Cleaning Up For Your Life?

Clean Up Your Life

This year, my suggestion is to move beyond the traditional routine of cleaning out your cupboards and closets and consider rearranging and reorganizing other areas of your life.

Things like your exercise routine, your makeup drawer and your mind.

Below are some of the most effective ways to clean up your life.

Tips for Cleaning, assisting with Anti-Ageing of our bodies and lifting our Spirits.

Makeup Drawer

Clean out your makeup drawer – Clearing out your makeup drawer once a year makes room for new products and colors. As you clean out your makeup drawer, take time to wash your brushes thoroughly. Natural oils and embedded makeup accumulate deep in the bristles over time, which invites bacteria.

I recommend Enviro Clean dishwashing liquid as a quick way to remove oil from brushes thoroughly. It’s even used to clean birds and other wildlife that have been exposed to oil spills. If it can clean the birds, it can certainly remove oil from your brushes.This is especially true if you’re like most women and you accumulate cosmetics by the bagful over the course of a year.

Another advantage is you’ll likely find products at the bottom of your makeup case or drawer that Purge The Fridgeyou forgot about. Like that fabulous pink lipstick you bought but never wore.

Purge the Fridge – This is a good time to go through the refrigerator and throw away all your expired foods.
It’s easy to dispose of spoiled fruits and vegetables when they’re past their prime,
but it’s a little harder to pay attention to expiration dates on cans and bottles.
I like to read the expiration dates every few weeks just to make sure everything I eat is fresh.

Reshape Your Attitude –This is a way of raising your spirits, especially if you tend to suffer from the winter blues.
Make the most of this uplifting time and write out a list of all the things for which you feel grateful.
This will remind you of all the blessings in your life and will lift your spirits. After all, gratitude is good for the soul.
Plus, gratitude has a magical way of zapping away anger, disappointment and anything else that might be making you feel bad.
I also encourage you to dispel old grudges, call a friend you may have had a falling out with, or stop procrastinating and finally start that new project you want to tackle.

Attitude Of Gratitude

Let this be a time for renewal, reorganization and revitalization in your life!

More thoughts on reshaping your attitude next week.

Here’s to remaining youthful!



             Peace Balance Revitalization In Your Life


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