting to get into some of those gorgeous strapless tops. You may be noticing that your neck has sagged and chests have wrinkled…

Some of it is age. Some of it is UV exposure or smoking. You may be already using sunblock and you don’t smoke? But you say!! Is there anything more you can do to keep your neck and chest as youthful and taut as possible? Well, my answer is yes, there’s more you can do! Because you can also avoid the:

3 forgotten culprits that age your neck and chest. So what are they?

1. Sports bras
They can push your breasts together, which squeezes the surrounding skin. As your skin is squeezed, the skin on your chest folds and wrinkles. And when skin is repeatedly folded and wrinkled, collagen breaks down and wrinkles can become permanent. It’s similar to the way frowning turns into permanent frown lines. Choose to only wear when required.

2. Your Phone
You have heard me talking about digital pollution previously. Most of us spend a good part of the day on a smartphone. We’re either talking on it, with the phone cradled between the head and shoulder… Or we’re looking downward at the screen. In both positions, the skin on the neck folds and wrinkles. Be mindful not to do this again…

best sleeping position for neck and chest

3. Your Sleep Position
You may have heard that sleeping on your side – which presses your face and neck against the pillow – can contribute to facial wrinkles. Yes I personally have used a silk pillow case and have seen some benefit. Sleeping on your side encourages the skin on your chest to compress, which can cause wrinkles between and just above your breasts. The solution? I say sleep on your back it takes a little getting used off, but you can do it. It took me weeks but now It is great.

What else can I do if there is already damaged?

Topical Vitamin C Serum. Our Regenisis with three types of Vitamin C along with A, B3, B5, D and E. Studies show that vitamin C can actually reverse some of the damage caused by UV rays and other environmental factors. How? By eliminating those free radicals that speed up the aging process. So if you already using our Regenisis serum on your face, all you have to do is make sure you’re applying it to your neck and chest, too!

Our NEW Reverse The Damage Value Pack is now available at the discounted price of $95. It contains the Regenisis Vitamin Serum and the Refining Essence, both products perfect for repairing and protecting your face, neck and chest. Click here to order now.


Reverse The Damage - skincare pack

Get Your Glow Back For Good

Vitamin C SerumNo matter how well you care for your skin, there are times when your complexion needs extra help. We now know one of the best ways to get that glow is with a Vitamin C Serum.

Studies show that Vitamin C can take years off your skin. Yet the vast majority of Vitamin C serums simply don’t deliver the results they claim.

Many Vitamin C serums contain just one active ingredient: Vitamin C. Why is this a problem? Because as great as Vitamin C is for skin, it works even better when it’s combined with other skin loving nutrients.

Look for products that include Vitamin C along with Vitamin E, Vitamin A and B or other antioxidants. These extra ingredients can turn a so-so Vitamin C product into an outstanding product.

Can we increase the benefits of Vitamin C by a remarkable 400%? Let’s see how! And note this is what I have done with our CELL Infuse Regenisis Vitamin Serum.

Vitamin E for skin careVitamin E is an outstanding anti-aging nutrient. It inhibits the effects of ultraviolet light, helping to keep free radicals from damaging your skin. It also prevents scarring, smooths the appearance of existing wrinkles, and fights skin inflammation. Plus, Vitamin E works in powerful synergy with vitamin C. Together; these antioxidant vitamins form a chemical bond that shields your skin from the ravages of sun, smoke and air pollution. In fact, studies show that Vitamin E turbocharges the benefits of Vitamin C by an impressive 400%!

Vitamins C and E are two of my top recommended nutrients for keeping your skin looking youthful and glowing.  But, let me tell you about another skin-loving vitamin.  It’s also a popular ingredient in many anti-aging skincare products — and for good reason. It works!

Vitamin BPanthenol, otherwise known as Vitamin B5, is a member of the B-complex family – and one of the best vitamins for skin health. Vitamin B5 is a natural hydrator that can moisturize, soothe and regenerate skin. As a result, it can make dry skin smoother and more elastic. But that’s not all. Panthenol is also a potent natural anti-inflammatory that eases irritation and inflammation. In fact, studies show it can speed the healing of skin wounds by 30%.

Another powerhouse “B” is Vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide. Vitamin B3 can help firm and reduce signs of aging, erase skin discoloration and revive healthy tone and texture. B3 also reduces the breakdown of collagen…while increasing the growth of skin-healthy fibroblasts. So it promotes overall firmness and elasticity, too. By the way, if you’ve heard that niacin can trigger redness or a flushing sensation, don’t worry.  Niacinamide does not cause any of these effects.

We have all these in our CELL Infuse Regenisis Vitamin Serum and have also added Kakadu Plum, Green tea extract, Pomegranate, Goji, Gotu kola, Aloe all in quite good amounts. To help brighten, lighten and renew your skin. 100% natural, derived from the finest-quality vitamins, plant and herbal extracts. This is all designed to give your complexion that smooth, youthful and vibrant glow!! Plus, it’s gentle and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Here’s to a more beautiful you!
Judy & the Team

CELL Infuse Regenisis Vitamin Serum

The Vitamin That Made the Skin Look 57.9% Younger

topical Vitamin C for skin careGirls – for the first time in my life I am going out in public make-up free!

Before you ask, “no”, I haven’t given up on my appearance, I still enjoy the feeling of looking good as much as I always have. It’s just that I am feeling so good about my skin that I don’t feel like I need to cover it up all the time. After six months of combining the Vitamin C loaded Cell Infuse Regenisis Vitamin Serum with our Collagen Power Pack it’s not just me that has noticed how youthful my skin is looking, and you can’t get a better confidence boost than that!

I have been talking a lot lately about the natural anti-aging power of topical Vitamin C because it really does wonders for our skin on a molecular level – helping to support collagen production and warding off free-radicals before they can damage the collagen we already have. All this is why I am so excited to be enhancing the fantastic benefits of our Collagen Power Pack with Regenisis Vitamin Serum so you can all easily see the same benefits as me for yourselves!

So many of our clients have discovered the increased firmness, elasticity and collagen boost that they have been looking for years with our Regenisis Vitamin Serum. I have been using the product continuously with the Collagen Power Pack products for five months now, and I am absolutely loving the confidence boost that comes with seeing younger looking skin in the mirror.

To really see the difference I would suggest trying it for yourself for six months, and as I often recommend with such powerful products and supplements, taking a break for a month so your skin will respond even better when you pick up where you left off.

I’m not the only one talking about the benefits of topical Vitamin C…

This is the vitamin that has been shown to make skin look 57.9% younger! One 12-week, placebo-controlled study involving participants with moderate sun damage showed a significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines, skin texture and tone. A photographic assessment comparing the participants’ before and after skin revealed a remarkable 57.9% improvement in the vitamin C-treated group compared with the control group.

You’ll notice more radiant skin almost immediately, and even better, the results increase over time!

testimonial for Regenisis Vitamin SerumThe stabilized, lipid-soluble Vitamin C found in Regenisis Vitamin Serum provides powerful support for increased collagen production, antioxidant protection and smooth, firm, even-toned, healthy skin. Loaded with the very best Vitamin C for the job, as well as a range of wonderfully supporting vitamins and pure organics, we have found that clients who have used the Regenisis Vitamin Serum have experienced a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles within just 12 weeks!

Topical vitamin C has been shown to reduce damage to the skin’s protein fibres, increase the production of collagen and even reverse some age-related structural changes in the skin.

Before I go I have to leave you with a little tease because I have some really exciting news that I can’t share just yet! Next week we will be celebrating the release of a new product for women – and not to forget the gents, their version will follow soon after!

Here’s to a more beautiful you!
Judy &  Team

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