Hope for Rosacea Sufferers


Are you one of those people suffering with Rosacea?

My girlfriend who was suffering said to me.“I’ve been told not to drink wine, not to eat chocolates, not to go outside,” she said.
“I’m missing out on all the fun, and I still end up a mess!”

Medications may reduce some of your rosacea symptoms. But do they cure the condition.?

So, after you’ve spent the money and avoided the things you enjoy, you’re still going to have the same problem.
The redness, swelling, and acne flares right back up again.

But there is good news…

It turns out rosacea isn’t just about the skin. Like most skin issues, the problem starts on the inside.
Many times, it’s the result of an imbalance of intestinal bacteria.

You see, researchers have discovered that many rosacea sufferers have an excess of harmful bacteria in their intestines.
This creates a toxic environment. And it produces all sorts of inflammation, including rosacea.

It can also lead to digestive disorders, making it harder to digest your food. That may be why rosacea has such a long list of food triggers. Among the list are chocolate, vanilla, eggplant, spicy food, alcohol, and many more.

But your immunity is increased when you’re able to balance the healthy flora in your intestines. And that, in turn, reduces inflammation and outbreaks of rosacea.

Here are some recommendations I suggest to help improve digestive and intestinal health to prevent flare-ups: 

Skin Inflammation

1. Add a probiotic supplement to your diet. One full of friendly flora that prevents the overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your digestive system and intestines.

2. Spirulina and other green foods promote healthy intestinal flora, too. Plus, they have chelation activity that binds to toxins in your body to help rid yourself of impurities. You can get spirulina in green drinks or capsules.

3. Many people who have rosacea and digestive disorders also have B-vitamin deficiencies. So start taking a regular course of B-complex vitamins. I suggest at least 50 mg of B-complex daily.

4. When you moisturise your skin consider a formula that contains rose hips. Rose hips are high in vitamin C that can strengthen your capillaries and help reduce some of the redness associated with rosacea. Plus, the omega fatty acids found in rose hips can help protect your skin cells from damage. I have based our Cell Serum with rosehip, and one lady from Adelaide phoned me to say how amazed her doctors were at her leg ulcer had healed. What was she using? Yes! you guessed it, our Cell Serum. Admittedly I have added many other nutrients to the formulation.

Here’s to looking more youthful!

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