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Why less is so much more with CELL Infuse Super Greens

CELL-Infuse-Super-Greens1-mediumI can’t tell you how proud I am of CELL Infuse Super Greens. So much work and research has gone into developing the perfect nutritional supplement for radiant health. But before I tell you more about that, I want to let you in on a little secret. It’s the reason our Super Greens are so far ahead or the others.

The big secret is… less.

In an effort to appeal to consumers, many commercial green powders contain a laundry list of ingredients. It’s not uncommon to see 20 different items listed on the packet, and sometimes much more than that – we’ve seen some with 80+ ingredients!

While this may look impressive of the label, the reality is, you’re only going to get a trace amount of each, which is usually too small to deliver any noticeable benefits to your health.

The CELL Infuse Super Greens contain just eight organic ingredients.

This means each scoop provides an effective serve of the chosen eight, which are also proportionally balanced to provide tangible, measurable results.

The Super-8 that give Super Greens their power

  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Moringa
  • Maca
  • Acai
  • Camu Camu
  • Wheatgrass
  • Cacao

wheatgrass2I have selected these eight ingredients because of their unique properties, which range from anti-ageing to detoxing, from fighting inflammation to fortifying us essential vitamins and minerals. Together they rejuvenate, energise, renew and rebuild this wonderful home we live in, our body.

Another reason CELL Infuse Super Greens stands head and shoulders above the rest is that all of our ingredients are organic.

Non-organic ingredients, found in some other powders, may be nutrient deficient and contain pesticides and chemical additives. The aim of a nutritional green powder is to lighten the load for the body, not add to it with more toxicity!

To ensure this, all ingredients should be raw, not highly processed, as this robs them of nutrient value. Critical vitamins and phytonutrients are destroyed or damaged when cooked or processed. This makes them less bio-available  – less able to be assimilated into our body.

LC supergreens fb tiles OCT15 FINALWhen developing CELL Infuse Super Greens, I considered all the bodily system functions and identified the most potent, alkalising raw ingredients to bring each system into balance.

Most of the wonderful ingredients come from here in Australia; I only reach overseas when I can’t access the top quality I demand. I have assessed each ingredient and questioned how it can best work with the body. For example, our wheatgrass is harvested while sprouting to ensure it is gluten-free.

So now you know. I intentionally set out to give you less! And in doing so, I assure you, you are getting so much more.

To your abundant health!

Judy & Team

(28/11/17 We’ve currently discontinued our Super Greens, but ask us about our similar formulations on

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