Habits in 21 Days.

Can you really form a new habit in 21 days?

developing habits that will change your lifeEven if you’ve never heard of Maxwell Maltz, you’ve no doubt heard a theory for which he is credited, one espoused by everyone from motivational speakers to personal trainers. Maltz, a cosmetic surgeon, noticed his patients took about three weeks to get used to their faces once they were altered. From this grew a now-familiar mantra: “It takes 21 days to form a new habit”. If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, take up exercise, start meditating every day or just eat a better diet, you’ve probably encountered this idea – all it takes is 21 days and you’ll be doing it for life!

make better choicesA challenge for you: do you dare?

Researchers at University College in London, alongside a study published in the European Journal of Psychology, have unfortunately found the 21-day theory simply does not hold up. These studies suggest it actually takes closer to two months than one to form new habits. And in some people, it can take considerably more time.

I challenge you to get a new you and 
Make this the day you kick start a great new habit…

healthy eating habitsScience tells us that every cell in our body dies and is replaced by a new one, inside and out. The reason many people continue to suffer from the ongoing problems caused by aging, or chronic, debilitating disease, is because they continue to create the same body by putting the same unhealthy food and toxins into it. If you replace tired, worn-out cells with vigorous ones supported by the optimal nutrition of CELL Infuse Super Greens, you can create a new, stronger body at a cellular level.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to form a habit; it’s the habit that counts!

organic super greens drinkOur youngest daughter, Tamara, said recently, “Now I’ve got in the habit of taking the Super Greens each morning I just wouldn’t go without. I feel so much better – more balanced, and with more energy.” Even her husband goes to the fridge and helps himself to the Super Greens. They are both working, with three young children, so it’s crucial for them to keep their immune systems strong and healthy.

Could you use a brand new body?

I encourage you to form the habit of starting your day with CELL Infuse Super Greens to improve your health and longevity with nutrients that are absorbed easily and alkalize your body. Will you choose to feel and see the difference? Or will you stick with the same old skin, body and health challenges you have today?

Here’s to a beautiful NEW you!

(28/11/17 – We’ve currently discontinued our Super Greens but stay tuned for similar products)

Judy & Team