Celebrating Great Australian Extracts

Happy ANZAC day to our fellow Aussies and Kiwis clients. I love that as close nations we value the importance of stopping to reflect & remember the brave soldiers that fought in Gallipoli & other countries. I know that there are many of you who have grandparents who served so we can enjoy the freedom we have. For this we are ever thankful!!!

I’ve always thought myself fortunate to live in such a wonderful country as Australia. As most of you know I am passionate about ORGANICS and wave the flag for the native extracts grown on our shores and have been ‘spotlighted’ by other countries in anti aging breakthroughs.

For a truly youthful look, I will always recommend natural and organics that will work on the cellular levels and bring about results.

Finger Lime Caviar for skin careOur CELL INFUSE Hydrating Organic Cleanser with Lime Caviar & Kakadu Plum sounds good enough to eat, doesn’t it! But wait there’s more!!! Blended with pomegranate, elderberry, honeysuckle, rosemary extract & so much more, this luxurious cleanser has numerous anti-aging benefits. Let’s have a look today at one of the Native Extracts.

Finger lime assists your skin in a range of powerful ways…

  1. Helps with the absorption of vital ingredients into the skin.
  2. Hydrates your skin by binding onto water molecules.
  3. Safeguards your skin from damage by providing anti-oxidant protection.
  4. Fights ageing by supporting the production of collagen.
  5. Rejuvenates your skin by helping new cells to grow.

Kakadu Plum anti-aging benefitsAfter such a beautiful calming cleanser, apply our CELL INFUSE ORGANIC PRIMER – note this is not your average Primer. It is true that primers are crucial at keeping the balance of oil away while filling in fine lines as well as providing a smooth canvas for your foundation. Again with Kakadu plum, finger lime & potent anti-aging activities your skin will be naturally stimulating the growth of collagen. This is not the normal primer, works to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, enhances collagen and preps & protects for the next step.

Your skin is ready to apply our Organic BB Protective Cream, which will make a big difference to the overall look of your skin. If you are not yet using a BB Cream here’s a few reasons why now might be the good time to begin. The benefits outweigh commercial foundations, which have nasty chemicals.

Aloe Vera Natural Skin Care ingredientIn this very different BB Cream, we’ve added aloe vera & vegetable glycerine as they are 2 natural moisturisers that help to heal the skin & also included Carrot Seed Oil and Elderberry Extract. Organic Carrot Seed Oil is an antiseptic, disinfectant, detoxifying, antioxidant, anti carcinogenic, carminative, depurative, diuretic, blood flow stimulant and cytophylactic tonic. A powerful addition to this is Organic Elderberry Extract, which gives a natural boost to the radiance of the skin. Which is what we all want!!

We’ve added a tint to this to balance your skin for an even tone. This gives your skin a radiant finish that is complete in itself, or otherwise is a smooth foundation for makeup application.

Right now you can get these CELL INFUSE products containing native Australian extracts for a special discounted price:
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Happy Australia Day!!!

Proudly AustralianI’m proudly Australian and I’m sure you will agree that Australia is one of the best countries in the world to live in.

There’s no doubt about it! We have a great lifestyle with our amazing coastline, beautiful beaches, wide-open land with big blue skies that lend themselves to spectacular sunsets & scenery that has us ‘snap’ happy. Being multi- cultural, we get to enjoy a rich variety of food. It goes without saying we are fortunate to live here.

CELL INFUSE Australia natural skin careFor me personally I love that we are home to native plants & that we are leading the way in the evolution of botanical extracts. Combined, these make for powerful beautifying effects on our skin. With our CELL INFUSE Signature range I have added substantial amounts of Kakadu Plum, Snow flower & Finger Lime into our Organic Primer to name just a few and this is making waves in the Organic and Natural Skincare industry. STEMULATE our Intensive Anti-aging Cream with Davidson Plum and Kakadu Plum and many more extracts etc.

Time is Now, Now is the time for us collectively to promote what we have right here on our doorstep. The best!!!

We’ve connected with Native Extracts who have introduced the most advanced scientific innovation in extraction processes, CELLULAR EXTRACTION & this is redefining what is possible with traditional herbal extracts. Never before have I seen such potency hence giving benefits, this is always my desire to make a difference on your skin.

We’ve also sourced fresh Organic Aloe grown in Organic soils here locally on the Sunshine Coast, which we crush and prepare for a number of our products. Giving a pureness, and results not known previously.

How hot has this summer been across Australia!!! All the reason why we need to protect, nourish, rejuvenate and assist with the rebuilding of collagen for our skin, hence we introduce our NEW Aussie Pack.

Two Signature Products CELL Infuse STEMULATE and Organic Velvety Soft Primer. Along with Organic BB moisturizing protective cream for great protection.

Have a great Australia Day & let’s celebrate together that we get to live in this rich diverse country and look after our skin.

P.S. Remember to drink lots of water!!

Antioxidant Rich Foods For Youthful Skin

As we grow older, skin cells regenerate more slowly, making it difficultAntioxidant rich foods for youthful skinfor the epidermis to repair itself. We also produce fewer hormones with age, causing the skin to thin, leaving it more vulnerable to damage. What’s more, oil-producing glands become less active, resulting in dry, fragile tissue. These effects are exacerbated by environmental conditions such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which harms skin proteins and accelerates the visible signs of aging, including blemishes, discoloration, sagging, and fine lines.

While this is the harsh reality, the best way to deal with it is to know how to grow old gracefully. This doesn’t mean fighting aging skin with chemical creams and other unnatural, invasive treatments. A healthier approach to growing old is to exercise, use natural skin care products and to eat right.

Eating right is even more important to aging right than previously presumed. Eat right for healthy skinNew research shows that a diet rich in certain nutrients may prevent and reverse skin aging more effectively than expensive treatments. A study of more than 4,000 women found a strong correlation between aging skin and poor dietary habits, such as getting too few vitamins. Women with above-average intakes of vitamin C and linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid found in plant-based oils) who ate fewer fats and carbohydrates were more likely to have healthier, youthful skin.

Antioxidants have certainly generated a buzz in the media lately. And for good reason. These powerful defenders give your skin the protection it needs to fight against free radicals on a day-to-day basis.

This protection is exactly what you need to keep your skin smooth and firm, no matter what your age. In fact, antioxidants could be the reason why one 50-year-old woman can have smooth skin and another can have wrinkles that make her look many years older.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that come from pollution, smoking, even overexposure to the sun. And they cause damage to the healthy cells in your body.That’s why antioxidants are so important. Antioxidants are nutrients that come from fruits and vegetables. And they help neutralize free radicals before they have the chance to do damage to your skin.


Formation of free radicals


Fight free radicals with powerful fruits and vegetables.

If you always find yourself grabbing lunch on the go or munching on a power bar between meetings at work, you’re probably not getting enough nutrients from the foods you eat. But don’t beat yourself up. I’ve been there.

The majority of us don’t get the antioxidants we need every day to keep our skin healthy. And without these vital antioxidants, your skin is even more susceptible to damage.

The good news is that cleaning up your nutrition for just a few days is enough to visibly improve the quality of your skin.Natural foods with antioxidants

Some great ways to give yourself some skin-essential nutrients are through these foods rich in Vitamins A, C, and E:

Sweet potatoes
Green peppers
Kiwi fruits

Remember, the brighter and more diverse the selection, the better!

Other great sources of antioxidants include: white tea, rooibos and dark chocolate.

Ubiquinone, also called Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a powerful antioxidant that provides support for cellular energy production and helps maintain normal healthy functioning of the heart.

Preventive measures: Curb your consumption of simple carbohydrates, which include the obvious treats, like soft drinks and candy, but also seemingly innocuous choices, such as white rice, and white bread. These foods are quickly converted into sugar in your body and put your skin on the fast track to glycation. If you need something sweet, a small square of dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can protect you from free radicals, those unstable atoms in the atmosphere that latch on to skin and lead to fine lines. Also, increase your intake of vitamin C as it helps generate collagen which provides the skin with strength, flexibility, and resilience.

How we eat massively affects our skin and how we age. A diet full of healthy, whole foods provides important nutrients and antioxidants to slow the effects of aging and enable cell repair.

In addition to eating right, it’s important to take care of the skin by using a high quality skin care cream that provides nourishment. Make sure to find one that contains natural ingredients and has been proven to be safe for all skin types. LifeCell Cream is scientifically proven to get fast results and nourish the skin using powerful ingredients and antioxidants.


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Let’s look at 7 Foods for Younger Skin

Recently I shared with you about sugar and processed carbohydrates. They can add years to your appearance.Anti-aging foods

Today I would like to share the flip side. Just as some food makes you look older, other foods can reverse the damage that causes aging. It’s something I’ve shared for some years, but now there is much credible science backing this.

There are hundreds of studies showing antioxidants and other nutrients in food slow down the signs of aging. They disarm or neutralise free radicals that damage healthy skin, hair and nail cells.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Researchers have identified only a fraction of the active nutrients in our foods. Other as yet unrecognised compounds in food work behind the scenes to boost the effects of individual nutrients.

That’s why one serving of a whole food can be more effective than a mega-dose of supplements.
Here are just 7 ways you can start looking younger at your next meal…

1. Chocolate Gives Skin a Glow

dark chocolate

Chocolate can DOUBLE blood flow to your skin. The increased supply of nutrients and oxygen adds up to a healthy glow. Chocolate’s secret ingredient is flavonoids. In a Journal of Nutrition study, women drinking a cocoa drink every day significantly improved their appearance. After 12 weeks their skin was 16% denser, 11% thicker, 13% moister, 30% less rough, and 42% less scaly. Make sure your chocolate is at least 70% cacao.

2. Building New Collagen with Citrus Fruits


Collagen is the basic structure of your skin. It starts breaking down in your 20s. But vitamin C helps rebuild collagen and reduce wrinkles. A 2007 study of 4,025 women showed those eating more vitamin C foods had fewer wrinkles. Besides citrus fruits other great sources of vitamin C include strawberries, red bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, pomegranates, mangoes, and kiwi.

3. Tomatoes are Nature’s Sunscreen

Lycopene acts as natural a sunblock. It can prevent sun spots, dryness and wrinkles from ultraviolet radiation.

tomatoesRed or orange fruits and vegetables like tomatoes have high levels. When you eat these foods, lycopene settles into your skin’s outer layer. It can repair cells damaged by sunlight. In a Journal of Nutrition study, subjects who ate tomato paste every day for 10 weeks showed less damage when subjected to UV radiation.

4. Watermelon Gives You a Moist Dewy Complexion

Watermelon has a lot going for it including antioxidants, vitamin C, and lycopene. But what makes Watermelon WIDE

watermelon my pick for that young, dewy look is potassium. This often ignored mineral regulates the balance of water and nutrients in your cells. In season, enjoy one or two cups of watermelon every week.

5. Improve Skin Texture With Almonds

Vitamin E gets stored in the membranes of your skin cells and is key to smooth skin. It deflects attacks by free radicals. And vitamin E in almonds promotes oil production to keep your skin moisturized. O

almondsther good sources include avocados, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

6. Heal Dry Skin With Salmon


You might think drinking too little water leads to dry skin. However, a significant cause of scaly skin actually comes from TOO LITTLE FAT in your system. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found one serving of salmon every five days can prevent ugly, dry, precancerous patches called actinic keratoses. Insist on wild caught salmon. Farm-raised versions won’t have the same benefits.

7. Erase Under-Eye Circles with Beef

grass fed beef

Iron is the secret to fading under-eye circles. Iron deficiency can make your skin appear very pale.
That emphasizes the darkness under your eyes. Great sources of iron include grass-fed beef and liver.

Until next week have a Wonderful Easter!

Consider including the above suggestions for that Younger More Beautiful You!



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Etiquette Tips for the Modern Woman

Modern Etiquette

In today’s modern world, women face many challenges that can affect the way they’re perceived by others.
Being a modern day beauty involves taking care of all aspects of your appearance and behaviour.
These simple etiquette tips will help you present yourself in the best possible light.

Look more luminous

Taking good care of your skin is the first step to acting like a modern beauty. Yet a new survey by Pond’s reveals
that more than 40 percent of women do not wash their face every night before they go to bed. That means they are
not removing make-up and other impurities that can clog pores and dull skin’s natural radiance, causing it to look less luminous.

Be perfectly punctual

Modern Business Woman

“Fashionably late” is no longer in style. While it used to be a trademark of those in demand, in today’s busy world, it can be perceived as just plain rude. Regardless of the circumstance, whether it is an appointment for a haircut or a dinner date, it is important to always be on time. Being punctual remains a sign of respect and modern beauties have an edge by remembering this and setting themselves apart from the “sorry I’m late!” crowd.

Primp in private

While modern beauties should always be prepared for a beauty emergency, it is important not to primp in public.
A quick dab of lipstick at the table with friends is okay, but do not bring out the brushes, pencils, floss or wands.
Always take touch-ups to the ladies room when dining out for business.

Demonstrate social (media) graces

Modern Woman

Every modern beauty has to deal with a bad day or unanticipated incident from time to time – long lines, flight delays, fashion mishaps – but no one likes a complainer. Keep it positive on social media. With so many professional contacts now having access to coworkers’ personal pages, it is smart to resist the urge to vent in public and confide in a close friend instead.

Date like a pro

When it comes to a first date, a modern beauty keeps her credit card discreetly at her fingertips. While in the past gentlemen were expected to pick up the bill, today’s woman should come ready to cover her half just in case. No love connection in sight? A friendly and clear “Thanks, but I’m not interested,” is the easiest way to politely let someone down. A modern beauty keeps it simple and short without a need for lengthy explanations.

Have a Youthful Day,