Facial Polishing

Skin Polishing

Facial Brushing in simple words is a special technique of exfoliating skin. The dead cells are removed which helps new and healthy cells to come in place of that and the skin looks clean and polished.

It was a challenge to find just the right brush to optimize my facial routine. I tried many different brushes but found that they were all too soft. Even battery powered exfoliating sets come with a separate facial brush that turns soft and mushy when turned on. You might as well use a sponge instead of most of the facial brushes out there. I finally discovered one that was effective and appealing. Unlike other brushes, it is not too soft.
Many beauty books tell you that you should not exfoliate more than twice per week. However, when you eat raw foods, your skin heals much faster. At first, you must be gentle while brushing, but gradually you can brush more vigorously. Your face will begin to glow!


“I have been using the brush for 4 days now and I cannot believe how smooth my skin looks. This morning I actually walked out of the house without having to put any makeup on. That’s unheard of.” –Ti.

“Three days after using the brush, my husband says to me, “You look prettier. Are you exfoliating?” My jaw hit the floor. I couldn’t believe he noticed! (And I didn’t know he knew what “exfoliation” meant!) My skin is clearer and less prone to breakouts. I love my brush and use it faithfully. Thank you!” –A.C.

“It has taken me many months to begin to use the dry facial brush and the masque removing brush as part of my daily routine. I am not especially looking for ‘beauty” but rather for healthy looking skin. Since December 2010, when I finally began to routinely use the facial brushes, I have definitely observed an improvement in the tone and appearance of my face and neck area. Additionally, the blackheads that I have had for 66 years are not as large … I don’t know whether this is directly related to my use of the facial brushing or if my skin is changing due to my age; however, I do know that I will continue to use the facial brushes for the remainder of my life.” –C.K.

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