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Can you make your skin GROW younger?

hyaluronic acid for younger looking skin

Can you make your skin not just Appear younger. But GROW younger too??

I have a great love for knowledge and spend time each week researching the research. If you said I have been a sponge for the last 20 years, you would be absolutely right. Let’s look at new and exciting research together…

Many times I have shared the wonderful benefits of Hyaluronic Acid. It is in so many skin care products today, due to the great benefits it gives. Hyaluronic acid is wonderful for aging skin. As we have heard many times a babies skin has high levels of Hyaluronic Acid but as we age we lose it.

make your skin grow younger

In one study showed it…

  1. Decreased wrinkles
  2. Improved firmness and elasticity
  3. Boosted skin hydration

Hyaluronic Acid is the greatest discovery in anti-aging skin care. many know it is  one of the best ingredients for penetrating skin, hydrating it and assisting it to look younger, and studies prove it. But as I research i learn it turns out hyaluronic acid has a more important use. This is even more exciting!!

It can be what’s included with the Hyaluronic Acid which can make skin not just Appear younger, but GROW younger too. Because hyaluronic acid is so easily absorbed, it can then deliver other healing and rejuvenation ingredients deep into your skin.

Concentrated extracts assisting collagen, addressing inflammation, can assist in melting  away common signs of aging wrinkles, fine lines blemishes and crow’s feet.

This is one of the reason I put Uncaria tomentosa in the products or more commonly called Cat’s Claw. Studies prove Uncaria Tomentosa activates the enzyme telomerase. It can signal your telomeres to grow longer and produce younger cells. That is what we want !!!

STEMULATE is your answer right here at CELL INFUSE Australia with all of the nutrients. Other CELL INFUSE products with hyaluronic acid are Advanced Moisture Repair and Anti Aging Spritz.

Hyaluronic Acid in skin care products

Special Offer: CELL INFUSE Advanced Moisture Repair Serum and STEMULATE together for $153. Normally $181. Click here to order now.

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Proudly Australian

Proudly Australian Skin Care

I’m proudly Australian and I’m sure you will agree that Australia is one of the best countries in the world to live in.

CELL INFUSE Australia botanical extractsThere’s no doubt about it! We have a great lifestyle with our amazing coastline, beautiful beaches, wide-open land with big blue skies that lend themselves to spectacular sunsets & scenery that has us ‘snap’ happy. Being multi- cultural, we get to enjoy a rich variety of food. It goes without saying we are fortunate to live here.

For me personally I love that we are home to native plants & that we CELL INFUSE Australia are leading the way in the evolution of botanical extracts. Combined, these make for powerful beautifying effects on our skin. With our CELL INFUSE range I have added substantial amounts of native extracts and continue to do so.

Time is Now, Now is the time for us collectively to promote what we have right here on our doorstep. The best!!!

cellular extraction of native Australian extractsWe’ve connected with Native Extracts who have introduced the most advanced scientific innovation in extraction processes, CELLULAR EXTRACTION & this is redefining what is possible with traditional herbal extracts.

Never before have I seen such potency hence giving benefits, this is always my desire to make a difference on your skin.

We’ve also sourced fresh Organic Aloe grown in Organic soils here locally on the Sunshine Coast, which we crush and prepare for a number of our products. Giving a pureness, and results not known previously.

How hot has this summer been across Australia!!! All the reason why we need to protect, nourish, rejuvenate and assist with the rebuilding of collagen to volumize our skin.

Special Treat with all orders of our Day/Night pack will receive 50ml body custard until Sunday night.

Have a great Australia Day & let’s celebrate together that we get to live in this rich diverse country and look after our skin.

P.S. Remember to drink lots of water!!

special offer for Australia Day

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Peptides in Skincare

None of us enjoy to see our skin sagging, so let me share some latest research and why I choose to use natural ingredients at times along with organic.

As I continue to formulate products my greatest desire is to stay mainly with organic ingredients but sometimes bringing a natural component into the formulation is to a great advantage.

Let’s start with the science knowledge on peptides!!

Peptides are fragments of proteins. On their own, peptides are made up of amino acids. When amino acids are combined in certain formations they create specific peptides (and there are hundreds of peptides), and when peptides are formed in a certain way, they make specific proteins.

CELL INFUSE skincare products with peptides

Proteins are the fundamental building blocks of skin. Without peptides, skin doesn’t remain intact and the result is loss of firmness, appearance of wrinkles, texture changes, and skin that doesn’t bounce back as it once did.

Here is why I brought peptides into the CELL INFUSE STEMULATE.

As our skin loosens, the connection between the dermal and epidermal layers of our skin starts to come apart.

This “dermo-epidermal junction” is critical for maintaining youthful skin.

I call it the messenger between your skin’s layers. It maintains skin cohesion.  It also will carry essential nutrients up to the epidermis for healthy skin.

As the dermo-epidermal junction breaks down, your skin begins to lose elasticity and firmness. You start to see fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Scientists have discovered a compound that can rebuild this connection between the skin layers.

Research shows peptides stimulate the formation of the vital building blocks of the dermo-epidermal junction. Some would say they restore the connection between the dermal and epidermal layers of skin. That improves skin tightness and elasticity. As we mature and for night skin repair I see peptides as a must.

We really do love feedback as it helps us to continue to grow and evolve and we hope that you will want to contribute to our journey and make us part of your lifestyle, so please do share your thoughts and ideas with us along the way.



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We all want to Glow. Find out more…

The right anti-aging skincare products can do wonders for your skin and youthful appearance, but what exactly is it that makes them work? Here’s a rundown of all the top special ingredients which help you get that magic glow.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C for skincareThe stimulating deliciousness of oranges is not only great for your insides but works wonders on your skin too. Who knew? Vitamin C is a great attacker of fine lines, wrinkles and scars on its own; but it also leads collagen, elastin and Vitamin E straight to the charge. Vitamin E actually depletes during its battle with free radicals; but luckily Vitamin C regenerates those energy levels. Vitamin C also helps stimulate the cells that produce those lovely, anti-aging friends named collagen and elastin.

Found in: Regenisis Vitamin Serum, STEMULATE.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E benefits for skinOne of nature’s superior antioxidants, Vitamin E stops visible signs of skin-hungry free radicals ravaging our dermis. Our bodies don’t produce this sublime moisturiser and anti-inflammatory, so we use capsules and lotions to invite it in. Triple bonus: Vitamin E doubles as a delivery system by helping our skin absorb other great ingredients. How amazing is that?

Found in: Regenisis Vitamin Serum, STEMULATE, Organic BB Cream, Glow Mask, Hydrating Cleanser with Lime Caviar.

pomegranate benefits for skin carePomegranate oil is rich in omega 5 fatty acids which penetrate deep into your skin and go through the skin layers to hydrate well. While it’s penetrating, it also protects the outer layer from sun and environmental damage, boosts new cell production in the skin’s inner layers, softens your skin, and assists with collagen and elastin for increased production. A pomegranate’s ability to do just about everything makes it one of the best skincare ingredients for a radiant complexion.

Found in: Glow Mask, Regenisis Vitamin Serum.

Green Tea
green tea skin care benefitsDrink it, bathe in it or moisturise your skin with it. Green tea and oxidative stress (which those icky free radicals cause), have an antagonistic relationship. Fortunately, green tea wins when they have a confrontation making oxidative stress run away and wrinkled, saggy skin stay on the sidelines for another day. As an anti-inflammatory, it also kicks inflammation (another skin ager), to the curb.

Found in: Regenisis Vitamin Serum.

White Tea
white tea in skincare productsOur bodies host enzymes that survive by sucking on collagen and elastin. As we age, they multiply and have great appetites, but white tea, however, places the enzymes on a strict diet by inhibiting their cravings. White tea also lets loose its catechins and powerhouse antioxidants, to slow down the appearance of wrinkles by giving a lecture to free radicals who get bored and run away.


ubiquinone natural skincare productsYou might better recognise ubiquinone by the name CoQ10. Our bodies produce this coenzyme, but its production, like many other proteins and enzymes, slows as we age. We want this naturally occurring antioxidant because it stops free radicals and revives collagen and elastin production. It also energises and rejuvenates skin cells inside the cells, making it one of the best known skincare ingredients for anti-aging.

Found in: STEMULATE and CoQ10 Complex.

cucumber skincare ingredientGrandma was more right than she knew in touting veggies as good for you, so the next time you’re at the grocers load up on cucumbers. As eye pads, this delicious green vegetable refreshes puffy, tired eyes which can add years to your appearance. Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin E and potassium which also help in fighting fine lines and wrinkles, and their cleansing properties soften the skin and increase its suppleness.

Found in: STEMULATE.


The signs of aging are notorious for veiling your beautiful internal and external glow, but luckily the best skincare ingredients will help you achieve incredible, youthful skin and make you feel wonderful as well. So get ready, get set, and glow!

SPECIAL BOXING DAY SALE! Receive a 15% discount on all products for a limited time (excludes value packs). Click here to shop now.

Boxing Day Sale - 15% off

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CELL INFUSE DAYTIME… Defense and Repair

CELL INFUSE Daytime defense and repair

I am so excited to introduce the CELL INFUSE Daytime cream as an Organic Lift. Why you might Ask?? Let me share how you can do just that.

The way you and I think about aging can and is changing with new developments with what we are introducing into formulations today with skin care.

Daytime Cream with LiposomesI formulated this day cream with Algae’s and Exquisite Flower extract along with Lipids, namely Hemp and Sandalwood seed.

Algaes build and enhance the synthesis of dermal proteins, such as collagen, which can visibly reducing visible aging signs.

Exquisite Flower Extracts – Frangipani, Hibiscus, Snowflower are packed with rejuvenating, repairing, soothing and smoothing properties.

As we age we loose the collagen, hence the roundness of the face, the jawline changes and we start to get a sagging look. Some of this can be bone density along with collagen.

liposomes for healthy skin cellsFirstly and foremost … I have been sharing with you Liposomes structure and how they can penetrate the skin cells to bring moisture inside the cell.  It goes without saying when you have fluid inside skin cells this prevents your skin from drying out.  It’s for this reason that I have used Liposomes in DAYTIME.

This is the key to plump, young-looking skin. But to keep that fluid inside the cell, you need a strong fatty membrane to hold everything together.

Now .. for the second part.

This is where Linoleic acid, comes in, an omega-3 & 6 fat – building blocks for healthy membranes. And they keep skin HYDRATED, PLUMP AND YOUTHFUL LOOKING.

Now these two Omegas are very dense in proportions but also very light in our CELL INFUSE DAYTIME.

Hemp oil for skin care

Hemp and Sandalwood Seed Oil are new ingredients to the skin care market and us. But to keep that fluid inside the cell, you need a strong fatty membrane to hold everything together.

Never to be overlooked, eating healthy fats helps to reduce wrinkles. These have been proven to protect skin from sun damage that leads to premature aging.

Let’s look at some foods to assist Omega 6. Sunflower seeds, pine nuts, pecans & brazil nuts along with Swiss cheeses. Omega 3 found to include grass-fed beef and dairy, pastured eggs, olive oil, walnuts, avocados and coconut oil.

skin protection from sunlight ingredients

Exciting breakthroughs in cell research have opened doors and we at CELL INFUSE Australia continue to embrace and enhance all our products, but this cream is like a beautiful mousse going right into your skin and into the cells. Bringing volume to your face, some would say like having injectable fillers.

I encourage you to be among the first to enjoy this beautiful empowering product – you’ll feel and look more youthful, hydrated and plumped.

Available now for the special introductory price of $70. Click here to order now.


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Have you heard of Liposomes?

liposomes for skin care

I would like to take you on a journey of more information to understand Liposomes. You may have already found them in nutrition however now with advancement these are sought after ingredients for skin care. I got so very excited when I truly understood the difference of absorption they could have into our bodies and transdermal effect in skincare.

I first came across them in Vitamin D nutrition and started to appreciate the potency compared to other Vitamin D supplements. Some practitioner lines are using them very successfully due to absorption; this then led me to see if I could do similar with ingredients in skin care.

Liposomes Offer A Fantastic Way To Get Nutrition Into The Deeper Layers Of Your Skin Safely And Easily.

You can have beautiful, youthful-looking skin naturally and easily … without injections. This is always for most in my thoughts when formulating products.

Because – thanks to these special transport molecules we can send nutrition right through the tough, protective outer barrier of the skin, right to where you need it.

Liposomes are the same material that makes up your cell membranes. When you feed your skin with these critical skin architecture fortifiers Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin A, you’ll get the most beautiful skin ever.

STEMULATE has Vitamin C liposome when applied on your face – the liposomes in the skin cream work their magic way inside your skin, and then release the nutrient directly into the cells. I just love this form of delivery into our skin cells. That truly is how youthfulness comes about, and true change to the aged areas of the face and neck. Enjoy today!! And share with your friends.

For a short time we are offering free shipping on STEMULATE. Buy one for $129 or buy two for $229 (the product saving alone is $100).

CELL Infuse STEMULATE skin care special




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The secret to restoring youthful skin

Montmorillonite Clay for youthful skin

Your skin has an amazing natural ability to repair itself and look fresh and young again. But unfortunately, with every passing day the skin cell renewal process slows down, meaning dead skin cells pile up and fresh new skin cells can’t get to the surface. So what can you do to get back that youthful glow?

1. Montmorillonite clay

The best (and research proven) exfoliator to remove dead cells is montmorillonite clay. Made from earth’s minerals, it’s natural and has refreshing and detoxifying powers that cleanse and absorb pollutants sitting on the surface of the skin.

As soon as you add water to the minerals in the clay you gather a positive charge. This magnetic energy then brilliantly pulls out dead skin cells, dirt and toxins by making them stick to the clay.

And then when it comes time to wash it all off, the impurities are simply gone which ultimately paves the way for new, more youthful looking skin.

2. The moisture of young skin

In youth, your skin’s dermis layer is full of a powerful natural moisturiser called hyaluronic acid (HA) which attracts water from both inside and outside your body.

In fact, HA can absorb about 1,000 times its weight in water. So when you start to age and no longer produce enough of this moisture yourself, additional hyaluronic acid is a must if you want to look younger.

3. Natural and organic

As previously noted before, telomeres are the key factors responsible for aging. These protective caps at the end of each strand of DNA act as the body’s aging clock, so each time a cell divides; the telomeres grow a little bit shorter and produce older-looking skin. Telomeres also become shorter a lot faster when your skin is exposed to elements such as the sun, wind, toxins and harsh chemicals; which is why the right organic and natural ingredients are so important for helping improve the skin and keep you looking youthful.

4. Cat’s claw

Cat's Claw benefits for youthful skin

An amazing herb from the rainforest, research shows that cat’s claw has potent skin beautifying powers which make your skin magically appear younger – how amazing is that?

Cat’s claw can help lines and wrinkles appear smoother, and skin to look more firm and tight. It also means the skin will have a vibrant glow as cat’s claw restores your skin’s natural radiance.

Each of the elements above are paramount for achieving a bright flawless complexion. Luckily they’re all included in our Advanced Formulation of CELL INFUSE Glow Mask, meaning more youthful skin is now only a few steps away. That’s good news!!!



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Is your cleanser anti-aging?

It took me to formulate and test approximately 20 cleansers before I settled on our CELL INFUSE Hydrating Cleanser with Lime Caviar. I wanted an anti-aging one that would not leave the skin dry, and at the same time assist collagen.

Many people think a good cleanser is not important. However, when you can acquire one with great properties I would say it is one of the most essential parts to your skin care regime. This is because it cleans deep down and helps you effectively fight the signs of aging.

All our products are tested in the field for at least two months before being released.

CELL INFUSE Organic Cleanser is one of most gentle and advanced cleansers available. It penetrates more effectively without drying out your skin. It’s luxurious and hydrating when applied and removes mascara without stinging your eyes. It also has numerous anti-aging benefits & helps repair damaged skin and heals wounds.

I just love the feel as I apply it onto my skin. When I wash it off, my skin feels refreshed, firm and radiant. This quality is no accident – as when I was developing this product I formulated over 20 plus cleansers and put them all aside because I was not happy with the results.

I also included two Australian Native extracts to enhance the collagen effect – Kakadu plum and Finger lime caviar. These are combined with pomegranate, elderberry, honeysuckle, rosemary extract and more to give you a complete formulation. Let’s have a look at two of the Native Extracts.

Elderberry Extract benefits:

  1. elderberry extracts for skin careInfused with intense anti aging and free-radical fighting properties.
  2. Elderberries keep your skin radiant and healthy for long time.
  3. It is the perfect skin tonic particularly for dehydrated mature skin.
  4. Helps keep away distressing skin conditions like breakouts, boils and scars at bay.

Finger lime assists your skin in a range of powerful ways:

  1. Helps with the absorption of vital ingredients into the skin.
  2. Hydrates your skin by binding onto water molecules.
  3. Safeguards your skin from damage by providing anti-oxidant protection.
  4. Fights aging by supporting the production of collagen.
  5. Rejuvenates your skin by helping new cells to grow.

What a great start to your skin care regime, paramount in preparing your skin for the next product.

SPECIAL OFFER – New pack available – CELL INFUSE Organic Cleanser and Glow Mask. Usually $111 now just $97.

Organic cleanser and facial scrub pack

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Enjoy your free Camu Camu sample included in our Collagen Pack

Camu Camu

CELL INFUSE Organic Regenisis Vitamin Serum

A powerful combination of Vitamins A, B3&5, C & E with Pure Organic extracts that will work synergistically to promote cell turnover, soothe the skin, repair and rejuvenate to bring about a visible difference.

We can do more than just consume Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for our skin as it works wonders in helping build & maintain collagen & it fights free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin. We don’t offer think of this, but collagen is a protein produced by the body to provide the supportive framework for cells to develop.  As we age the amount of collagen in our skin reduces rapidly, hence Vit C is essential in improving collagen levels.

Clinical studies around treating of skin found that topical Vitamin C is essential in the anti-aging process as it rejuvenates aging skin, bringing back vibrancy & that youthful look.

Let’s look at how we can increase the benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin E is an outstanding anti-aging nutrient. It prevents the effects of UV light, helps to keep free radicals at bay & also prevents scarring & fights skin inflammation. Vitamin E works in powerful synergy with vitamin C. Together; these antioxidant vitamins form a chemical bond that shields your skin from the environmental pollutants & protects against sun damage. Studies show that Vitamin E can turbocharge the benefits of Vitamin C.

For this reason, Vit C and E are two of my top recommended nutrients for keeping your skin looking youthful and glowing.  Another popular skin loving vitamin in many anti-aging skincare products is Panthenol & for good reason.

Panthenol, otherwise known as Vitamin B5 (a member of the B-complex family) is a potent natural anti-inflammatory that eases irritation and inflammation. Its one of the best vitamins for skin health as its a natural hydrator that will moisturize, soothe and regenerate skin. Dry skin becomes smoother and more elastic.  Studies show it can speed the healing of skin wounds by 30%. Thats about getting results!!

Our next powerhouse “B” is Vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide. Vitamin B3 can help firm and reduce signs of aging, erase skin discoloration and revive healthy tone and texture. B3 also reduces the breakdown of collagen whilst increasing the growth of skin-healthy fibroblasts to promote overall firmness and elasticity, too.


CELL INFUSE Organic Regenisis Vitamin Serum natural anti-aging solution also contains Kakadu Plum Extract, Green tea extract, Pomegranate, Goji, Gotu kola and Aloe, all in quite good amounts to allow the deep penetration & moisturize down into the dermis. This is all designed to brighten & renew your skin and give your complexion that smooth, youthful and vibrant glow!! Its gentle and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a FREE sample of Camu Camu when you purchase the CELL INFUSE Collagen Pack which contains the Organic Regenisis Vitamin Serum and Organic Primer. All for the reduced price of $110 + FREE shipping.

Anti Aging Nutrients - special offer

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Its all about inner beauty confidence

I love this nutrient for the results it brings to my skin & I’ve seen first hand what it does to energy levels. It’s one of the best for anti-aging. I’m talking about a co-enzyme called Ubidecarenone, also known as Coenzyme Q10 and Ubiquinone. We like to call it CoQ10.

Understanding CoQ10s extraordinary anti-ageing effect

CoQ10 is a natural nutrient that works as an anti oxidant in the body & is therefore important for the health of virtually all human tissues and organs. It plays an essential role in the production of energy in all cells & is an essential element for many daily functions. As an antioxidant it soaks up the damage caused by free radicals, which in turn are caused by stress, pollution, too much of the wrong foods and life in general.

The science of CoQ10 benefits for skinIn scientific trials, I have seen the significant difference CoQ10 can make to the heart. Coenzyme Q10 affects your body at all levels by re-energising the mitochondria – the cell’s’ energy source. In just six weeks they looked energised, brighter – younger.

Why add it to skincare:

Internally and externally it fights off the environmental threats that accelerate aging, making your skin dull, sagging, and wrinkled. It can create a youthful glow from the inside out, keeping the cells in your skin younger, longer for longer. In fact as we age the levels of Coq10 in the body lessens and that effects our energy levels. CoQ10 is key for energy production and applying CoQ10 onto the skin helps boost the levels of this ingredient so it can prevent anti-aging, fight fine lines and wrinkles.

So many companies include it in their skin care products, and we certainly have done that with our CELL INFUSE natural & organic skincare. One of our most loved products is our CoQ10 Complex, which helps lock in products on the skin and protects it whilst adding moisture and nourishment at the same time.



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