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Astragalus Promotes Firm Radiant Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body. And like other organs, your skin canAstragalus Plant become unbalanced. That happens when you’re stressed, or up against a harsh environment. Astragalus can restore your skin’s natural balance.

According to Chinese medicine, this hearty root replenishes your “chi” or “vital life energy.” That’s because it improves your circulation. It increases blood flow to tissues just under your skin.

Increased blood flow helps get rid of toxins that cause skin inflammation. It also transports vital nutrients to your skin.
And it helps regenerate skin cells.

All of that adds up to radiant skin that glows with energy.

Do you want to keep your skin firm and young-looking?

Chinese researchers treated human skin cells with astragalus root. The skin cells produced more hyaluronic acid.
That’s important because without hyaluronic acid, your body can’t make collagen.
No collagen means tired, sagging, wrinkled skin.

Astragalus Root

It also protects against the breakdown of elastin. That’s a protein that keeps your skin flexible. In an 8-week clinical trial, researchers showed that applying an astragalus face cream improved texture, elasticity and skin tone.

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Improve Your Health and Your Beauty with Astragalus

Astragalus Benefits

People will often say I feel fatigue and have low energy. I often suggest astragalus root or capsules it helps boost their energy. If you are sourcing capsules do look for ones containing 450mg plus of Astragalus membranaceus root powder.

The only side effect you will notice is younger-looking skin, and wonderful increase your natural immunity. At the start of this winter on a interstate flight I picked up a virus, which left me with a cough, Astragalus has been wonderful. Within a week my cough was gone and vitality returned.
Do consider, as we come to the end of our winter months here in Australia this is when our immune system can be challenged.
You will not have great health but your skin will have a radiant glow.

Astragalus Herbal Tea

If you are sourcing the root go to Health food stores or Asian markets they sell long, flat slices of dried astragalus root.
Drop several slices into soups or stews while they’re cooking. It adds a pleasant sweet taste. But the root is very tough.
Just remove it before serving.

You can also buy astragalus tea. Or make your own by simmering a handful of the root slices in a quart of water for 30 minutes.
It makes a refreshing drink to sip between meals.

Here’s to looking more Youthful!



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  1. Very interesting information about Astragalus. Is it actually one of the ingredients in LifeCell products?

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