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CoQ10 for Skin Care

CoQ10 for Skin Care

Your skin needs two things to be beautiful: hydration for healthy skin

1. Water
2. Good nutrition

But there’s the problem. As you age, your skin loses the ability to hold water and take in nutrients. That leads to dry, sagging skin.

The good news is:

You simply need an effective way to keep water in your cells and get more of the nutrients you need. Protecting your skin from the sun, pollution, free radicals, and the destructive effects of aging. When you were younger, it was much easier. Your skin had a natural resilience that kept you looking your best. There are nutrients in your skin that protect cells from damage.

Coq10 for skin care

One of the best is CoQ10 (Coenzyme q10) which has at least two important roles in the body. First, it is an essential cog in the biochemical machinery that produces biological energy (ATP) inside the cells. Second, CoQ10 is an antioxidant. It helps neutralize harmful free radicals, which are one of the causes of aging.

Under perfect conditions, the body can produce as much CoQ10 as it needs.However, various factors, such as aging, stress and some medications, can lower the levels of CoQ10 in the body. As a result, the ability of cells to withstand stress and regenerate declines.

Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that fuels cellular renewal. 

It has been used as a supplement for many years to improve heart function and for overall health benefits. Now we’re discovering it’s not just good for heart health. You can use CoQ10, also called Ubiquinone, on your skin for a beautiful complexion.

In most people over thirty, levels of CoQ10 in the skin are below optimum, resulting in lesser ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules. CoQ10-depleted skin may be more prone to the damage by free radicals, which are particularly abundant in the skin since it is exposed to the elements. Thus, Co-enzyme Q10 may boost skin repair and regeneration and reduce free radical damage. Furthermore, CoQ10 is a small molecule that can relatively easily penetrate into skin cells.

Free radicals hit each cell in your face 10,000 times a day. Now multiply that by the billions of cells in your face, and you can imagine what you’re up against. Apply CoQ10, and the cells in your skin stay younger longer. 

CoQ10 CreamCell line studies support it. A team of researchers in Japan found CoQ10 protected skin cells from death caused by oxidative stress. That means you have an effective way to look more vibrant and prevent future damage. It all boils down to giving your face the nutrients it needs to stay looking young.

But there’s more to CoQ10… it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, too.

Another team of scientists discovered that CoenzymeQ10 decreases the appearance of wrinkle depth. So, instead of deep grooves in your face, it helps make those wrinkles appear shallow and less noticeable.

Using topical anti-aging creams that contain CoQ10 can effectively help fight the signs of aging. The CoQ10 in the treatment can penetrate deeply to provide antioxidants and help create collagen and elastin. Research has even shown that CoQ10 helps reduce crow’s feet around the eyes. Both the LifeCell Cream and our CELL Infuse CoQ10 Complex contain wonderful forms of Co Q10…let’s give your skin a one two punch…with both products.


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