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What You See On The Outside Reflects What’s On The Inside


The Outside Reflects The Inside

The freshness, youth, and cleanliness of your skin reflect the freshness, youth and cleanliness inside your body!

See, most of us think of skin as a protective barrier – which it is.

But skin works the other way as well. Here’s what I mean…

Along with the liver and the kidneys, your skin is a critical part of how your body cleans and purifies itself from the inside. It will remove toxins and waste from inside your body.

Every day, your blood brings a load of waste products and toxins from deep inside your body up to the surface of your skin so you can get rid of it in your perspiration. In fact this process is so important to your body’s cleaning process that your sweat can carry more waste products and remove more toxins than your urine!

This internal cleansing system works fine when things are normal. Ordinarily, your skin should be able to do this job pretty well without you noticing a thing.

Sweat Helps Your Skin To Cleanse

But in today ‘s unbelievably toxic world, this is no longer true.

With so many pollutants in the air we breathe, our water, our food – even the natural skin care beauty products we apply on our skin – our body’s internal cleansing systems cannot keep up with it all.

Your kidneys are taxed. Your liver is swamped…and your skin is totally overwhelmed.

The toxins circulating in your bloodstream are pushed out into your skin’s sebaceous glands and pores, and they are stored there as your body desperately tries to rid itself of all these poisons.

But because there’s so much of these toxins coming through, this load backs up and blocks your normal elimination process – making it even harder for your skin to get rid of the waste.

As your skin’s transport systems get clogged up, you start to see the results in the inflammation and eruptions on your face… the result is environmental acne.

Removing Toxins Through The Skin

But it gets worse…

As your skin gets clogged up, not only are you unable to get rid of the waste stuck inside the lower layers of your skin…

These blockages prevent the good stuff from getting into your skin and nourishing it from within.

Critical nutrients circulating in your blood that could regenerate and renew your skin, can’t get through…

You see it every day when you look in the mirror and don’t love the look of the person staring back at you!

You feel frustrated because you’ve tried so hard, but your skin “isn’t cooperating” – no matter what expensive at home beauty treatment you use. I personally went down this path in my forties, spending a lot of money on skin care.However it was only when I started to work on the inside it started to reflect on the outside.

In the next few blogs I will share

The Beauty Of Fresh Skin

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2. Six simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW to have radiant, younger looking skin.

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Stay tuned, until next week!

Here’s to remaining simply beautiful!

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