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Choose Skincare That Nourishes Your Skin

Think about your skincare routine as “treating” your skin with our LifeCell Cream. Then “feeding” your skin with our CELL Infuse products to receive the maximum results, so when you look in the mirror a younger you will be looking back. When purchasing skincare products, it’s essential to read the labels on everything from soaps to moisturizers and deodorants. Ingredients shouldn’t read like the index to a chemistry textbook.

Avoid products with ingredients like parabens, triclosan, mineral oil, sodium laurel, phthalates, or toluene. Many of these are made from petroleum. They can disrupt your endocrine system. Some have been linked to cancer, liver or kidney disease, and respiratory failure.

gree-tea-bagsInstead, look for ingredients that sound like foods to nourish your skin.

Here are three foods that work beautifully as skincare both inside and outside.

Green Tea: Sip three cups of green tea a day for its antioxidant power and to help reduce skin cancer risks. To relieve puffy eyes, chill the damp tea bags in the refrigerator. Apply to closed eyes for 10-15 minutes.

pumpkin-for-skin-carePumpkin: Carotenoids give pumpkin its distinctive orange color and wrinkle-fighting antioxidants. Pumpkin’s powerful enzymes also deep clean and hydrate skin. Combine two cups canned pumpkin, ¼ cup plain yogurt, four tablespoons honey and one tablespoon pumpkin pie spice in your blender. Smooth some on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes, then rinse. Eat the rest for dessert.

pomegranatesPomegranate: This fruit can help you attain younger-looking skin, and it’s also loaded with antioxidants, vitamins K and C, potassium, copper, zinc and iron. Pomegranate can help to prevent premature skin aging and keep our complexions smooth and radiant.

And remember, organic ingredients are always better when you can find them.

Here is another thought!!

Could you eat your skin-care?  It needs to be that safe.

Did you know your skin is just like a sponge? Whatever you put on the outside inevitably ends up inside. Our skin is a two-way street. What starts out on your plate eventually shows up on your face. Drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats will help your body build fresh, glowing skin.

On the flipside, whatever you put on your skin makes its way to the rest of your body. Just as your body absorbs food from your gut, it also absorbs whatever you put on your skin.

That’s why you shouldn’t put anything on your face or body that you wouldn’t eat.

Here’s to being more beautiful on the inside and outside!!

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