Day Cream Vs Night Cream

telomeres and HDL levels

I am often asked do I need both?  Well, I’m always keen to work with people to help them achieve their ultimate skincare desires, to have results & seeing for them a more youthful glowing skin. We know our skin does its renewing and repairing when you are sleeping, right?

layers of the skin diagramWhen it comes to a day cream protection is the key focus. We know a light cream is ideal under our make up always for a smoother look, but for night time when repair is taking place you require ingredients to enhance cell growth, good lipids that will penetrate deep down into the dermis and extracts to renew and assist collagen to rebuild.

Wearing a moisturiser with SPF or applying a BB protective cream over your moisturiser during the day will protect your skin from premature aging & having antioxidants and CoQ10 are essential in the formulation. We know sun exposure is hard to avoid, and is so very damaging however over the years it can be damaging and will increase wrinkles and lines – hence aging, also skin discoloration which is a big concern today.

Let’s have a look what else is required for our day cream. We need ingredients with good hydration, plumping and firming some day moisturisers contain repairing antioxidants, peptides and some stem cells which all combine to improve skin tone and also help prevent premature aging.

skin repair while you sleep

So, what does a night cream do?  Night creams are generally thicker, nourishing and richer as this is when the repair is done. For a more beautiful you!!!. Night creams are designed to be repairing and regenerating and to address signs of aging.

They may include ingredients like retinoids (Vitamin A) and extracts to enhance collagen production, skin smoothing, and even out pigmentation stem cells and peptides for cell renewal. I am a great believer that formulations should contain Vitamin C, A and B – these are paramount.  It is worth noting that these are best in night formulas because they can make your skin sensitive to daylight/sun.

If you suffer from dry flaky skin on your face or neck, then the best night cream will contain hydrating ingredients A rich formula that combines a number of essential oils, inchi, carrot seed  jojoba, avocado and rosehip will prevent dryness and flaking, as the skin will absorb them during the night to give you a smoother firmer look.  For fighting fine lines and wrinkles, a good night cream will also contain collagen-stimulating and plumping extracts along with the replacement of hyaluronic acid.

Day cream vs night cream… well, if you are someone only wanting one moisturiser, either choose a day cream for both day and night cream with most of the night nutrients in small quantities.




CELL INFUSE Skincare – New Brand & Packaging

CELL INFUSE SkincareCELL INFUSE Skincare brand has a new look & this week we are excited to be finally rolling out our new packaging which we believe reflects our love for all things organic and natural – with a stylish eco friendly feel.

The journey that has led to where we are today began out of sheer necessity as my personal life took a turn that caused me to make some dramatic changes. As many of you know I had severe health challenges some years ago and this forced me to look at every area of my life; that is what I was eating, what I was putting on my skin, what products I was washing my hair with, cleaning my teeth and… Even my thinking of my own self was challenged.

It soon became evident to me that looking after one’s health called for natural non toxic ingredients that would work in harmony with our skin whilst penetrating deep enough to change the skin and bring back youthfulness. Ingredients with a molecular structure small enough to penetrate deep down making the difference we all look for.

Hence the birth of CELL INFUSE!!

There’s been various challenges along the way one of which was how I was continually urged to build the products down to a price, which I knew would compromise the results my clients were seeking. Confronted with this dilemma, I maintained a belief in using only the very best natural and organic ingredients, and today client feedback confirms my convictions more than ever. We, men and women want healthier, kinder, natural alternatives in anti-aging skincare.

We really do love feedback as it helps us to continue to grow and evolve and we hope that you will want to contribute to our journey and make us part of your lifestyle, so please do share your thoughts and ideas with us along the way.


Organic and Natural Skincare products

Evolution of CELL INFUSE

Soon to be launched STEMULATE brings together Science, Nature and Organics.

Evolution of CELL INFUSE Anti-Aging SolutionsThe journey that has led to where we are today, launching of the CELL INFUSE signature products Velvety Soft Organic PRIMER and next week, our number one product, STEMULATE, began years ago after long research for natural and organic products.

I’d been searching skin care for our climate as I had come to understand the damage to my skin caused by Australia’s particularly harsh and demanding climatic conditions was prompting me to develop a product containing life-replenishing properties.

Initially I began formulating a complex of rosehip, jojoba, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, along with vitamins A, C, D and E. All the way I ensured the benefits of each new additive was scientifically validated. Without fail I sourced ingredients that were organic and from nature, believing this was where I would find the best anti-aging properties.

That became my process again and again – drawing on science to validate an ingredient’s true worth, always sourcing things organic and natural. It never failed me. I resolved never to become complacent and settle for current benchmark products on the market. I studied new research from around the world, particularly from United States universities. The findings excited me and kept me going.

Velvety Soft Organic PrimerI took my formulations to a manufacturing house and progressed to making products with more extracts and herbs… aloe vera, olive leaf extract, white tea, licorice root extract, spirulina many more, along with numerous vitamins and lipids.

I was continually urged to build the products down to a price, which I knew would compromise the results my clients were seeking. Confronted with this dilemma, I maintained a belief in using only the best natural and organic ingredients, and today client feedback confirms my convictions more than ever…

A skin care revolution is taking place and increasingly our customers are seeking kinder, gentler, non-toxic solutions for themselves and the planet. I am now thankful I realised this early and threw myself into introducing ingredients identified in research findings in university studies, particularly from Yale.

cell-infuse-stemulate-anti-aging-creamConsumers are looking for skin care that delivers; with STEMULATE we will launch on the 30th November I have brought Nature, the Organic and Science together.

In the lead up to our signature product launch, I have been extensively using Australian native extracts for the past nine months. The scientific innovation of cellular extraction is being used in the process of extracting the goodness from these products, such as Kakadu plum, Davidson plum, Finger Lime Caviar and Snowflower, all used in our products today.

I am satisfied to observe that the six-year journey resulting in our Signature products has led to CELL INFUSE introducing ground-breaking firsts to the Australian anti-aging market.

Among these have been focuses on acknowledging the importance of using the right product ingredients to support our telomeres. Natural treatments that work on our telomeres enable old cells to replenish themselves and grow younger again. They are being hailed as the biggest breakthrough in anti-aging history.

CELL INFUSE also made an Australian first by introducing an organic BB Protective Cream.

Today using bioactive extracts, flower essences and the latest lipids.

Now comes the greatest excitement ever in the history of CELL INFUSE – the launching of our number one signature product, STEMULATE. Containing more than 50 life-enhancing ingredients, not the least being the rare Uttwiler Spätlauber apple variety of stem cells.

The journey I set out on six years ago results in the launch of the anti-aging cream I once dreamt of.

STEMULATE is clearly our Signature Product. The quest continues. What will CELL INFUSE come up with next?

Here’s to more beautiful skin, Judy x

Does your moisturizer REALLY penetrate your skin?

Have you ever spent a lot of money on a moisturizer full of impressive-sounding ingredients, used it for some months and really never noticed a difference in your skin? I have done this many times and it’s incredibly frustrating.

moisturizing your skin naturallySome products are full of everything they need to transform your skin, except one small thing: a way to deliver it. Their structure is not correct. It’s as if the moisturizer shows up on your doorstep with everything you need, but never knocks, so the package never makes it inside. And what good is a great moisturizer if it’s never actually delivered into the skin?

This always concerned me until I started understanding molecular structure, then found native extracts that had the ability to penetrate through the epidermis going down to the dermis which is 10 – 40 times thicker than the epidermis. That is where rejuvenation work needs to happen.

You may think that all you need to do to moisturize your skin is to apply a product. After all, the moisturizer and the skin are touching, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not enough. If the skin can’t absorb the moisturizer and deliver those powerful ingredients to every layer, you’re just going to wash it all off in the morning.

The good news is that with the right key, your moisturizer can unlock the door to your skin. There are two ways to achieve the penetration and in turn results.

One way to do this is through phospholipids. Phospholipids are made up of two fatty acids (long chain of hydrogen and carbon molecules attached to a glycerol head). Your skin contains its own lipids that interact well with phospholipids, allowing them to pass the skin barrier. Because of this, phospholipids provide a great transdermal delivery system. They also have strong tissue affinity, are biodegradable and have almost no toxicity. So if you want to make sure your moisturizer is actually going to do you any good, one way is to look for presence of phospholipids (fatty acids).

The second approach is to use selected native extracts. These are equally effective at transporting key ingredients through the dermis and epidermis. By utilising phospholipids and native extracts, we’ve created a range that works with all skin types. You’ll enjoy fewer wrinkles and smoother, more vibrant skin.

natural skin moisturizerTry Cell Infuse Restore Cream and Body Custard to utilise the power of phospholipids or Cell Infuse Regenisis Vitamin Serum, Glow Mask, Power Scrub and Hydrating Cleanser with Lime Caviar to experience our highly effective native extracts range.

In the next two months, we’ll be releasing two more products that contain both delivery agents. Most importantly, don’t turn back to old style moisturisers that lack the ability to truly penetrate and rejuvenate your skin.

Here’s to healthy, hydrated skin,
Judy and the Team.

Make time for YOU with this indulgent routine, you will love the results.

skin care routineAs I moved into my sixties I knew there had to be more to my skin care regime.

As you age, the amount of collagen in your skin declines drastically. This ongoing process is typically accelerated by factors like exposure to sunlight and environmental pollutions, as well as inflammation. As a result we lose firmness, the skin starts to sag and wrinkles and lines form. Yes we can take Collagen internally, but I do say to you, know the source of the collagen! The best way to add collagen.

So before you consider Botox or Collagen Injections? Stop!!! We have the answer – I wish I had started this regime back in my forties, but it is never too late.

The answer…. Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid

Vitamin CUnlike Botox and collagen injections, which can leave your skin bruised, sore and even puffy— not to mention proned to itching, and infection — these new additions to your skincare regime can be your little secret! No one will ever look at you and notice the tell-tale signs that you’ve “had work done.”

What you may not know is that Vitamin C, as well as the many health benefits we are aware of, is also a vital component in the body’s production of collagen, which is essential for firm, smooth, youthful-looking skin. Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant that has been shown to help rejuvenate aging and sun-damaged skin.

Long before scientists even examined the effects of Vitamin C on the skin, natives were using Vitamin C-rich rose hips and petals to make a paste for healing and moistening their skin. These are the results you can experience when you use the right Vitamin C topically, along with nutrients to unlock the magic of Vitamin C.

You’ll notice more radiant skin almost immediately with results that get better over time! The stabilized, lipid-soluble Vitamin C found in Regenisis provides powerful support for increased collagen production, antioxidant protection and smooth, firm, even-toned, healthy skin.

hyaluronic acid for smooth skinIt is further enhanced with hyaluronic acid in the mornings (CELL Infuse Advanced Moisture Repair). This naturally occurring polysaccharide provides moisture, firmness and suppleness. As you age, your skin’s natural levels of hyaluronic acid decline, and applying it to your skin’s surface results in softer, smoother, more hydrated skin. It also gently accelerates skin cell renewal with the organic potent extracts and vitamins helping to gently exfoliate the skin, without irritating it. As well as these organic ingredients providing additional phytonutrient benefits.

Regenisis Vitamin Serum contains only pure, organic ingredients along with vitamin C, A, B3,B5 & E. Unlike most anti-aging creams and serums, which can be loaded with chemicals and harsh ingredients, CELL Infuse Regenisis Serum contains only pure, and potent ingredients— no artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates or other toxic chemicals.

So here’s your new indulgent skincare regime for firmness, collagen to smooth out wrinkles and lines:-

As you use this regime…

You will see the difference, you will start receiving complements, some immediately, others of you it will take a little longer, but they will come.

Recently I had a beautiful lady in her seventies sharing how her skin has improved with the Regenisis plus pack products, along with a young person who has suffered with a skin condition eczema, now all cleared up. I guarantee you will see the change!

Here’s to a more beautiful you!

Judy & Team


Why are the Eyes Different?

When you look at someone you focus on their eyes. Am I right?

aging skin careTherefore to look younger, we need to concentrate our efforts on the areas that matter most – that is what others will see first. For that reason, I love to work on my eye area as this area of the face is where we are drawn to when we make eye contact. If our eyes are shining and bright and the skin around is good, that will be where there focus will stay. For me the eyes are the windows to the soul, so we can never have too much help in this area. As you study/learn about facial expressions, we can tell so very much from the eyes, forehead and around the mouth as to the person’s health or concerns they may be experiencing.

Where do I start when I see the signs of aging? you ask.

Sometimes, however, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Fortunately, researchers recently released a couple of new studies that offer some guidance.

wrinkles on the skinOur skin contains sebaceous glands, which secrete oil to lubricate the skin and help protect it. However, our sebaceous glands are not evenly distributed across our faces. This study found that wrinkles tend to be deeper in areas with fewer sebaceous glands, particularly the areas around the eyes.

From a number of selected Japanese people from ages 20 to 90, the researchers determined that the more sebaceous glands present in the forehead, the shallower the wrinkles in that area. The area just outside the corner of the eye doesn’t have these glands, so this may be why wrinkles deepen faster there. The researchers do caution us that because their research was only on Japanese people results may be different for others.

hydration for skin careHowever, their work does raise an important reminder: the skin around the eye is delicate, and it needs special attention. Left untreated, it often wrinkles faster and more deeply than the rest of our skin. As the first study indicated, this can cause us to look older.

Fortunately, there’s a lot we can do
 to keep the skin around our eyes looking young.

  1. First, drink plenty of water. Hydration is essential to flushing toxins out of the skin and keeping skin elastic and healthy.
  2. Second, get plenty of sleep. I don’t have to tell you that the skin around your eyes doesn’t look healthy when you aren’t well rested.
  3. Third, use LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream, lightly around the eye area, and those people with puffy or bags LifeCell Under eye Cooling Treatment, with a little CELL Infuse Advanced Moisture Repair over it in the mornings, and CELL Infuse Regenisis Vitamin Serum only at night. Protect your skin from the sun, with our CELL Infuse BB Cream with protection, along with a good pair of sunglasses.
  4. Fourth. Good health internally will allow the eyes to shine and become the windows to the soul.

Here’s to more beautiful eyes,
Judy & the LCA Team

Want to look and feel younger?

Want to Look and Feel Younger?

look and feel younger

You bet. We all do. Here’s what I’ve discovered in my very personal research. There are hundreds of skin care products out there, and I’ve tried a good number of them. Along the way, I’ve found some useful skin care tips and a few products that help somewhat. But nothing life changing.

Then I found a new way to look at the issue. What do those who’s lives actually depend on looking great all the time actually use? You know, the “pretty” people – the ones whose livelihood rests on how good they look. Having the most at stake, and the resources to find and buy the best products, these people know what works best.

Actors, models, and royalty are always in the news and getting their pictures taken, often without a moment’s notice. Would you like to know how they do it? Let’s find out exactly what the “beautiful” people use to keep their skin looking fresh and youthful, both in person and in front of cameras.

healthy livingOne of the products they brag about is LifeCell skin cream. However there are some fundamental skin care issues which everyone should know, regardless what beauty products they subsequently apply. Anti aging skin care has a lot to do with total body care. Taking care of the body is the best path to taking care of the skin. Anti aging skin care begins from within.

Here are some tips to look and feel younger:

1. Take supplements. (Taking a good daily vitamin is the place to start)
2. Eat a balanced diet
3. Stay out of direct sunlight.
4. Keep body weight down. (If body weight remains stable, skin care has a solid foundation to build upon.)
5. Watch your medications. (Check the medications you take to make sure they don’t affect your skin adversely)
6. Eat at regular intervals. (Skipping a meal a day or reducing food consumption may have a direct effect on skin. This occurs because of a reduction of insulin intake)

What Is Your Biggest Skin Problem?eye-wrinkles

* Crows Feet
* Bags under eyes
* Dark circles under eyes
* Acne scars
* Forehead wrinkles

These concerns can be addressed by using LifeCell anti-ageing cream.

It’s a common myth that you have to spend a fortune to look young and beautiful. While some extra cash doesn’t hurt, you really don’t need expensive injections or cosmetic surgery to look your best. The right anti wrinkle cream along with excellent lifestyle habits will do the job quite nicely. LifeCell cream is one of the most intriguing skin care products available today. Here’s why…

lifecell south beach skin care

1. It offers a complete age-fighting system in a single cream. Gone are the days of using one product for wrinkles, another for puffiness around the eyes and yet another for sagging skin. This all-in-one product does all that and more with only one cream to apply and one product to buy. It’s a fantastic deal all the way around.

2. Goes to work long-term to reduce wrinkles and fine lines – Here’s where the real work comes in. LifeCell will help reduce wrinkles with its special formulation of powerful age-fighting ingredients so that its temporary improvements will become long-term. In fact, the superior ingredients used is where the real value of this skin care treatment is found. And because it makes your skin better able to produce collagen, your face can continue to look fresh and renewed in the future.

Click here to order now or give us a call and talk to real person on 1300 850 533 (AU) or  0800 886 047 (NZ).

We would love to have some feed back after using the product – email us –

My Shortcut For Bright, Healthy Skin


Have you ever noticed that when you return from a vacation by the ocean or a day at the beach your skin has a bright, healthy look to it? Well it’s not just that new tan…

Salt water is very healthy for your skin. Because salt is a natural exfoliator.

Normally, your skin will have a build up of dead skin cells that can cause a rough, dull, dry, and aged appearance.

It can even make you look older by accentuating any cracks on your skin’s surface.

Getting rid of this old layer, called exfoliation, reveals the newest skin layer that’s underneath and gives you a youthful glowing look. It also gives you other benefits like:

* Thoroughly cleans skin pores
* Allows your skin to breathe easier
* Stimulates blood circulation
* Removes toxins from your skin
* Helps to regenerate new skin
* Keeps your skin looking younger
* Strengthens and firms skin tissue


I believe that the best way to get optimum health for any part of your body, including your skin, is to mimic nature as closely as possible. That’s why I feel that one of the best ways to care for the largest organ in your body – your skin – is with an occasional salt scrub.

Rubbing your skin with salt allows the texture of the salt to exfoliate and refine your skin, leaving it clean and refreshed.

The salt grains also cleanse your pores better than a soap or cleanser can, giving you brighter-looking, smoother skin.

If you want to exfoliate with a salt scrub, you can:

Make Your Own:
Mix 2 parts salt to one part light oil (like olive oil or sweet almond oil) and gently rub any skin surface
you want to exfoliate. I think it’s best to use sea salt. That way, it will have all the minerals and nutrients salt is supposed
to have, so your skin can benefit from them, too. Also, avoid using “mineral” oil, as it’s made from petroleum products.


Buy a Quality Scrub:
For these, it’s important to look at the label. To cleanse your skin, it’s best to have as few ingredients as possible.
And remember that even some products labelled “organic” might have ingredients that you don’t necessarily want in your salt scrub. For example, safflower oil and “natural” vitamin E, can be derived from genetically modified sunflower seeds and corn.

Be sure you haven’t just shaved if you’re going to exfoliate with salt. That way you won’t have any nicks or cuts… after all, you don’t want to rub salt on an open wound.

I have been doing this for some years and love the result. Mix sea salt with olive oil together, take your loafer or similar and just before entering the shower, give the body an all over rub with the mixture, once through the shower as you wipe down, you will just surprised at the awesome result.

Do try the salt with the olive oil and let us know your thoughts?

Here’s to looking more youthful!!



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Scent is a powerful thing!

It can lift your mood, calm you down and help you focus – depending on the Scentparticular fragrance.

That’s because your “sense of smell” is located in your brain. It’s closely attached to your memory and can influence your mood and thoughts.

What’s more is scent has the potential to benefit not only your emotional well-being, but also your physical well-being.

Listen to this…

A German study shows that the scent of jasmine can help you relieve anxiety and get a good-night’s sleep just as effectively as the prescription drug Valium.

Plus you can lower blood pressure with the aroma of a spiced apple.
While ginger and cinnamon can help ignite passion in your love life.


That’s why more and more people are using the power of essential oils for healing.
You’ve probably heard of this treatment method referred to as aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy offers natural relief from various health concerns (both mental and physical) that life can hand you on a daily basis.

To help you find the perfect scent for you, here are some suggestions:

* To improve your focus and concentration try eucalyptus, lemongrass or nutmeg
* To get a better night’s sleep try German and Roman chamomile, sweet marjoram or ylang ylang
* To reduce your anxiety and stress try lavender, valerian or clary sage
* To give your mood a boost try bergamot, orange and rosemary
* To get energized try tea tree, basil or peppermint

Remember all scents – including essential oils – are best stored in a cool, dry place to prevent oxidation and keep them potent and fresh.

Be careful of what aromatherapy you purchase, because unless they are of a pure source,
you are diffusing toxins into the air of your home (your haven).

Have a wonderful week!






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Puffy Eyes and Baggy Eyes. What’s the Difference?

Would you like to know how to look more youthful, rested and full of energy?Bags Under Eyes

Today I’ll suggest some easy, safe and effective remedies to help tighten up the skin around your eyes and decrease the bloat. And you won’t have to spend money on expensive treatments or plastic surgery.

But first, let’s understand the difference between puffiness around your eyes, and bags under your eyes.

What’s Packed in Those Under-Eye Bags?

The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate. Any imbalance in your skin’s natural fluids shows up there first.

Seasonal allergies, a cold, or a sinus infection can all lead to inflammation. And that leads to water building up in the upper and lower eyelids. The same thing happens when you eat lots of salty foods like soy sauce, or overindulge in alcohol, or cry salty tears.

The good news is that all of these puffy conditions are temporary.
But don’t confuse temporarily swollen lids for more permanent under-eye bags.

Remove Puffy Eyes

Unlike puffiness, under-eye bags are most common as we get older. There is some genetic link.
For years doctors assumed that bags formed when the skin and muscle around your eyes weaken with age.
But now we learn that’s not the whole story.

Scientists only recently discovered what’s really causing those bags. In a study from the David Geffen School
of Medicine at UCLA, researchers examined MRI studies of 40 subjects aged 17 to 80.
Although it was a small study, the researchers discovered that bags aren’t really caused by sagging, tired skin.
The culprit is fat accumulating in your eye socket as you get older.

The problem is common. In serious cases sometimes the only effective solution is eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty.
Doctors make incisions in the eyelid and remove or reposition the fat.
The procedure should give you long-lasting results but can cost up to $5,000.

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

You don’t have to go under the knife to get rid of puffy eyes and that haggard look.

Easy Solutions for Tired Looking Eyes

Some years ago I came across some little-known nutrients. Some have amazing anti-aging properties for the delicate skin around the eyes. We have a precursor to one called Nitric Oxide, in our LIFECELL CREAM.
When we have this particular nutrient present, we improve the capillary health, making our capillaries more pliable, hence better blood flow in turn bringing more oxygen into the blood, whenever you have more oxygen you will see a more youthful appearance in the skin.

Here are my favorite natural remedies you can start using right away for treating temporary puffiness around your eyes.

  • Cucumber Slices For Puffy EyesIf you have allergies or a cold, try irrigating your nasal cavity with a saltwater solution. Use a neti pot, available in health food stores. Flushing your nose can help relieve fluid buildup that triggers puffiness.
  • To quickly calm puffy eyes, place slices of cucumbers, chilled tea bags, or even a package of frozen peas under your eyes. The cool temperatures reduce swelling.
  • Sleep on your back and add an extra pillow under your head to help drain fluids. Sleeping on your side or stomach can lead to fluids collecting under your eyes.
  • Don’t miss your workout. Exercising improves circulation. And it helps move fluid through your body without accumulating.
  • If you notice puffiness on a frequent basis, eliminate processed foods. Foods high in sodium promote fluid retention. Also avoid sugar and gluten. They contribute to inflammation that can show up on your face as puffy eyes

Here’s to looking more Youthful.


LifeCell’s Under-Eye Treatment now available in Australia!

Lifecell_under eyetrreatment

Testimonial from Julie : “My under eye circles are drastically reduced thanks to the LifeCell under-eye treatment. My under eye circles were making me look older and unhealthy. I am glad I found a product that effectively healed my eyes and made my skin look healthy and glowing.”


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