Staying Young Forever?

Dry Dehydrated SkinMost of us Australian and New Zealand women have some degree of dehydration. This is one of the primary reasons for tired looking skin and wrinkle because dehydration can quickly make you look years older than you really are. Now, when I talk about dehydration I’m not talking about dry skin. They’re two different things.

If your skin type is “dry” it means your sebaceous glands produce relatively little healthy oils. Having a dry skin type can be part of your genetic makeup you’re generally that way for life. The good news is, this can also be addressed.

Dehydrated skin on the other hand is a temporary condition. Even people with an oily skin type can be dehydrated from time to time. When it happens, your skin can feel itchy, tight and scaly. Most people reach for a moisturizer to get rid of the dryness. But that may just make it worse. Here’s why….

Your Skin Needs Oil To Seal In Moisture

Sink Saturate SealYour skin is made up of about 30% water. Most of that moisture is stored in the two lower layers of skin. The top layer – the epidermis – can’t draw down into those layers to take up moisture. The only way moisture travels up to the epidermis is when new cells pushing up into the top layer carry it there.

Once those new cells bring moisture up, the epidermis must lock it in. Your skin produces a film of water and oil to seal in the moisture. It’s called the “hydro-lipid barrier.”

When the hydro-lipid barrier breaks down, water evaporates too quickly from the epidermis… and of course your skin becomes dehydrated. Too much exposure to harsh winds or intense sun can strip the protective hydro-lipid barrier.

Your diet can also sap moisture. Dry processed foods, too much sodium, and excessive alcohol and caffeine will all leave you dehydrated. Medications like diuretics and cold and flu remedies will also dry out your skin. What do you do? Using the wrong moisturizer can make dehydration worse.

Let’s look at how we can all follow a simple two-part strategy to banish dehydration.

Drink WaterFirst, drink water to moisturize your skin from the inside out. It insures that the deep layers of your skin have the moisture needed to produce new cells that hydrate the epidermis.

Second, ditch moisturizers that make dehydrated skin worse. While drinking water is a good strategy for improving skin hydration, applying water to the skin is not. Many inexpensive moisturizers contain a high percentage of water. That water just sits on top of your skin and quickly evaporates. It can leave your skin feeling worse instead of better.

Dehydrated skin calls for products which replenish moisture but don’t add water. That means your moisturizer must contain an emollient. Emollients are ingredients added to moisturizers to seal in the skin’s natural moisture. Aloe or Shea butter are two examples.

Here at LifeCell Australia our CELL Infuse Anti-Aging Spritz is ideal. Finely misted over your make-up, it contains all the nutrients your skin requires to remain healthy. Our No 1 Product LifeCell Cream is always the first product to use, followed by the CELL Infuse Renew Serum and finally the CELL Infuse CoQ10 complex. This makes a great combination pack to retain the moisture needed for your skin to exhibit that envied, healthy glow…

Here’s to being more beautiful!
Judy and the LCA Team

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