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Our Beauty Tip For This Week

Moisturise Neck

For a truly youthful look, expand your facial regimen to the tender skin on your neck and chest.
It will make all the difference in your overall look. And unless you wear turtlenecks all year-round, people notice.

The best thing you can do for your skin is to keep it hydrated. Well-hydrated skin is softer and smoother… showing fewer lines and creases.

Nothing keeps you hydrated like old-fashioned water. For the maximum benefit, I suggest drinking about 2 litres of purified water every day. But the elements can take a real toll on you skin.

To help keep your skin cells hydrated, I suggest Nature’s moisturizer – Hyaluronic acid (HLA). I call it “Nature’s moisturizer,” because it’s naturally present in all your skin cells… and it pulls moisture into your skin from inside your body. HLA promotes healing, too.

Aloe Vera and vegetable glycerine are two other natural moisturizers to look for.

We will soon be releasing our new Cell CoQ10 Complex. You are going to love this one!!

Coenzyme Q10 For Skin CareYour skin cells use CoQ10 
to make the energy they need for everything they do. But as you get older, your body makes less and less of this nutrient. That’s one reason your skin starts to look older, drier and more wrinkled.But when you put CoQ10 on your skin, it absorbs quickly into the cells… and has an amazing effect.
As your skin cells start to absorb the CoQ10, they start pumping out energy and acting like younger cells again.
Don’t we love that!
And this skin doesn’t just act younger… it looks younger, too. Because CoQ10 helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Which means your neck could easily look as young as your face and more vital.Skin Care Chemicals To AvoidYou see, most skin products contain sodium lauryl sulfate – SLS – and SLS is a skin irritant. Even worse, SLS robs your skin of moisture. SLS can make women’s skin look red and irritated and increased water loss. Do you really want to “cleanse” your skin with something like that?

That’s why a gentle, nourishing cleanser is so important. To keep the skin on your face and neck looking younger, use a gentle cleanser that supports healthier skin.

LifeCell has a wash with all natural ingredients including Green Tea, Cucumber, Chamomile, Resveratrol, Tea tree Oil & Rosemary.

All products within the LifeCell and Cell Skin Care range, use only natural ingredients which promote healthy skin without irritation.
For example, rose hip oil promotes the production of collagen – one of the basic building blocks of healthy skin.
So our Cell Serum rose hip oil based along with other powerful nutrients & a little Co Q10 helps with healing the skin…
along with washing away the effects of years of wear and tear.

Until next week

Here’s to looking more Youthful!

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New Cell CoQ10 Complex coming very soon! Stay tuned.

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