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Is there a Nasty Smell in your Bathroom Cabinet (Synthetic Fragrances)?

Would you wash your face in paint thinner? No of course not! The sad thing is you could be doing this without realizing it!

What’s in your bathroom cabinet? Is there paint thinner in your makeup remover?

synthetic vs natural sprayWashing your face and getting that last layer of makeup off is something we all do every day… but there may be a hidden cost to this nightly ritual. Truth is, many of these beauty products you use to remove makeup and dirt are full of alcohol and chemicals that actually act like paint thinner.

These chemicals hide behind scientific names like “ethoxylated alcohol” and “butylated hydroxytoluene.” But what they do is cause redness, burning and dry spots – the same effect you get with corrosive solvents like paint thinner.

What’s worse is that when you use them every day, they accelerate the effects of ageing.

Do your products have a strong aroma?

natural scentsAgain chances are it could be a chemical. When I was facing my health challenges with cancer cells my research showed me that the perfume I used had chemical compounds. Oh dear! I thought even my perfume has to go (aahhh!) so I immediately replaced it with aromatherapy pure oils, and made sure they were pure essential oils.

To maintain healthy skin always choose products that don’t include alcohol or harsh chemicals. Instead always make sure natural ingredients are in the skin care products you’ll be putting on your face or spraying on yourself.

We need to check the labels & check the deodorizers in your home and bathrooms – are they synthetic?
We always get to choose, so I encourage you to empower yourself with knowledge.

Scent is still a powerful force of attraction.

aromatherapy candlesIt can lift your mood, calm you down and help you focus – depending on the particular fragrance. That’s because your “sense of smell” is located in your brain. It’s closely attached to your memory and can influence your mood and thoughts.

What’s more, scent has the potential to benefit not only your emotional well being, but also your physical well-being. So very important to know it is compatible to our human chemistry.

That’s why more and more people are using the power of essential oils for healing. You would have heard of this treatment method referred to as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy offers natural relief from various health concerns (both mental and physical) that life can hand you on a daily basis.

To help you find the perfect scent for you to enjoy and have no toxic effect here are some suggestions:

  • lavender scentTo improve focus and concentration try eucalyptus, lemongrass or nutmeg
  • To get a better night’s sleep try German and Roman chamomile, sweet marjoram or ylang ylang
  • To reduce your anxiety and stress try lavender, valerian or clary sage
  • To give your mood a boost try bergamot, orange and rosemary
  • To get energized try tea tree, basil or peppermint


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Remember all our scents – including essential oils – are best stored in a cool, dry place to prevent oxidation and keep them potent and fresh.

Yours in good health,
Judy and the LCA Team

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