What if we could look better? Defy aging!!

Slow Down Aging and Turn on Smoother, Younger-Looking Skin …… with toxin-free organic products

younger-looking skinWe know we can be years younger biologically than our chronological age & many tests prove that.

We deserve much more than the absence of disease, and to know what we can do to improve and take care of ourselves in the best way.

Taking relevant supplements to lengthen telomeres, which I have talked about and shared many times will have you looking years younger inside and out than your age!!! This will result in more energy and vigour, enabling you to get the most out of your life.

But there’s even more to achieve… because we also want to look as young as we feel. So today I want to show you how in as little as three minutes you can:

  • Improve the look and feel of your skin
  • Have a more youthful appearance
  • Replenish the nutrients and moisture that harsh commercial products rob you of.

You see, as I dug deep into the information of younger-looking skin, I took a look at the ingredients in most skin and hair products. It soon became apparent that with prolonged use of many skincare products on the market (actually) speeds up the appearance of aging.

Did you know that many cleansers are based on Sodium Laurel Sulphate – SLS? It’s a pretty effective cleanser but you do need to know it’s also a skin irritant and it sucks moisture out of your skin. 

Commercial toners/spritzers aren’t any better. Most of them are loaded with up to 60% alcohol. Alcohol dries your skin. Use them long term, and these toners will make your skin look older, not younger.

You deserve better.

So instead of harsh chemicals, let me share with you my all-natural “three-minute skin system.”

slow down aging with toxin free productsYou’ll get much better overall results applying moisturising ingredients, and adding organic extracts to anti-age & help your skin fight the effects of exposure along with assisting collagen production.

Collagen is one of the basic building blocks of all your skin and connective tissue. Collagen helps add elasticity and firmness to your skin. When your collagen levels are healthy, your skin looks less droopy. It is tighter and more vibrant, looking more like younger skin.

Adding moisturizing ingredients along with the correct extracts promotes and repairs damaged skin.

So while you cleanse your skin, you’re also helping it to rebuild collagen and repair. This eases the look of fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time you are naturally rejuvenating your look with long-lasting moisture.

  1. In just one minute a day, this gentle cleansing and nourishment can help reverse the damage done by years of applying harsh irritants to your skin. Use the CELL Infuse Hydrating Cleanser with Lime Caviar, Aloe, Coconut and Sunflower wax, Kakadu Plum, Pomegranate, Rosella, Vitamin E and many more powerful moisturizing and collagen enhancing ingredients.
  2. Next, you need to build on that base you use CELL Infuse Primer with Aloe, Papaya, Kakadu Plum, Snow Flower & Finger Lime Caviar. To tone and moisturize your skin effectively defying aging and building collagen. This is where years of wear and tear can begin to drop away, rebuilding collagen and bringing the moisture levels back into the skin.
  3. Apply the Primer mixed with the CoQ10 Complex under your STEMULATE at Night and also over your RESTORE Cream by day.

You will soon have the level of moisture and the look of smoother younger-looking skin.



Why are the Eyes Different?

When you look at someone you focus on their eyes. Am I right?

aging skin careTherefore to look younger, we need to concentrate our efforts on the areas that matter most – that is what others will see first. For that reason, I love to work on my eye area as this area of the face is where we are drawn to when we make eye contact. If our eyes are shining and bright and the skin around is good, that will be where there focus will stay. For me the eyes are the windows to the soul, so we can never have too much help in this area. As you study/learn about facial expressions, we can tell so very much from the eyes, forehead and around the mouth as to the person’s health or concerns they may be experiencing.

Where do I start when I see the signs of aging? you ask.

Sometimes, however, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Fortunately, researchers recently released a couple of new studies that offer some guidance.

wrinkles on the skinOur skin contains sebaceous glands, which secrete oil to lubricate the skin and help protect it. However, our sebaceous glands are not evenly distributed across our faces. This study found that wrinkles tend to be deeper in areas with fewer sebaceous glands, particularly the areas around the eyes.

From a number of selected Japanese people from ages 20 to 90, the researchers determined that the more sebaceous glands present in the forehead, the shallower the wrinkles in that area. The area just outside the corner of the eye doesn’t have these glands, so this may be why wrinkles deepen faster there. The researchers do caution us that because their research was only on Japanese people results may be different for others.

hydration for skin careHowever, their work does raise an important reminder: the skin around the eye is delicate, and it needs special attention. Left untreated, it often wrinkles faster and more deeply than the rest of our skin. As the first study indicated, this can cause us to look older.

Fortunately, there’s a lot we can do
 to keep the skin around our eyes looking young.

  1. First, drink plenty of water. Hydration is essential to flushing toxins out of the skin and keeping skin elastic and healthy.
  2. Second, get plenty of sleep. I don’t have to tell you that the skin around your eyes doesn’t look healthy when you aren’t well rested.
  3. Third, use LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream, lightly around the eye area, and those people with puffy or bags LifeCell Under eye Cooling Treatment, with a little CELL Infuse Advanced Moisture Repair over it in the mornings, and CELL Infuse Regenisis Vitamin Serum only at night. Protect your skin from the sun, with our CELL Infuse BB Cream with protection, along with a good pair of sunglasses.
  4. Fourth. Good health internally will allow the eyes to shine and become the windows to the soul.

Here’s to more beautiful eyes,
Judy & the LCA Team

Top Tips for Luscious Lips


Ladies, where would we be without our makeup?

Famous makeup guru Max Factor once said, “A woman who doesn’t wear lipstick feels undressed in public. Unless she works on a farm.” And TIME magazine reported as far back as 1958 that, “The beauty industry fears no recession, for a woman will give up food before her pursuit of beauty – and often because of it.”

Apparently, things haven’t changed much since then. Fifty years later, beauty retail website feelingunique.com asked 1,000 women in the UK about their shopping habits. They found that nearly one in three female respondents said they would prefer to eat less than reduce their spending on “essential” beauty items.

In the survey, 75 percent of the women considered makeup and body treatments as “everyday essentials” rather than luxury items.

CleopatraSo, how did we get to this place? Well, the desire to look beautiful and adorn the face is nothing new. In fact, the origin of lipstick dates back to 5,000 BC in the Sumerian region of Ur, according to Jessica Pallingston, author of Lipstick: A Celebration of a Girl’s Best Friend.

Ancient Egyptians loved lip paints and were masters at mixing color and precise application, Pallingston also maintains. Perhaps the most famous Egyptian woman, Cleopatra, was said to have used crushed ants and carmine beetles, which gave a deep red pigment, to adorn her lips.

Having sexier, youthful lips is a lot easier these days. LifeCell Cream will bring the colour and youth back in the lips in only a few weeks…

Here are a few of my Aging Backwards tips for lips:

Lipstick ColoursTone it down. It may seem counter-intuitive, but as we age, we actually need less makeup, not more, according to Bruce Grayson, celebrity makeup artist for both the Emmy awards and the Oscars. Instead of bright or dark lipstick, stick with a color that closely matches your natural shade and brush some clear gloss over it for a fresh, young daytime look. For evening, opt for a deeper shade of the daytime color and a tinted gloss.

Go blue. To make teeth look dazzling white, choose lip colors with blue undertones, such as the lightest shades of wine, plum, or rosy pink. Skip the orange and coral lip colors – they can make teeth appear yellow.

Exfoliate. Skin on the lips is delicate, but still needs to be exfoliated. My favorite trick is to use a clean toothbrush – minus the toothpaste, of course – to lightly brush my lips and exfoliate dead cells.

Remember the lip liner. Outlining the lips with liner gives a more finished look to them and also keeps lipstick from “feathering” outside the natural lip line. My shortcut: I line my lips with a color that matches my natural lip color, then fill it in over the entire lip area. Then, I put a light gloss right over that, skipping lipstick altogether for a natural look that stays on longer.

Here’s to staying youthful.


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Let’s look at 7 Foods for Younger Skin

Recently I shared with you about sugar and processed carbohydrates. They can add years to your appearance.Anti-aging foods

Today I would like to share the flip side. Just as some food makes you look older, other foods can reverse the damage that causes aging. It’s something I’ve shared for some years, but now there is much credible science backing this.

There are hundreds of studies showing antioxidants and other nutrients in food slow down the signs of aging. They disarm or neutralise free radicals that damage healthy skin, hair and nail cells.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Researchers have identified only a fraction of the active nutrients in our foods. Other as yet unrecognised compounds in food work behind the scenes to boost the effects of individual nutrients.

That’s why one serving of a whole food can be more effective than a mega-dose of supplements.
Here are just 7 ways you can start looking younger at your next meal…

1. Chocolate Gives Skin a Glow

dark chocolate

Chocolate can DOUBLE blood flow to your skin. The increased supply of nutrients and oxygen adds up to a healthy glow. Chocolate’s secret ingredient is flavonoids. In a Journal of Nutrition study, women drinking a cocoa drink every day significantly improved their appearance. After 12 weeks their skin was 16% denser, 11% thicker, 13% moister, 30% less rough, and 42% less scaly. Make sure your chocolate is at least 70% cacao.

2. Building New Collagen with Citrus Fruits


Collagen is the basic structure of your skin. It starts breaking down in your 20s. But vitamin C helps rebuild collagen and reduce wrinkles. A 2007 study of 4,025 women showed those eating more vitamin C foods had fewer wrinkles. Besides citrus fruits other great sources of vitamin C include strawberries, red bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, pomegranates, mangoes, and kiwi.

3. Tomatoes are Nature’s Sunscreen

Lycopene acts as natural a sunblock. It can prevent sun spots, dryness and wrinkles from ultraviolet radiation.

tomatoesRed or orange fruits and vegetables like tomatoes have high levels. When you eat these foods, lycopene settles into your skin’s outer layer. It can repair cells damaged by sunlight. In a Journal of Nutrition study, subjects who ate tomato paste every day for 10 weeks showed less damage when subjected to UV radiation.

4. Watermelon Gives You a Moist Dewy Complexion

Watermelon has a lot going for it including antioxidants, vitamin C, and lycopene. But what makes Watermelon WIDE

watermelon my pick for that young, dewy look is potassium. This often ignored mineral regulates the balance of water and nutrients in your cells. In season, enjoy one or two cups of watermelon every week.

5. Improve Skin Texture With Almonds

Vitamin E gets stored in the membranes of your skin cells and is key to smooth skin. It deflects attacks by free radicals. And vitamin E in almonds promotes oil production to keep your skin moisturized. O

almondsther good sources include avocados, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

6. Heal Dry Skin With Salmon


You might think drinking too little water leads to dry skin. However, a significant cause of scaly skin actually comes from TOO LITTLE FAT in your system. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found one serving of salmon every five days can prevent ugly, dry, precancerous patches called actinic keratoses. Insist on wild caught salmon. Farm-raised versions won’t have the same benefits.

7. Erase Under-Eye Circles with Beef

grass fed beef

Iron is the secret to fading under-eye circles. Iron deficiency can make your skin appear very pale.
That emphasizes the darkness under your eyes. Great sources of iron include grass-fed beef and liver.

Until next week have a Wonderful Easter!

Consider including the above suggestions for that Younger More Beautiful You!



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