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WARNING – Some Skin Care Products Can Be Harmful To Your Body

The ingredients used in some skin care products can harm your body and may even be dangerous to your health.
It pays to learn exactly what you are putting on your skin and the potential side effects.

Here are some of the warnings that other manufacturers make about the ingredients they use in their own products:

  • “Harmful… through skin absorption.”
  • “Corrosive.”
  • “May cause harm to the unborn child.”
  • “Skin contact… may produce pain, redness, severe irritation or full thickness burns.”
  • “May be absorbed through the skin with possible systemic effects.”

These companies are required to warn their employees… but not you!  Very interesting.
We know these chemicals accumulate in the body, causing a toxic build up which may lead to disease.

Nearly 9 out of 10 ingredients in today’s cosmetics haven’t been properly tested.
And you’ll find one or more untested ingredients in 99% of the cosmetic products on store shelves today.

In other words, almost any health and beauty product you pull off the shelf is a little safety experiment, and you’re the guinea pig.

What experiments are you involved in?

Here are just a few:

Some nail products and hair gels contain formaldehyde – which is known to cause liver, kidney and skin damage.

Phthalates are a class of solvents used in bath oils, blushes, nail polishes and a host of baby products. Phthalates also mimic the “female” hormone estrogen. According to a report from Texas Women’s University, they’re linked to early-onset puberty in girls.

Triclosan, a common anti-bacterial agent, is found in nearly every brand of toothpaste. It’s also the germ-killing ingredient in most hand sanitizers – and a host of other products. Animal studies show triclosan can throw hormones out of balance – including the hormones that control blood pressure, body temperature and growth rate.