Halt the Aging Effects of Stress in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Did you know that people with the most job stress have the shortest Telomerestelomeres? Here’s why this is so important…

Telomeres are little caps on the ends of your DNA strands. They control how fast you
age. Each time your cells divide, the caps get shorter, and your cells get weaker and older. When telomeres get short enough, cell division stops and life comes to an end.

When telomeres in your cells get shorter, you start noticing straggly hair, brittle nails, and dry, wrinkled skin. In fact, stress may shorten your telomeres so much that you look YEARS older than you really are.

Stress damages your cells at the DNA level by shortening telomeres. But you can reverse that damage by turning on your body’s natural telomerase.  That’s the enzyme that helps rebuild and maintain your telomeres. You can switch on telomerase in just minutes every day through a simple meditation practice.

RelaxA recent study showed listening to relaxing music or meditating for just 12 minutes a day can have a positive effect. After only 8 weeks, telomerase activity in the relaxation group only increased 3.7%. But in the meditation group it shot up by 43%.

Higher telomerase activity means your telomeres are preserving their length and protecting your cells. It slows down the signs of aging that appear in your skin, hair and nails.

Meditation can be as simple as sitting for a few minutes and focusing on your breath.

For beginners, I suggest these easy steps:

1. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. A chair is fine.

2. Rest your hands in your lap or on your stomach. Close your eyes.Meditation For Stress Reduction

3. At first, don’t try to change your breathing. Just notice how your breath flows naturally.

4. Next, gently make your breath deeper, feeling your stomach rise and fall.

5. Notice your breath becoming quieter, slower and more regular.

6. If your thoughts become distracted, bring your focus back to your breath.

Try to sit quietly in meditation for just 10 minutes every day.




Your Internal Thermostat


Even on the most scorching summer afternoon, the thermostat in your house controls the temperature. You can choose to have the ceiling fans going, or you open up the house to receive the sea breezes.

And when it comes to your fat loss results, believe it or not, your most powerful internal thermostat isn’t your metabolism. No, it’s something far more critical to your success. I’m talking about your self image. You see, the image you have in your mind of yourself — how fit you can be, how much you can accomplish, how successful you can become — sets the bar for what you can and will achieve.

Whatever you set that image to be, it will never go higher.

Working in the health industry for more than a decade, I’ve found time and time again that the biggest limiting factor in the transformation process is what people believe about themself.

Unfortunately, most people have a negative vision of their life, or at least one that is very self-limiting. Many people believe they will only accomplish as much as their parents did, or that they’re body will always look like the current image they hold in their mind of themself.

Mental Images

When obstacles arise, most people don’t see themself as rising above or as a conqueror…instead they focus on the obstacle itself, and how unfair it is to be faced with it, instead of the immense glory and strength in overcoming it.

Think about the image you hold of yourself in your mind. Do you see yourself achieving everything you set out to do, living your dreams? Or do you feel that where you currently are is as far as you will go?

Do you see the body you’re working toward, or do you see the body you’ve been trapped in for too long?

Even worse, do you see your life on the decline, instead of the incline?

What images are you creating in your mind today? If they are the wrong images, you’ll never be able to rise above that internal thermostat until you change those images into the truth about who you are. YOU are special. You are unique. And you can change where you currently are for the things you set out to achieve.

Close-up portrait of a thinking young beauty

You see, as humans we continue to achieve the standards we set in front of us.

If as we look ahead we see nothing more than where we currently are, there’s no room for growth, nowhere to go.

If the image in our mind is one in which our best days are behind us (perhaps the body we had back in our high school or college days), it’s impossible to achieve more.

But if instead you expand your vision and paint a picture of yourself achieving big things, great things, incredible things…then and only then will you be able to change where you are.

Today, it’s time we all reset the thermostat. Crank it up a few degrees, and start believing and reaching for more. Paint your next masterpiece in your mind; embrace it, believe it, and go after it. The picture you paint is the picture that you’ll move toward.

Make sure it’s the right image.



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Paint Thinner in your Makeup Remover?

makeup removerWashing your face and getting that last layer of makeup off is something you do every day… but there may be a hidden cost to this nightly ritual. Truth is, many of these beauty products you use to remove makeup and dirt are full of alcohol and chemicals that act like paint thinner.

These chemicals hide behind scientific names like “ethoxylated alcohol” and “butylated hydroxtoluene.”
But what they do is cause redness, burning and dry spots – the same effect you get with corrosive solvents like paint thinner.

What’s worse is that when you use them every day, they accelerate the effects of aging.

To maintain healthy skin always choose products that don’t include alcohol or harsh chemicals.
Instead always make sure natural ingredients are in the skin care products you’ll be putting on your face.

The natural ingredients in LifeCell Cream have been scientifically formulated to achieve maximum results.
The cream is safe to use for all skin types and is recommended by dermatologists.
All LifeCell products and CELL Infuse products use premium quality ingredients which are safe and natural.
So you can be sure you’re taking best care of your skin whilst maintaining a youthful appearance.

                                                                                Dermatologists Recommend Lifecell


You Don’t Need Needles To Get Skin Nutrients Like Hyaluronic Acid And Other Powerful Nutrients Deep Into Your Skin!

It’s true, the skin’s upper layer – called the epidermis – is tough. (It is actually designed to protect the lower layers of your skin) So it’s no easy task to get vital nutrition in through this layer to where it is really needed.

The layer that you are trying to reach is called the dermis, however most skin cream don’t achieve this.

The ability to reach this vital dermis area however is a powerful attribute of the formulation LifeCell Anti Ageing cream I was attracted to initially. I realized it had a molecular structure that would penetrate through the epidermis down to the dermis (20 levels deep).

Human Skin Anatomy

In fact, most skin creams only get a small percentage of their nutrients into your skin’s under layer, the dermis. The nutrients just can’t seep through because of this protective nature of the epidermis.

So instead of nourishing your skin, much of the nutrients in skin creams just sit on your skin’s surface and eventually get washed off. Many of the collagen-boosting, elastin-nourishing nutrients you smooth onto your face each morning when you apply your favourite skin cream don’t make it to where it counts.

But here’s the beauty secret I’m excited to share with you … you don’t need to stab through this tough outer layer with a sharp needle.

No, in fact, over the last few years, scientists have developed a safe, healthy and effective way in delivering some nutrient combinations down into the dermis.

Many powerful antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid (sodium hyaluronate) along with other nutrients in LifeCell have the ability to go into your skin’s deeper layers.. So your skin can put these nourishing nutrients to use quickly, easily and effectively.

Lifecell Reduces Signs Of AgingVitamin A: The Cornerstone Vitamin For Skin Smoothing Nutrition

Vitamin A, also known as Retinol, is perhaps one of the most widely used nutrients when it comes to anti-wrinkle creams. We have enough in the LifeCell Cream to work effectively without side effects. There are two: Retinol (Vitamin A) also Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate) along with 20 other powerful nutrients.

Hyaluronic Acid: Is Your Skin’s Water Magnet.


This important component of your skin helps it to retain water fiercely. I have talked about this nutrient many times previously. It also gives the skin a full and beautifully youthful look. However, this nutrient virtually disappears by the time you’re 60 years of age.


What You See On The Outside Reflects What’s On The Inside

By blog@lifecellaustralia.com.au.au

The Outside Reflects The Inside

The freshness, youth, and cleanliness of your skin reflect the freshness, youth and cleanliness inside your body!

See, most of us think of skin as a protective barrier – which it is.

But skin works the other way as well. Here’s what I mean…

Along with the liver and the kidneys, your skin is a critical part of how your body cleans and purifies itself from the inside. It will remove toxins and waste from inside your body.

Every day, your blood brings a load of waste products and toxins from deep inside your body up to the surface of your skin so you can get rid of it in your perspiration. In fact this process is so important to your body’s cleaning process that your sweat can carry more waste products and remove more toxins than your urine!

This internal cleansing system works fine when things are normal. Ordinarily, your skin should be able to do this job pretty well without you noticing a thing.

Sweat Helps Your Skin To Cleanse

But in today ‘s unbelievably toxic world, this is no longer true.

With so many pollutants in the air we breathe, our water, our food – even the natural skin care beauty products we apply on our skin – our body’s internal cleansing systems cannot keep up with it all.

Your kidneys are taxed. Your liver is swamped…and your skin is totally overwhelmed.

The toxins circulating in your bloodstream are pushed out into your skin’s sebaceous glands and pores, and they are stored there as your body desperately tries to rid itself of all these poisons.

But because there’s so much of these toxins coming through, this load backs up and blocks your normal elimination process – making it even harder for your skin to get rid of the waste.

As your skin’s transport systems get clogged up, you start to see the results in the inflammation and eruptions on your face… the result is environmental acne.

Removing Toxins Through The Skin

But it gets worse…

As your skin gets clogged up, not only are you unable to get rid of the waste stuck inside the lower layers of your skin…

These blockages prevent the good stuff from getting into your skin and nourishing it from within.

Critical nutrients circulating in your blood that could regenerate and renew your skin, can’t get through…

You see it every day when you look in the mirror and don’t love the look of the person staring back at you!

You feel frustrated because you’ve tried so hard, but your skin “isn’t cooperating” – no matter what expensive at home beauty treatment you use. I personally went down this path in my forties, spending a lot of money on skin care.However it was only when I started to work on the inside it started to reflect on the outside.

In the next few blogs I will share

The Beauty Of Fresh Skin

1. The critical steps missing from your beauty routine… this could be the difference between a bright, youthful complexion or dull, sallow skin that can make you look and feel years older than you are.

2. Six simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW to have radiant, younger looking skin.

3. Eight of the most powerful “skin” foods. These anti-aging foods can heal blemishes, prevent sun damage, and slow or even stop fine lines and wrinkles from forming on your skin.

Stay tuned, until next week!

Here’s to remaining simply beautiful!

Best Anti Aging Treatments

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The Truth About Your Aging Bones

Aging Bones

I want to share some latest information coming through from the US doctors, some I have been closely associated with for some years, but they continue to release information allowing us to make choices in our future health. Life is a choice! Nobody looks after your health better than you yourself.

Just as I received below.

Boniva, Fosamax, Actonel, and those other drugs for thinning bones have become really big business for big pharma.
Now it appears that whole system has provided more profit for the drug companies than benefit for the patients.

A German research team recently dug a little deeper with a disturbing discovery.
The first thing researchers saw when they looked at the samples of weak bone were tiny breaks all over the bone surfaces.
Those are called microfractures, and you find them on older, weaker bone. So they’re nothing new.

Benefits Of Vitamin D

But what shocked researchers was that these “older” bones also had high bone mineral density. They had all the characteristics of older bones, with overly mature collagen molecules and mineral crystals. This should be a signal to modern medicine that it remove its head from the sand and pay attention. Because this study is one more piece of evidence they have it all wrong on how to keep your bones young and strong.

The truth is that those bisphosphonate drugs disrupt natural bone remodeling and give people these same “older” bone characteristics. The bone that’s deep inside never gets shed and replaced. Bones get denser with their drugs, but with old bone cells. So if you take these drugs, your bones get more brittle and more prone to fracture, not stronger.

If the researchers had been paying attention, they would have noticed that their research showed that the people with the most vitamin D had the youngest-looking bones.

By preventing bone loss, vitamin D:


* Reduces risk of breaking a bone in any part of the body by 33%
* Reduces risk of a breaking a hip by 69%
* Reduces risk of osteomalacia

You don’t have weak bones because of a deficiency of bone drugs. Your body needs vitamin D. It is both a hormone and a vitamin, and it’s your bone strength director, It tells your body how much calcium to store in your bones for example. Too little vitamin D can lead to thin, brittle bones and osteoporosis.

So here are there recommendations for building strong bones that will last you your entire life. Just follow these three easy steps and you never have to worry about the threat of weak, soft bones again.

Step 1) Sun power: The best source of vitamin D is sunshine. You don’t need more than 20 minutes out in the sun to get all your vitamin D for the day. But since we spend most of our time inside in the modern world, and the seasons and weather
can affect how much you make from sunshine, you might need vitamin D from other sources.


Step 2) Real food: Animal products are the best natural sources of vitamin D. Salmon, mackerel, tuna fish, sardines, eggs, beef and cheese. Mushrooms are the only vegetable with vitamin D. Cod liver oil is also an abundant natural vitamin D source. The best kind is cold-pressed. Take up to one tablespoon a day and you’ll get over 1,200 IU of vitamin D. Try to stay away from fake foods like white bread and cereal “fortified” with vitamin D. They have the nutrients processed out of them, and have the wrong form of vitamin D put back in.

Step 3) The right form: If you aren’t able to get enough through food or sunshine, you can also get vitamin D from supplements. They recommend 5,000 IU every day. Make sure you look for the D3 form. This is the bioactive kind of vitamin D. Processed foods have the D2 form, which is usually synthetic. Plus, your body has to convert it to D3. Also, remember not to rely on your multivitamin to give you all your vitamin D, even if it does have D3. It’s a good start, but most still only have around 400 IU.

Here’s to our health seeker, until next week.




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Do you have Bad Hair Days? Blame your Shampoo

Bad Hair Day

Approximately 16 years ago I learnt, what was put into certain shampoos were pretty much guaranteed to give me consistent “bad hair days.” Prior to learning this, my hair would either be dry and frizzy or limp and unmanageable. I thought it was just my hair type.. Turns out almost all commercial shampoos and conditioners are full of chemicals that will destroy the health of your scalp and hair.

I have people who are shocked when I tell them about this. Here they are, buying the most expensive designer hair products, yet their hair is dry, thinning, and losing its lustre.

But just look at what I learnt was in these shampoos…

Sodium laurel sulphate makes your shampoo foam up. But it’s so damaging, scientists use it to irritate skin so they can discover how to heal it. It corrodes hair follicles so badly it can make your hair fall out and not grow back.

Ethanolamine DEA and Cocamide DEA are also chemicals that help shampoo lather up. They can make your hair dry and unmanageable. Worse, while sitting on the store shelves… or your bathroom counter… they react with other ingredients to form a potent cancer-causing chemical that gets absorbed right through your skin.

Toxic Shampoo

Parabens, like methylparaben and propylparaben, act as preservatives. Parabens not only irritate the skin – which can make your scalp unhealthy – they can also affect your hormonal balance.

Alcohol. Don’t ask me why anyone would put alcohol in shampoo. It will dry your hair out and irritate your scalp. Always avoid hair care products that contain alcohol.

There are a whole lot more ingredients in shampoo that aren’t good for you or your hair, but these are five of the biggest offenders.

So, if you love having thick, shiny, and lustrous hair, start reading ingredients and selecting the most natural products you can find. Bypass anything that contains the chemicals listed above.

And do your homework! If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, look it up on the internet.
Natural Hair CareChances are good anything that sounds “scientific” or can’t be pronounced is bad for your hair.

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind while searching for the perfect natural shampoo that’s right for you…

1. If you have dry or damaged hair, look for shampoos that contain these truly natural moisturizers: shea butter, coconut oil, or avocado oil. They’ll not only seal in moisture; they’ll also add shine and keep your hair hydrated throughout the day.

2. For oily hair, lemon and other citrus ingredients can naturally remove that “grimy” feel and leave your hair feeling soft and bouncy. Green tea can also have a clarifying effect.

3. To get rid of dandruff, try products with tea tree oil, eucalyptus or aloe vera. They’ll help revitalize, cleanse, and heal your scalp.

I share the above information with passion, as I personally had to overcome severe health challenges that may have been linked to using shampoos, conditioners, skin care and make-up all containing nasty, nasty ingredients, that the body cannot deal with, so they build up in our system causing toxicity and ageing.

Here’s to Staying Youthful!


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Puffy Eyes and Baggy Eyes: What’s the Difference?

Bags Under Eyes

Would you like to know how to look more youthful, rested and full of energy?

Today I’ll suggest some easy, safe and effective remedies to help tighten up the skin around your eyes and decrease the bloat. And you won’t have to spend money on expensive treatments or plastic surgery.

But first, let’s understand the difference between puffiness around your eyes, and bags under your eyes.

What’s Packed in Those Under-Eye Bags?

The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate. Any imbalance in your skin’s natural fluids shows up there first.

Seasonal allergies, a cold, or a sinus infection can all lead to inflammation. And that leads to water building up in the upper and lower eyelids. The same thing happens when you eat lots of salty foods like soy sauce, or overindulge in alcohol, or cry salty tears.

The good news is that all of these puffy conditions are temporary.
But don’t confuse temporarily swollen lids for more permanent under-eye bags.

Remove Puffy Eyes

Unlike puffiness, under-eye bags are most common as we get older. There is some genetic link.
For years doctors assumed that bags formed when the skin and muscle around your eyes weaken with age.
But now we learn that’s not the whole story.

Scientists only recently discovered what’s really causing those bags. In a study from the David Geffen School
of Medicine at UCLA, researchers examined MRI studies of 40 subjects aged 17 to 80.
Although it was a small study, the researchers discovered that bags aren’t really caused by sagging, tired skin.
The culprit is fat accumulating in your eye socket as you get older.

The problem is common. In serious cases sometimes the only effective solution is eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty.
Doctors make incisions in the eyelid and remove or reposition the fat.
The procedure should give you long-lasting results but can cost up to $5,000.

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

You don’t have to go under the knife to get rid of puffy eyes and that haggard look.

Easy Solutions for Tired Looking Eyes

Some years ago I came across some little-known nutrients. Some have amazing anti-aging properties for the delicate skin around the eyes. We have a precursor to one called Nitric Oxide, in our LIFECELL CREAM.
When we have this particular nutrient present, we improve the capillary health, making our capillaries more pliable, hence better blood flow in turn bringing more oxygen into the blood, whenever you have more oxygen you will see a more youthful appearance in the skin.

Here are my favorite natural remedies you can start using right away for treating temporary puffiness around your eyes.

  • Cucumber Slices For Puffy EyesIf you have allergies or a cold, try irrigating your nasal cavity with a saltwater solution. Use a neti pot, available in health food stores. Flushing your nose can help relieve fluid buildup that triggers puffiness.
  • To quickly calm puffy eyes, place slices of cucumbers, chilled tea bags, or even a package of frozen peas under your eyes. The cool temperatures reduce swelling.
  • Sleep on your back and add an extra pillow under your head to help drain fluids. Sleeping on your side or stomach can lead to fluids collecting under your eyes.
  • Don’t miss your workout. Exercising improves circulation. And it helps move fluid through your body without accumulating.
  • If you notice puffiness on a frequent basis, eliminate processed foods. Foods high in sodium promote fluid retention. Also avoid sugar and gluten. They contribute to inflammation that can show up on your face as puffy eyes

Here’s to looking more Youthful.



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Hope for Rosacea Sufferers


Are you one of those people suffering with Rosacea?

My girlfriend who was suffering said to me.“I’ve been told not to drink wine, not to eat chocolates, not to go outside,” she said.
“I’m missing out on all the fun, and I still end up a mess!”

Medications may reduce some of your rosacea symptoms. But do they cure the condition.?

So, after you’ve spent the money and avoided the things you enjoy, you’re still going to have the same problem.
The redness, swelling, and acne flares right back up again.

But there is good news…

It turns out rosacea isn’t just about the skin. Like most skin issues, the problem starts on the inside.
Many times, it’s the result of an imbalance of intestinal bacteria.

You see, researchers have discovered that many rosacea sufferers have an excess of harmful bacteria in their intestines.
This creates a toxic environment. And it produces all sorts of inflammation, including rosacea.

It can also lead to digestive disorders, making it harder to digest your food. That may be why rosacea has such a long list of food triggers. Among the list are chocolate, vanilla, eggplant, spicy food, alcohol, and many more.

But your immunity is increased when you’re able to balance the healthy flora in your intestines. And that, in turn, reduces inflammation and outbreaks of rosacea.

Here are some recommendations I suggest to help improve digestive and intestinal health to prevent flare-ups: 

Skin Inflammation

1. Add a probiotic supplement to your diet. One full of friendly flora that prevents the overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your digestive system and intestines.

2. Spirulina and other green foods promote healthy intestinal flora, too. Plus, they have chelation activity that binds to toxins in your body to help rid yourself of impurities. You can get spirulina in green drinks or capsules.

3. Many people who have rosacea and digestive disorders also have B-vitamin deficiencies. So start taking a regular course of B-complex vitamins. I suggest at least 50 mg of B-complex daily.

4. When you moisturise your skin consider a formula that contains rose hips. Rose hips are high in vitamin C that can strengthen your capillaries and help reduce some of the redness associated with rosacea. Plus, the omega fatty acids found in rose hips can help protect your skin cells from damage. I have based our Cell Serum with rosehip, and one lady from Adelaide phoned me to say how amazed her doctors were at her leg ulcer had healed. What was she using? Yes! you guessed it, our Cell Serum. Admittedly I have added many other nutrients to the formulation.

Here’s to looking more youthful!

More about organic Cell Serum

                                                                                  Organic Cell Serum For Rosacea

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Our Beauty Tip For This Week

Moisturise Neck

For a truly youthful look, expand your facial regimen to the tender skin on your neck and chest.
It will make all the difference in your overall look. And unless you wear turtlenecks all year-round, people notice.

The best thing you can do for your skin is to keep it hydrated. Well-hydrated skin is softer and smoother… showing fewer lines and creases.

Nothing keeps you hydrated like old-fashioned water. For the maximum benefit, I suggest drinking about 2 litres of purified water every day. But the elements can take a real toll on you skin.

To help keep your skin cells hydrated, I suggest Nature’s moisturizer – Hyaluronic acid (HLA). I call it “Nature’s moisturizer,” because it’s naturally present in all your skin cells… and it pulls moisture into your skin from inside your body. HLA promotes healing, too.

Aloe Vera and vegetable glycerine are two other natural moisturizers to look for.

We will soon be releasing our new Cell CoQ10 Complex. You are going to love this one!!

Coenzyme Q10 For Skin CareYour skin cells use CoQ10 
to make the energy they need for everything they do. But as you get older, your body makes less and less of this nutrient. That’s one reason your skin starts to look older, drier and more wrinkled.But when you put CoQ10 on your skin, it absorbs quickly into the cells… and has an amazing effect.
As your skin cells start to absorb the CoQ10, they start pumping out energy and acting like younger cells again.
Don’t we love that!
And this skin doesn’t just act younger… it looks younger, too. Because CoQ10 helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Which means your neck could easily look as young as your face and more vital.Skin Care Chemicals To AvoidYou see, most skin products contain sodium lauryl sulfate – SLS – and SLS is a skin irritant. Even worse, SLS robs your skin of moisture. SLS can make women’s skin look red and irritated and increased water loss. Do you really want to “cleanse” your skin with something like that?

That’s why a gentle, nourishing cleanser is so important. To keep the skin on your face and neck looking younger, use a gentle cleanser that supports healthier skin.

LifeCell has a wash with all natural ingredients including Green Tea, Cucumber, Chamomile, Resveratrol, Tea tree Oil & Rosemary.

All products within the LifeCell and Cell Skin Care range, use only natural ingredients which promote healthy skin without irritation.
For example, rose hip oil promotes the production of collagen – one of the basic building blocks of healthy skin.
So our Cell Serum rose hip oil based along with other powerful nutrients & a little Co Q10 helps with healing the skin…
along with washing away the effects of years of wear and tear.

Until next week

Here’s to looking more Youthful!

                                              Natural Skin Care

Cell Skin Care Products

New Cell CoQ10 Complex coming very soon! Stay tuned.

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