Organic Gluten Free Sprouted Wheatgrass

Organic Gluten Free Sprouted Wheatgrass

wheatgrassAs many of you know my passion is to put Organic Nutrition into our bodies and Natural Products onto our skin. A toxic free anti-aging approach. In formulating our CELL Infuse Super Greens I only wanted to source a wheat grass that was ‘sprouted’ as this makes it gluten free … along with seven other Organic Superfoods to make our powerful Super Greens. The importance was and is on ingredients that would have our CELL Infuse Super Greens stands on its own to rebuild, rejuvenate and regenerate our bodies as well as:

  • Detoxify & purify the blood as well
  • Address the hormones & adrenals
  • Stimulate the immune system along with addressing inflammation

Did you know that wheatgrass can be an abundant source of liquid oxygen?

red blood cellsBoosting the production of red blood cells and increasing oxygen in the blood it helps fight cancer cells because as many of us know cancer cannot survive in such alkaline rich environment. Wheatgrass is made up of an impressive array of nutrients that reinforce and rejuvenate everything from our cells and tissues to our organs and bodily systems. In addition to its 70% chlorophyll makeup, wheatgrass contains 17 essential amino acids, 90 minerals, 13 vitamins and 80 enzymes. Prominent research scientist Dr. Earp-Thomas says that, “15 pounds of wheatgrass is the equivalent of 350 pounds of carrots, lettuce, celery and so forth.”

wheatgrass juiceWheatgrass delivers an impenetrable line of defense against disease. An all-natural and powerful detoxifier, wheatgrass protects the liver and purifies the blood by neutralizing toxic substances such as cadmium, nicotine, strontium, mercury and polyvinyl chloride.

Detoxifying is the first place to start. From there, wheatgrass takes the offensive and acts as an anti-cancer agent that aims to stop tumours in it’s track.

Acknowledged Benefits:

healthier you1. Can regulate normal cell growth: Studies show that wheatgrass juice can have a powerful ability to regulate cell growth.
2. Powerful detoxifier: Wheatgrass can protect the liver and the blood and neutralizes toxic substances like cadmium, nicotine, strontium, mercury and polyvinyl chloride.
3. Blood builder: The chlorophyll in wheatgrass is almost identical in chemical composition to hemoglobin, the compound that carries oxygen in the blood.

Here’s to a healthier you!!
Judy & Team

28/11/17 We have discontinued our Super Greens blend however ask us about our similar formulation to boost your immune system at

This Mineral Mends Your DNA

Healthy Cells Healthy Bodies

Every hour of the day, your cells are under attack. Normally, this is fine because your cells have a built-in DNA repair system that fixes any damage. But when your cells are undernourished, they can lose the ability to repair themselves. And that’s bad news.

Part of the reason for the explosion of cancer in modern times is because we’re not repairing our DNA. Our bodies aren’t getting enough of the nutrients we need to make this process work.

But you can help protect yourself with a simple mineral. I’m talking about zinc. It was always the first saliva test we did on clients at the Nutritional Institute & Longevity Centre. So many people are deficient in zinc, and this mineral is paramount for good health.


Zinc helps prevent – and reverse – this damage to your DNA. Studies show that zinc and zinc-containing proteins are some of the most important factors in repairing DNA breaks.

And a study by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University shows that supplementing with zinc reverses cell damage.

Add this latest finding to zinc’s list of health benefits:

* Heart-health booster
* Essential to your prostate and sexual performance
* Can prevent pneumonia and speed the recovery from colds
* Promotes wound healing
* Some people have dangerously low levels of zinc all the time. As many as 40 percent of older people are deficient.

12 Foods High In Zinc

That’s a shame because it’s easy to get the zinc you need for healthy cells. Zinc is in many foods we eat. Check out high sources of zinc in foods. Oysters is right up the top.

Your body absorbs about 40% of the zinc in your food. But you still want to eat foods with zinc because it will enter your body in its natural form. And that means it will bring with it all the trace minerals, enzymes, and co-factors that make it work so well in nature.

How much zinc do you need every day? If you go by the U.S. government’s and Australia would be similar the recommended daily intake (RDI), you would only get a tiny amount: 8 mg a day for women and 11 mg per day for men. Even the most of the popular multivitamins you can buy only have 15 mg of zinc in them.

The concern with going by the RDI is that those amounts were established to make sure people got the bare minimum of a nutrient to prevent a dietary deficiency.

At the very least, you need three times the RDI, and twice as much as the average store-bought multivitamin gives you.

My findings suggest 30 mg a day of zinc if you’re currently healthy. You might need a little more depending on your activities and health. For example for athletes, pregnant women and for prostate protection, it is suggested 100 mg a day.

Also, it’s very important to stay away from foods with high fructose corn syrup. Ingesting a lot of this sugar causes deficiencies in almost all of your important minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Here’s to staying healthy, fit and simply beautiful!


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Is Your Dinner Making You Sad?

Food Affects The Brain

We are what we think and eat! Does your skin reflect how you are feeling?

No matter what part of the planet you call home, you aren’t immune to depression. Over 350 million people of all ages and backgrounds suffer from depression globally. If you’ve ever dealt with it, you know how grim it can be. Your doctor is more than willing to help you… If you want a prescription for an antidepressant, that is.

But some drugs come with some serious health risks. They can cause chronic pain, loss of motor control, and sexual disorders. And they may not even work!

You are more in control of depression than you think. Case in point: The foods you ingest have a direct effect on your brain and mental health. We’re talking about carbohydrates. For many people, comfort food equals carbs. Loads of them.

While they give you a temporary feel-good wave of endorphins, an overload of carbohydrates harms your brain. Research proves it.

A study by Harvard University traced the eating habits of 43,000 women over 12 years. These women had no history of depression before the study. After 12 years, it was a different story. The women who ate processed grains like bread, pasta, and chips were 41 percent more likely to be diagnosed with depression.

These results don’t surprise us. It’s why we tell you to eat a Paleo-type diet and cut out the processed carbs.

You know that processed foods are junk. But it’s the carbohydrates that are the worst.

They raise your blood sugar and inflammation levels. That puts your brain at risk. Your brain functions best when you reduce blood sugar levels and inflammation. In fact, patients who receive treatment for chronic inflammation can relieve their depression symptoms by over 60 percent.

But this doesn’t mean that all carbs are evil.

food-affects-the-brain copy

It simply means where you get your carbs from will make an impact on more than just your waistline.
Eating clean sources of carbohydrates may actually keep you free of depression.

Here’s to staying healthy and simply beautiful,



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