My Shortcut For Bright, Healthy Skin


Have you ever noticed that when you return from a vacation by the ocean or a day at the beach your skin has a bright, healthy look to it? Well it’s not just that new tan…

Salt water is very healthy for your skin. Because salt is a natural exfoliator.

Normally, your skin will have a build up of dead skin cells that can cause a rough, dull, dry, and aged appearance.

It can even make you look older by accentuating any cracks on your skin’s surface.

Getting rid of this old layer, called exfoliation, reveals the newest skin layer that’s underneath and gives you a youthful glowing look. It also gives you other benefits like:

* Thoroughly cleans skin pores
* Allows your skin to breathe easier
* Stimulates blood circulation
* Removes toxins from your skin
* Helps to regenerate new skin
* Keeps your skin looking younger
* Strengthens and firms skin tissue


I believe that the best way to get optimum health for any part of your body, including your skin, is to mimic nature as closely as possible. That’s why I feel that one of the best ways to care for the largest organ in your body – your skin – is with an occasional salt scrub.

Rubbing your skin with salt allows the texture of the salt to exfoliate and refine your skin, leaving it clean and refreshed.

The salt grains also cleanse your pores better than a soap or cleanser can, giving you brighter-looking, smoother skin.

If you want to exfoliate with a salt scrub, you can:

Make Your Own:
Mix 2 parts salt to one part light oil (like olive oil or sweet almond oil) and gently rub any skin surface
you want to exfoliate. I think it’s best to use sea salt. That way, it will have all the minerals and nutrients salt is supposed
to have, so your skin can benefit from them, too. Also, avoid using “mineral” oil, as it’s made from petroleum products.


Buy a Quality Scrub:
For these, it’s important to look at the label. To cleanse your skin, it’s best to have as few ingredients as possible.
And remember that even some products labelled “organic” might have ingredients that you don’t necessarily want in your salt scrub. For example, safflower oil and “natural” vitamin E, can be derived from genetically modified sunflower seeds and corn.

Be sure you haven’t just shaved if you’re going to exfoliate with salt. That way you won’t have any nicks or cuts… after all, you don’t want to rub salt on an open wound.

I have been doing this for some years and love the result. Mix sea salt with olive oil together, take your loafer or similar and just before entering the shower, give the body an all over rub with the mixture, once through the shower as you wipe down, you will just surprised at the awesome result.

Do try the salt with the olive oil and let us know your thoughts?

Here’s to looking more youthful!!



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