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Mineral Makeup Impostors Can Contain Dangerous Additives

Mineral Makeup

Thanks to infomercials and the Internet, you’ve probably already heard how mineral makeup can be a healthier choice for your skin. But that’s only true if you’re using the real thing.

“Mineral” has become a buzzword…and a lot of brands out there are trying to jump on the bandwagon.
But some hardly contain any healthy minerals at all. And they’ve got dangerous additives that can irritate your skin and clog your pores.

They can even make you look older!

Take a look at just a few of the toxins I found in popular “mineral” foundations:

Dangerous Chemicals In MakeupParabens. Used as preservatives, parabens are nothing but toxins that can disrupt your hormones. I switched to mineral makeup to avoid them…so I was shocked to see them on the labels of so many “mineral” formulas. You’ll see them listed as methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben.Talc. One study showed that inhaling talc can irritate the lungs and lead to breathing problems. That’s reason enough for me to avoid mineral powders with talc.Bismuth oxychloride. This ingredient is not found in nature. It’s made by combining water, chloride (from chlorine) and a by-product of lead smelting. Lots of brands use it as a filler. When it gets warm on your skin, it can cause itching and irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin and rosacea. It’s been known to cause rashes on very delicate complexions.Dimethicone. In some women, this silicone compound can cause a mild rash or tingling sensation…and even irritate acne-prone skin.Micronized minerals. Some mineral makeup is made with very small particles—or even nanoparticles.
These microscopic particles are more likely to be absorbed right into the skin, instead of remaining on the surface.
There’s growing concern that this could be hazardous. These smaller particles also have a way of settling into fine lines,
which magnifies the look of wrinkles.

Chemical coatings. Here’s where it gets even trickier. Some brands start out with great mineral ingredients…but then they coat them in chemicals as a preservative! And the law doesn’t require this to be listed on the label.Mineral Make Up

I’m not comfortable with the idea of covering my face in toxins that aren’t good for me…especially since I wear makeup for 12 to 16 hours every day. Do manufacturers think we’re too busy to notice what’s in there?

When you think about how much effort you’ve put into finding just the right LifeCell cleansers and creams…why should you have to ruin all that hard work by using a makeup loaded with toxins?

Wouldn’t it be better if the makeup you wear every minute of the day made your skin healthier?
So check out your mineral makeup and be sure you have none of the above ingredients.




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