You will love the Health Benefits of Magnesium

You will love the Health Benefits of Magnesium

health-benefits-of-magnesiumAs I was finishing my run this morning I was reflecting on doing things I love and knowing how important our personal time is to balance our mind and soul. Many years ago when working alongside the Longevity Institute we would always say if you don’t use your body/muscles you lose them. How true is this! We know that varied exercise is vital to longevity.

Something else I truly love to do is have a magnesium bath. Try it for yourself!! The benefits are wonderful.

The Importance of Magnesium and Sulfate

According to the National Academy of Sciences, America is undergoing a magnesium deficiency, and here in Australia we are the same and it’s contributing to increasing rates of heart disease, stroke, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, joint pain, digestive problems, stress-related illnesses, and chronic fatigue. Magnesium is the second most abundant element in human cells and is accountable for over 325 enzymes. It helps to…

1. Reduce inflammation
2. Improve blood flow
3. Boost oxygenation
4. Support muscle and nerve function

epsom saltSulfates are necessary for healthy joints, skin, nervous tissue, and brain tissue. They also help activate the pancreas, triggering it to release digestive enzymes.

Epsom salt gives you a combination of magnesium and sulfate, which work together in a process called reverse osmosis to remove toxins from the body and build key protein molecules in your tissues and joints. The skin is a highly porous membrane, and an Epsom salt bath first pulls out the toxins, and then helps the skin absorb magnesium and sulfate.

How To Take an Epsom Salt Bath

relaxing salt bathExperts advise that you need about a 40-minute window to relax in an Epsom salt bath. Run a warm bath, try to use water that is filtered. Non-filtered water is full of fluoride, dioxins, and heavy metals that counteract the detoxifying benefits of Epsom salt.

The first 20 minutes are for pulling out the toxins, and the second 20 minutes are to let the magnesium and sulfate soak into your skin.

CELL Infuse Super GreensIf you haven’t got this time, consider foods rich in magnesium like Dark Leafy Greens, Nuts & Seeds.
Or CELL Infuse Super Greens…

Always about enriching you!!

Judy & L.C.A. Team