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The Crucial Link Between Skin Health and Mental Health

You already know that stubborn skin problems can make you feel bad about yourself. Mental Stress
But do you know that it works the other way too?
Your mental and emotional state can be the cause of stubborn skin problems.

Studies show that your skin reacts to the thoughts going on in your head.
And that reaction may be anything from a case of hives to skin conditions
like acne or psoriasis – and even hair loss.

Skin problems can be triggered by stress, emotional shock and negative emotions.
When you ask your doctor what has caused the skin trouble,
it’s unlikely they’ll say that your mind has been responsible.

These days, medical professionals understand the link between illness and the power of your mind.
For example, they commonly accept the link between emotional stress and heart health. Psychodermatology
But many haven’t made that connection with skin conditions.

In a Spanish medical study, a group of people with psoriasis were interviewed and almost half of them
had a serious stressful event in the six months prior to developing their skin problems.

Another study discovered emotional shocks can lead to skin outbreaks or hair loss months – even more than a year – after the shock itself.

Mental and emotional stress has now been proven to affect the health of the skin. 

Psychodermatology is the study of these connections and has been around for more than 20 years.
However it’s not a part of normal medical training.

The University of Massachusetts ran some tests where they took two groups of psoriasis sufferers, and used standard phototherapy on both. But one group also listened to meditation tapes.
The meditation group’s skin cleared up much faster.
And when the team repeated the experiment with different people, the results were the same.

Healthy Mind Healthy Skin

If you feel that your mind may be affecting your skin health the you should seek out a professional psychodermatologist in your area.
You might be able to improve a stubborn skin condition by using mental conditioning.
Adding meditation and guided imagery to your doctor’s treatment, can increase the chances of overcoming your skin problem.

Exercise can be of great assistance for skin conditions that are caused by stress.
Regular exercise improves sleep, which lowers stress levels.
Exercise triggers the release of endorphins, which are the ‘feel good hormones’ that improve mood levels.

Exercise also helps ease stress by refocusing your mind.
It’s hard to get through a challenging workout without thinking about what you’re doing.

If you have a stubborn skin condition, and the normal pills and lotions aren’t clearing it up, then psychodermatology, even as an add-on therapy, may be the answer you’re looking for.

In the end, a clearer, healthier mind will bring clearer, healthier skin.

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