Food Addiction and the Effects on Our Brains

For sometime I have wanted to share a little more about what is happening to our food before we go to purchase it. As you all are aware a lot of our food is changing and certainly becoming less nutritious all the time. But now I want to share another aspect food addiction and what is happening to our brains.

Master-Trainer Tim Brown says… “Food addiction is more of a problem than most of us realize, or at least bigger than I ever thought…

food choicesRecent studies have shown that food can trigger the same “pleasure” centres in your brain as addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin. When these “pleasure” centres are activated they stimulate the release of dopamine, which can override other signals like fullness and satisfaction. Long story short, some of the foods that you may be eating are actually forcing you to feel the need to eat more, even when you’re not hungry! Although this undoubtedly plays a big role in the rising obesity rate around the world, the thing that actually caught me off guard is the number of “normal-weight” people that struggle with food addiction.

natural foodFor most of us it’s hard enough to motivate ourselves to stick with a strict exercise and nutrition program, but this is just the icing on the cake when your brain is actually fighting against you…. Yes, I’m saying that might be out of your control when the whole bag of chips, or entire package of snack size candy bars, vanishes before your eyes.

Food addiction is definitely a growing problem, but it’s definitely not the only bad “lifestyle” habit that’s easy to pick up and really tough to get rid of. Wouldn’t it be great if it were that easy to pick up good habits?”

proper nutritionI have to agree with Tim and never have felt stronger about how essential it is to be adding the right nutrition to your daily regime.

What I personally know is when I found the right blend of nutrition for my body most to all cravings were gone and the desire to over eat dissipated. So I’m here to say, it can be done.

Your future health is in your hands – choose well!
Judy and Team

The Four Most Important Areas to a New You

positive-habitsAlthough every one of us differs, there are some core things we all have in common. We all want to lead an active full life, to be fit and healthy and enjoy life. To do so we have to look after number 1, ourselves. Right? But the question is, where do we start?

A new healthy routine becomes easy with focus on these four areas, get these balanced and you’re on the way to finding peace with yourself and that makes all the difference.

To start with we have to consider our habits, which are essentially patterns of behavior that have become worn in to our brains and kinda become us. You’ve heard that it can take 21 days to form a new habit, worth noting that it can take 21 days to change your taste buds as well.

With that in mind I want to encourage you to take on the challenge and form a new habit. All it takes is a little motivation and a way to maximise your health.

Let’s first look at what I believe are the Four Most Important Areas to a New You.

eat cleanEat Clean
Start feeling free around food but be mindful of where your food has come from. Look at the ingredients list on your products. Stick to whole foods that Nourish and Nurture the body, that are delicious AND satisfying. What You Do Today = What You Will Be Tomorrow. Count chemicals, NOT calories!

train cleanTrain Clean
Stop thinking you have to do hours of cardio. Start training smarter, not harder with our tailored exercise tutorials. Follow easy instructions for workouts that burn fat and generate amazing results!

Think Cleanthink clean
The body of your dreams starts in your mind. The mind is an active thing so give it something to work with. Create a vision board to inspire & keep you on track. Look at it daily to make maybe just a small adjustment in your day and begin training yourself to think THIN. Be mindful of what you are eating & what you are doing to strengthen and tone your body.

drink cleanDrink Clean
Drink alkalising drinks to boost your metabolism, rev up your body’s natural energy, and oxidize fat to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It’s easy to alkalise your body, here’s a few tips; lemon in water first thing in the morning, Almond berry smoothies & our CELL Infuse Super Greens will get you positive results.

Want to get started today? Let us share this testimonial from a Naturopath in Sydney.

“I am a Naturopath by trade and am setting up a business in holistic fertility coaching . My menopause symptoms disappeared after taking CELL Infuse Super Greens (after 8 years of hell) so i know how good it is for hormonal balance (especially with the Maca)” – Kristin

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Small steps in the right direction leads to a more happier you.

We thank-you for your support!
Here’s to staying beautiful inside and out.
Judy and Team

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