A Natural Solution for Brittle Hair

Does your hair break more easily? Are you seeing more hair in your brush?

healthy-beautiful-hairThis isn’t uncommon today. I personally experienced this earlier this year, I have always had very thick dark hair and suddenly it was looking a little thinner and dull, today I will share my thoughts.

Many women are concerned about the health, strength and look of their hair. And if they notice brittle strands or dull coloring, they usually cut it short to keep it manageable and somewhat healthy looking.

Some people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on special potions and lotions for their hair that don’t give them the results they want. Or some simply accept that their hair is destined to be thin and brittle as they get older.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I learnt of an effective, natural way to bring out the natural beauty of your hair… without hours of styling or spending hundreds of dollars on expensive products.

It’s called biotin.


Biotin (also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H) has been used traditionally to promote hair health, strength and manageability by increasing hair elasticity and by thickening the strands of hair (and the cuticles of your nails). The most effective way to boost this vital vitamin in your system is to eat foods that are biotin-rich, such as the hair, nails and hooves of animals. And back when your ancestors ate all parts of the animal, biotin deficiencies weren’t a problem.


Biotin is found in low concentrations in the brain, liver and muscle tissue in your body. And it helps promote healthy blood cells, nerve tissue, skin and hair. This vitamin is created from the yeast and good bacteria in your body. It works by helping your system produce keratin, the protein responsible for keeping your hair shiny and healthy.

But I don’t expect you to grind up hooves and sprinkle it on your salad. Ha Ha! That’s why I suggest using a biotin supplement. Either orally or topically.

If you decide to take a oral biotin supplement, I suggest from research 5,000 micrograms a day, that is what I took for three months. If you choose a topical formula, it works especially well when combined with the niacinamide. It also helps to prevent cholesterol from collecting on the scalp – which can also be concerning.

Do consider either forms of biotin to have your hair looking strong & healthy. Don’t just wash your hair, nourish it.


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