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Your Internal Thermostat


Even on the most scorching summer afternoon, the thermostat in your house controls the temperature. You can choose to have the ceiling fans going, or you open up the house to receive the sea breezes.

And when it comes to your fat loss results, believe it or not, your most powerful internal thermostat isn’t your metabolism. No, it’s something far more critical to your success. I’m talking about your self image. You see, the image you have in your mind of yourself — how fit you can be, how much you can accomplish, how successful you can become — sets the bar for what you can and will achieve.

Whatever you set that image to be, it will never go higher.

Working in the health industry for more than a decade, I’ve found time and time again that the biggest limiting factor in the transformation process is what people believe about themself.

Unfortunately, most people have a negative vision of their life, or at least one that is very self-limiting. Many people believe they will only accomplish as much as their parents did, or that they’re body will always look like the current image they hold in their mind of themself.

Mental Images

When obstacles arise, most people don’t see themself as rising above or as a conqueror…instead they focus on the obstacle itself, and how unfair it is to be faced with it, instead of the immense glory and strength in overcoming it.

Think about the image you hold of yourself in your mind. Do you see yourself achieving everything you set out to do, living your dreams? Or do you feel that where you currently are is as far as you will go?

Do you see the body you’re working toward, or do you see the body you’ve been trapped in for too long?

Even worse, do you see your life on the decline, instead of the incline?

What images are you creating in your mind today? If they are the wrong images, you’ll never be able to rise above that internal thermostat until you change those images into the truth about who you are. YOU are special. You are unique. And you can change where you currently are for the things you set out to achieve.

Close-up portrait of a thinking young beauty

You see, as humans we continue to achieve the standards we set in front of us.

If as we look ahead we see nothing more than where we currently are, there’s no room for growth, nowhere to go.

If the image in our mind is one in which our best days are behind us (perhaps the body we had back in our high school or college days), it’s impossible to achieve more.

But if instead you expand your vision and paint a picture of yourself achieving big things, great things, incredible things…then and only then will you be able to change where you are.

Today, it’s time we all reset the thermostat. Crank it up a few degrees, and start believing and reaching for more. Paint your next masterpiece in your mind; embrace it, believe it, and go after it. The picture you paint is the picture that you’ll move toward.

Make sure it’s the right image.



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